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WyzAnt reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 3, 2011. The latest review Questionable termination as a tutor and withholding my information was posted on May 30, 2020. The latest complaint Wyzant? Or spyant? was resolved on Nov 14, 2014. WyzAnt has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 27 reviews. WyzAnt has resolved 4 complaints.

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WyzAnt Complaints & Reviews

May 30, 2020

Wyzant — Questionable termination as a tutor and withholding my information

I worked as a tutor through WyzAnt for many years and many clients, but recently I couldn't log in to my...

Wyzanttutors don't bother - ridiculous vetting process; abysmal communication

I looked into Wyzant as a potential way to attract a few more students. I have been teaching privately and in classrooms for nearly 20 years. I already have a good client base, but it's always nice to have a few additional students.

Immediately, upon beginning the "application" process, I started to have second thoughts. Wyzant takes a significant portion of the earnings, so in order to actually earn my current standard rate, I'd have to charge more than most people would be willing to pay, but I figured I'd lower my rate a bit and do online teaching only.

Part of your application process also includes writing a few descriptive paragraphs for your profile. There is minimal guidance for this part, aside from what they consider a "great" example. If your paragraphs don't live up to their vague standards, you will get a form letter asking you to review. Obviously, as it is a form letter, there is no feedback, no guidance, no suggestions. You will have no idea of what they want revised, unless you wrote the most vague one sentence answer. You will, however, get another link to that "great" example.

To be available to teach, your subjects have to be "verified"; some subjects can be verified through a test on the site. The test I took was so easy, it was a joke. It in no way properly assesses one's skill level or ability to teach. The test is multiple choice, and even though there is a time limit for each question, it wouldn't be hard to find the answers online ad manage a passing score.

I didn't feel comfortable associating myself further with Wyzant, as I have a business reputation to maintain.

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    Wyzanttutors are misused

    Very recently after i have covered 200 hours of Wyzant tutoring i got a message from Wyzant that i have:

    Dear Gayani,

    After reviewing your account, Wyzant is ending your access to its platform according to paragraphs 17 and 18(b) of the Independent Tutor Agreement. It has come to our attention that a student requested that you complete work on his or her behalf. According to our records, you agreed to complete this work and as such, we will deactivate your account effective immediately.

    If you disagree with this action and wish for us to reconsider, then within 10 calendar days from this notice, you may provide Wyzant with documents or other information for review.


    The Wyzant Team

    My issue is that why students use Wyzant was to get assignments completed only. Otherwise no one follows Wyzant for regular lessons. Because the tutors who are there are not only school teachers, so some do not know the syllabus even.

    In my whole career with Wyzant all I did was solving College and High school assignments.

    Most students who need help are not the ones who knows how to complete the assignment.

    Next I gave a written explanation on this truth that i promised the student to complete the assignment and explain the assignment during class.

    After not assessing the truthful nature of mine even, the next mail goes on :

    Dear Gayani,

    Your profile has been closed according to paragraphs 17 and 18(b) of the Independent Tutor Agreement. Based on the information you provided, we will not reactivate your account. Wyzant considers this decision to be final and a representative will not be made available to further discuss this matter.

    Additionally, we have notified the following students that you are no longer listed on Wyzant:

    AAA, BBB, CCC.. etc.

    If you have any lessons scheduled with other students, please let us know and we will notify them of your deactivation as well. Since your account is no longer active, you may also let us know if you have conducted lessons that you have not yet submitted through the platform; if you provide us with the complete lesson details (student's name, date of lesson, start time, end time, subject, and a 25-word minimum review, if this is the student's requirement), we will enter the completed lessons on your behalf. Payment for these lessons and for any other lesson you have already submitted but for which you have not yet received payment will be issued according to your selected payment schedule.


    The Wyzant Profile Review Team

    Questions? Visit our Help Center!

    Where is Justice?

    When they get money by advertising Homework help and assignment help given no issues. When a qualified tutor does it with ethics and explaining the assignment it's wrong.

    The money that is received back from this platform is also 75% of your rate only.

    This platform should be closed for illegal business.

    I have proof that most of the tutors listed here are only doing assignments.

    The Job requests comes like this only:
    An Instant Book Lesson is Available

    Gayani, there is a new urgent request for an online Java lesson. You can confirm this lesson, but must be able to accommodate the lesson start time and date.

    Wednesday, May 29 at 7:30 PM MDT

    Online Java lesson with AAA A., a high school student

    Message From Student

    I need help rewriting a piece of code to fit as a different data structure for my assignment. It's due tonight!

    Student's Assignment

    LeaderboardMenu.java 39 B

    All what I did was write the answer and the student obtained 99%.
    Pls. do justice here...

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      • Ga
        Gayani Gupta Jun 23, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I want to consult an Attorney regarding this Companies unethical actions. They are sending the student request and accepting the student. Next they are saying that the instructor is wrong and close the account.

        I work as a free lancer at https://www.codementor.io/ and https://www.upwork.com/i/how-it-works/client/. They are great places to work as they carefully vet the student request and send to the employee. They only block the student account temporary once and they give another chance, but if you fail they lock you out.

        The tutor accounts are never locked to ensure the employee protection.

