Aeromexicoslow check causing loss of flight

F Sep 01, 2018

My wife, daughter and I want to express our dissapointment after not being able to check-in to our flight due to slow process in the Cancun airport. We arrived at the Cancun airport over an hour and a half prior to flight time. We made line to check-in; however, as we arrived to the front of the line, I asked to speak to a supervisor since our flight was due to depart in less than 45 minutes. I spoke to a line supervisor and he informed me that the flight was closed and they had given priority to passengers on the waiting list. I voiced my dissatisfaction with him, but her wouldn't listen. He offered no alternatives or apologies and sent us to the purchase counter to re-purchase tickets. At the purchase counter we were told they couldn't reimburse a portion of the flights, since it was a connecting flight. They tried to sell us a direct flight to LAX which was triple the amount. We bought new tickets to Mexico City at a later time. Which means we lost money and time for our CDMX trip for my wife's birthday. By the time we passed security clearance and made it to the gates, there was still another 20 minitea before the flight departed. Which clearly shows that we would have made our flight had that supervisor helped us check-in when I asked him for help. I hope you airline changes it's check-in procedures and assignes more friendly staff to attend the check-in counters. It is only fair that we are greeted with a smile and a helpful hand as a sign of gratitude since if it weren't for us travelers your airline wouldn't have job security. It is unfair for travelers and for anyone else affected by these major airline mistakes. I hope you find it in within your reach and power to reimburse me with our CUN-CDMX tickets and with the loss of our CDMX trip. Thank you.

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