Aeroplan Travel Servicesmissing aeroplan miles and unacceptable customer service

I am completely dissatisfied at the way Aeroplan has handled my recent missing miles claim, and the lack of customer service received when chasing it. This is the sequence of events:

August 2nd 2019 - re-submitted documentation by e-mail to [email protected] for missing miles from Turkish Airlines flight TK1969 from Istanbul to Birmingham (England) on July 3rd 2019. I was already dissatisfied because the application had been rejected twice because there had apparently been no record of my being on the flight, even though I had submitted the boarding passes/ticket evidence. Nonetheless I was invited to re-submit the documents directly to the e-mail address given so that it could be dealt with directly.

September 3rd - my wife (Areoplan Number [protected]) received her missing miles (1, 144 miles) but I was only credited with 817 miles despite us having been on the same flight. I was now having to chase Aeroplan for a resolution for a third time. I e-mailed [email protected] to point out the error and asked for an urgent investigation. I attached evidence at the time of my incorrect transactions courtesy of my Aeroplan account website page.

October 1st - other than the standard automated acknowledgement I had still not heard back from Aeroplan at all. I e-mailed [email protected] again to chase and to advise that I would be calling them the following week if I heard nothing back.

(I was reluctant to telephone the Contact Centre as we are based in the United Kingdom which means we have to wait until mid-afternoon to call - due to the time difference. In addition, every time I have had to call the Contact Centre in the past to chase both this and previous missing miles, I have ended up going round and round the automated system as it does not recognise our PIN details, I suspect because UK post codes only have 2 numbers so I only type 2 numbers. So I always encounter problems calling the Contact Centre from the UK)

October 11th - still no response from Aeroplan. Called the Contact Centre, got sent round the automated system in the same manner as all the previous occasions, the system again did not recognise our PIN information and, when transferred to the Customer Services team, was told that there were a high number of calls so we therefore cannot take your call. No option for me to leave my number for Aeroplan to call back, simply "please try again later".

I therefore still have the wrong miles, have had no service whatsoever from Aeroplan since September 3rd and now cannot get through to the Customer Services team to complain. This is the latest in a series of issues we have had in our time with Aeroplan (less than 2 years). The final straw is that I cannot attached my e-mail evidence to this complaint unless it is in JPEG, GIF or other photo form. I am more than happy to forward all e-mails to you if you provide an e-mail address for me to do so.

Pleas re-credit me the correct miles as you did on my wife's account. Please also note my dissatisfaction at this repeated level of unsatisfactory service from Aeroplan.

An urgent and satisfactory response is awaited as I have now spent several hours chasing this and previous complaints.


Nick Hodgetts ([protected]

Oct 11, 2019

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