Agoda Companyhoward plaza - the fern agoda booking id: [protected] billing discrepancy


On Oct 19, 2017, Emerald Starr checked out of Howard Plaza - The Fern hotel in Agra. I asked for a copy of the room bill and they said they didn't have it and I had to get it from Agoda. I was told by the front desk staff that the total room charge including taxes is Rs.5, 137/night x 3 nights = Rs.15, 411, which = USD237.11 (XE - Intl Bank Exchange Rates).

On my original booking receipt from Agoda the total price was written USD280.59. "You will be charged the USD equivalent of Rs.18, 375.25 on your pay date of October 13, 2017. Exchange rates may vary."

The final receipt from Agoda charged me USD$296.75, whereas the actual bank rate on Oct 13 for Rs.18, 375.25 = USD282.70.

I would like a credit of USD59.64 and/or a very clear explanation of how the Agoda charges were derived.

Thank you.

Submitted by Emerald Starr, Agoda Booking ID: [protected] for Howard Plaza - The Fern Hotel in Agra, India

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