AeroMexicoFlight Rebooked due to Overbooking

N Aug 07, 2018

A complaint regarding my rebooking:
I have a complaint regarding the way that this voucher was presented to me. AreoMexico offered me the voucher for $600 American Funds based on my agreement to re-book on a flight 5 hours later to Mexico City. They guaranteed me that I would still make my connecting flight with this re-booked flight. After I agreed I checked with the airline and was told that my re-booked flight was delayed. It had been delayed since 8pm the night before - that means that Aeromexico re-booked me on this flight KNOWING that I would not make my connecting flight. As a result I was forced to stay in the airport until I could get another flight. I was there all morning instead of flying out at 6:00 AM. This cost me a lot of time. Instead of landing at around 8pm as they promised I landed at 11:30pm, and missed an important meeting. On top of that, I was caused a lot of distress trying to arrange a new flight out of YYZ while in the airport. I realize that by agreeing to wait for the next flight that I would run the risk of that flight being cancelled. But Areomexico was dishonest with me when re-booking. They should have told me that the new flight had been delayed since 8pm. I would not have agreed to sit out on the overbooked flight if they had provided that information.

Original Ticket Number
July 27th Flight AM617

Rebooked on
American Airlines Flight 2589 - 6AM Departure

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