Air Indiaair india - theft and intimidation from chicago air india staff


On October 11th 2017, Varsha Vora departed from Roanoke regional airport on flight # UA4683 to Chicago.

Varsha is only travelling to see her mother who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and does not have much longer to live.

In Chicago with wheelchair assistance she collected her baggage from arrivals and checked into departure for Air India flight # AI0126, scheduled for departure @ 13:30 on October 11th, 2017.

She is a disabled passenger who needed wheelchair assistance for her trip. The staff left her at the gate to board. Prior to boarding she was asked to place ALL her items that were in her hand (purse, jacket, and cooler with gel packets containing her insulin) into her carry-on bag. This caused her carry-on bag to weight 4lbs over the 12lbs limit.

She felt very pressured and intimidated, she was advised her only option was to walk outside (reminder that she cannot walk more than 10 steps at a time) and discard items or pay $200. A manger was called because she was very upset and crying due to the intimidation as she could not make it to discard items outsides and could not pay $200. The manager then collected her bag and placed it on the back room for transport to into the airplane, in their haste she was not given an enough opportunity to review and make sure she had everything in order.

Her bags were transferred in New Delhi to flight #AI 0010, scheduled for departure @ 16:30 on October 12th, 2017.

Varsha kept the carry on bag with her up until it was taken from her at the Chicago airport. Either at Chicago or New Delhi, all of the gold she had enclosed on her green jacket was taken. This was gold that was hers and some that her daughter had given to her to give to family members to help with her mother’s care and medical treatment.

We request an investigation be made to the theft of the jewelry and the treatment of Varsha Vora in Chicago.

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