Air Berlinno flight replaced or full refund


I have bookt a flight Frome tlv to jfk and bake. My booking refrains number is: 'tgz7fs' on the name 'chanoch henoch hecht'. Before booking I have been promise by a air Berlin agent that in any case of canselaishon I will be put on a new flight with no cost's. My flight bake Frome jfk to tlv was counseled and I didn't receive a nather flight. I was told that I can be refund, but only for part of the ticket. The refund is not enoff money for booking a new flight, wat meen's that air Berlin didn't take responsibility for my flight as a passenger that paid for a fool round trip ticket. I demand Frome air Berlin to easiest me and refund the hole cost of the ticket I have bookt otomaticly on my credit card.
please get bake to me with any news on my e-mail: [protected]

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