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I did not make any reservation at Agoda Reservation Hotel at BUDAPEST, HU. Why is it, it was reflected in my Credit Card statement of account. I never make any reservation outside of the Philippines. I just received my CC statement last week and wa surorised why is it that it reflected in my Credit Card? Is there something going on or somebody that used my Card? Please do something. If ever these will not be resolved. I have to make it publicly.


  • Pk
    PKS-71 Mar 02, 2018

    Just got this on my CC as well. 2 different times.

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  • Sy
    SyedZillay Mar 06, 2018

    Same thing happened to me on 27th Feb 2018. Seems like I am not alone. There is some sort of fraud going on I believe.

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  • Re
    Reindear Apr 11, 2018

    This is also happened to me. Has Agoda done anything to solve this problem? I recently just found out about being charged and I sent an email, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

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  • R1
    r1o Apr 12, 2018

    This is exactly what happen to me in Indonesia. The day I submit reservation I got email notification.
    Is there any flaws in system, so some person get the credit card information from its database?

    Although it's just 1.00 USD, but I got twice notification.
    I have to cancel the reservation because I have to change my card due to this incident. This is unacceptable.

    Below is email notification
    Untuk kenyamanan dan keamanan Anda dalam bertransaksi, berikut kami informasikan penggunaan Kartu Kredit CIMB Niaga Anda.

    No. Kartu Kredit :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Jumlah Transaksi :1.00 USD
    Tanggal/Waktu Transaksi:2018-04-07 10:54:47
    Nama Merchant :AGODA HOTEL RESERVATIO Budapest HU

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  • Le
    lenykusuma Apr 19, 2018

    @r1o Halo kak rio, saya juga dpt sms serupa seperti kakak, saya coba telpn call center agoda, setelah di beritahu csnya kalau hal tersbut hanya otorisasi saja, d karenakan saya melakukan transaksi pemesanan hotel pesan sekarang bayar nanti, pada saat tagihan di bayar bank kemungkinan jumlah total biaya yg kita bayarkan nanti termasuk usd 1.00 itu, jadi tdk perlu khawatir.thanks

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  • R1
    r1o Apr 22, 2018

    @lenykusuma Makasih leny, ada 2x transaksi $1. Dan reply email dari sedikit terlambat.
    Sudah terlanjur ganti kartu dan dibatalkan transaksi hotelnya. Ga jadi pake

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  • Le
    lenykusuma Apr 23, 2018

    @r1o yah sayang sekali, saya pun dapt 2X sms serupa karena 2x transaksi di agoda.murah lho kak pakai agoda

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  • Al
    alsharkawey Aug 04, 2018

    I have the same situation but this time the scammer draw huge amount through Agoda, Around 591 USD. I was in Bali, Indonesia 3 months ago but I never used Agoda !.

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  • Co
    Cola Yeung Aug 10, 2018

    I just discovered on my credit card statement a purchase I did not make at Agoda Reservation Hotel at BUDAPEST, HU. Although I have a booking made with Agoda, there should not be any charges till a month later!

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  • Al
    alsharkawey Aug 10, 2018

    Did any of you guys were in Indonesia or Bali ?

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  • Le
    lenykusuma Aug 10, 2018

    @alsharkawey I am from Indonesia ... seeing the case you should immediately contact an Agoda call center in your country to ask about your problem and ask for refunds that are charged by Agoda parties, thanks

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  • Ch
    chit del rosario Oct 21, 2018

    I am from the Philippines and I had the same experience. Got charges from Agoda Hotel Reservatio Budapest Hu last Sept 25, 2018. I called their hot line for 1 212 444 0600 but the answering machine kept on asking for a reservation number which was not reflected in the statement. Am too disappointed as I have been using Agoda for almost 10 years for my travels abroad.

    AGODA - kindly check your security measures for clients using credit cards.

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