Air Canadacase number is: cas-1021210-w0d9z5

S Sep 13, 2018

Please review my request and the lack of response from air canada, is to my last 2 emails.

Sept 7th, 2018
Ryan Dickson
Customer Relations

I sent a reply to your offer below on June 26. To date I have not even received an acknowledgement. This is not professional customer loyalty be any means.

Please respond to my second letter or my next one will be public.

Sharlene MacDonald
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From: Customer Care

Date: 2018-06-26 9:28 AM (GMT-03:30)

To: Sharlene G MacDonald

Subject: Service included not provided AC:[protected]

Your case number is: CAS-1021210-W0D9Z5

Dear Ms. Sharlene G MacDonald,

Thank you for writing about your recent experience with us. We are really sorry for disappointing you. We know our customers expect a comfortable and enjoyable trip, while also being provided with exceptional customer service.

From what you've described, we can understand why you wanted to contact us. Your comments have been shared with our Management Team for their review.

As a gesture of goodwill, we are pleased to offer you a one-time saving of 25% off the base fare on your next booking at

To receive your discount, enter the one-time-use promo code 3HTMUJZ1 in the Promo Code box at when you make your booking. If booking with your travel agent, they may enter the code at

This discount offer is valid for one year from today. This means you must complete the booking and travel within one year. You may use your discount for a new booking only, not an existing booking. The discount applies to a maximum of two passengers, provided both passengers' tickets are booked at the same time.

The discount applies exclusively on the published base fares for Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express designated flights (Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Economy Comfort, Economy Latitude, Premium Economy or Business).

The final base fare can be found on the screen ‘Fare Summary'. To the right, displayed in red, you will find ‘See fare details'. Please note that when you see the fare displayed on the Select Flights screen, the discount has already been applied.

Promo codes cannot be combined with other discount codes and are not valid on Air Canada Vacation packages.

We would like to thank you, once again, for contacting us. We recognize we did not leave you with a favorable impression on this occasion but we hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide you with a more positive travel experience in the future.


Ryan Dickson
Customer Relations

To serve you best, I kindly ask that you do not change the subject line if responding to this email.  
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From: [protected]@live. ca 
Sent: 2018/06/01 8:10 AM
Subject: Service included not provided

Mid way through the flight a person became ill in the far rear of the plane. I was closer to the front but each time I looked back there was family members and staff attendants tending to this patient. First class had many seats open so I'm not sure why this ill person wasn't brought there to be taken care of where there was more room. Instead the person was left in the rear. I had no issue with this until it started affecting service to all others on board. First of all many of the attendants were back and forth from front to back many, many times, tied up with what looked to be completing paperwork. Fine. Then it was announced for all passengers to use the front washroom while the medical issue was being taken care of, which continued for the remainder of the flight with long lineups to the front washrooms. Even this was fine considering. However a couple hours before landing it was announced that the last 'included service' of a hot breakfast would not be served to allow the attendants to deal with the medical issue and that a snack like pretzels would be passed around with a beverage. This was an overnight, cross Atlantic flight, of which I had paid for an upgrade. I was depending on the hot breakfast before I started my long day in London, England. Not even an airport voucher was offered to compensate, just a bag of pretzels. I don't feel that it was necessary to cancel the service as there were several attendants on board that could serve. If the problem was getting through the isles why wasn't the ill person moved to the big seats up front to allow the carts to get through the back. This was a disservice not only to the people on board but also to the ill person who was left in the crowed back area with a Doctor attending, when there were many empty seats towards the very front of the plane. This is not acceptable and I am requesting compensation or go public. Yours sincerely Sharlene

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