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I was using Home security service since 2010 first at my old address and then I moved to new address in 2015 .I was told when I move to new address and use the same service same contract will continue .My house is not being monitored after year 2017 .Now I get a collection notice of 1079.30$ which includes 728.40$ as penalty for breach of contract .When I spoke to agent today on oct 3, 2019 I was told they have my old address on file as in brampton .I can pay the amount due for teh services I used but please waive the penalty for breach of contract $ 728.40.In future I will never use the services of ADT

  • Updated by Dev kenn, Oct 03, 2019

    I spoke to collection agency and told them I can pay outstanding balance of 350.80$ now and cancel the penalty as its almost more than 5 year I am using the service including my old home..I was told that I need to reinstate the service with ADT only than they will waive the penalty .

Oct 03, 2019

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