Aeroflotbaggage mishandling

I had travelled from New Delhi to Oslo by flight no Su 233 & my Booking reference no was WDGXKL. Initially your flight was delayed from delhi by 1 hour 10 mints .So because of that we missed Connecting flight from Moscow, Which was scheduled at 10:20 am in the Morning so We have to wait for approx 8 Hours at Moscow airport. But would like to thank for giving Accommodation at Moscow airport.

Now issue is that my 2 baggage was not handling was not appropriate, due to that my one trolley bag was burst from one side & lock of another bag was found broken. So would expect compensation in that case & if you want me to share Pictures of both the baggage let me know .Will share with you .

Raman Bhardwaj

Sep 29, 2019

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