Aes American Education Servicescustomer service, i'm a co-singer reporting me to equifax and others without contacting me.


I co signed two small loans for daughter's schooling. She has been hospitalized and just gotten back home. I have been traveling. I received a letter she was some days overdue on payment. Same day my service of Equifax and other 2 service indicated my credit score was decreased due to non payment of these loans. The loan is like 50+ dollars. Always in the past if this happened the company has called and I've taken care of it but not this time. They reported it without not giving me a chance to fix this. I called tried to get the supervisor to fix this. She was rude and unhelpful.
A loan company should be wanting to receive their money back from people who borrow it. Isn't that the goal. This supervisor had the nerve to say they contacted me. I checked and they did call but left no voicemail. Who calls back when an 800# calls them. Many times polite young callers have called and I've paid several months in advance but it seems your people just want to be punitive.
I request the reporting on my credit be removed and someone who has some authority contact me. Your supervisors are rude and just say they don't have authority. No one them. They all need to be cut. They do nothing more than the clerks. Save money and call your clerks supervisors. Get people who can make decisions and make changes. That is who I want to speak to. When people call they want solutions not"I can't to that."

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