Aeroflotdouble charge for wrong sold tickets

L Sep 13, 2018

I bought round tickets for my sons 6 and 8 y.o. to Moscow and back to New York.
I was flying with my kids to Moscow on June 2017. I returned back to New York on July, 9 2017. My sons were supposed to come back along on September, 6 2017.
All tickets were sold by Aeroflot through travel agent.
When my kids arrived to Moscow airport on September 6, they were told that their tickets were not valid. Kids had children tickets, but according to Aeroflot company rules, kids without adult can fly only by adults tickets.

My mom, who accompanied my kids at airport had to pay 85 thousand rubles (around $1, 500) for new tickets for kids.
I believe that Aeroflot company supposed to reimburse the price of these tickets to our family, since the tickets were sold not valid at the first place.

I sent several letters to Aeroflot administration asking to resolve the issue. My claim was denied.

I am not sure how to return my money. If you have ideas, please advise.

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