Air Indiadamaged bag compensation

C Jul 10, 2019

In 2017 my parents flew from Ahmedabad to Birmingham via Delhi, When they arrived Air India Did not bring their bag. It took 5 days for Air India to bring this bag to us after me from UK and My brother from India keep chasing this irresponsible people.
When bag arrived it was broken and so badly that can't repair or use again.
Complained since 2017 yet not received any compensation from Air India or even apology.
Called Air India in London and asked for GM and I can hear on the phone he asked lady on the phone the reason I want to talk to him and when I said complain he said give email and asked him to send email. I did so and never got any reply.
Air India owe my parents compensation for delayed bag, damaged bag, New bag price, 2 year worth of interest and also compensation for all stress and hassle we are still going through with Air India.
Some of the photos I have attached with this complain, I have tried everything I can as human being but as standard no reply and Air India do not bother.
This is last attempt from my side before I take this matter to court

damaged bag compensation
damaged bag compensation
damaged bag compensation
damaged bag compensation

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