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      Wyzanttutoring service

      Wyzant now takes 25% of our fee. Still a little high. The real problem is support. A student scammed me and Wyzant left me out to dry: A student scheduled one lesson (one hour) but wanted me to fix up their paper and send it back to them. He also didn't want to use the video chat. I said I would make suggestions. I did. I read the paper and ended up giving a few dozen over the hour. I have a BA in writing and literature. His use of punctuation throughout the paper he submitted was vastly incorrect. After I pointed out the mistakes, he sent back the first paragraph, which was slightly better. The hour ended, and I sent additional suggestions as a courtesy, since he said he couldn't afford more time ($20/hr). He gave me a one-star rating. I complained to Wyzant because I believed that the student set up this one-hour lesson so he could take advantage of their policy that makes the first hour with a new tutor free, if the student is dissatisfied. He wrote nothing about his dissatisfaction, only giving the one star. I had no option to respond to the rating. Possibly, the student was unhappy that I didn't write the paper for him. It was St. Patrick's Day. Maybe he was partying? Wyzant told me that the only way I could get rid of the bad rating was to return the money. Who wins then? The student and Wyzant. Forget these online tutoring services. I suspect they are all scams.

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        • Updated by A. Moscarello · Oct 10, 2019

          Wyzant might be depending on student business, as the tutors are expendable. I notice less ads on craigslist by students looking to plagiarize their work. I think Wyzant and the like have cornered this market.

        • Ca
          Carolyn O'Neill Jun 25, 2020
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Take it from someone w/ 20 yrs tutoring and teaching experience who worked for WyzAnt for 4 years, grossing the company over $200, 000 before being summarily sacked sans explanation. (I have an M.A. from USC and was fired with a 4.9 rating for thousands of hours.

          WyzAnt is DEFINITELY a scam. I will continue to spread the word they should NOT be in business. They screw with their tutors and they screw with their patrons. Every negative review I've read unfortunately tracks with my experience of the company. Tutors (and students), regardless of their qualifications, loyalty, or successes with the company, are seen as COMPLETELY expendable. Upon communication issues following a change in management, I requested a meeting. I was told WyzAnt doesn't engage w/ its "users." This language makes crystal clear WyzAnt's complete and utter disregard for both the clients and the tutors who patronize and work for them. They're despicable, shameless crooks.

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        • Ga
          Gayani Gupta Jun 23, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I had a similar incident Wyzant put the blame to me and deactivated the account. They do not protect their employees.

          The CEO earns a good profit by this unethical business and does not pay attention to any employee requests.

          Read the article:


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        Wyzant — the wyzant registration process is misleading, unethical

        Wyzant is one of those companies that spams you with emails if you end your registration process early. I got...

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        Wyzant.com — Tutor stole $ 20.00 from me and wyzant refused to help!

        A top Wyzant tutor, Marlene Soper agrees to take $40.00 then, WITHOUT NOTIFICATION, charges $60.00...

        Wyzant.com — Arbitrary review board removes you from tutor list with no good reason.

        My wife is a fabulous Madarin Chinese tutor. She has written books on the language for publication, taught...

        Wyzant.com — Wyzant horrible process for new tutors

        Wyzant makes it really difficult to understand how to get started as a new tutor. If you do not complete...

        Wyzant — Prices

        I found a tutor on www.wyzant.com website and she had rather low prices for her lessons comparing to other...

        Wyzant.com — terrible tutors

        I am very disappointed with www.wyzant.com. First tutor was terrible and I really did not like him. Every...

        Wyzant — Very unprofessional and unethical.

        I am a mathematics tutor and have experienced quite a few problems with this company. It seems they will do...

        Wyzant.com — Abusive clause and potentially discriminatory practices

        Don't waste your time applying to WyzAnt as I just experienced their abusive clause and potentially...

        WyzantHorrible Treatment of Tutors

        Wyzant removed me as a tutor for "not following their guidelines" even though I have been a great tutor for them for two years and have always followed their guidelines. When I contacted their customer service center by phone to get answers, the customer service people can help you with any information and the review board refuses to be explicit. DO NOT use! Find someone else to work with. Horrible customer service and lack of any contact with their tutors when they thinks something is going wrong. They refuse to talk to you, just decided they had enough of me and so "poof!" gone!.

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          Wyzant Tutoring — Background check/Fraud

          I have had six federal background checks and three State of Ohio background checks done in the past nine...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Wyzant.com — Wyzant? Or spyant?

          In 2014, I understand that all websites have "terms of service agreement" before signing up. I signed up to...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Wyzant — Unprofessional

          Don't sign up to be a tutor! I signed up about a year ago and was approved but I never went on any...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Wyzant, Inc — Unethical company

          The year 2014: WYZANT reaches a NEW LOW. Parents and students BEWARE!!! Be VERY careful about finding a...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Wyzant — tutoring

          worst company I ever worked for, first they charge 40 % for a person to run a website and you to find your...

          Wyzant.com — No Real Job Here

          Communication is one-sided only - you can't even try to include your phone number in any application...

          Wyzant.com — Stay away from this website

          Our tutor, Melissa, did not achieve any of the promised goals. She promised to improve my daughter's SAT...

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