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faulty system and poor customer svc

I requested that ADT waive a $194.72 service cancellation fee for the reasons outlined in this document. Although I was burglarized and the alarm failed, this is just one reason for my dissatisfaction, the real reason is Poor customer service .
I am a 23 year veteran of this country with service in both IRAQ and AFGH. This is no way to treat anyone, let alone a veteran.
During the week of 25 July through 1 August, I was vacationing in CT with my family. Upon returning home in the afternoon of 1 August, I discovered that we were burglarized and approximately $5, 000 of goods was taken. I immediately contacted the Chesterfield County Police Department to report the crime. I also contacted ADT monitoring services to inform them that we were burglarized and that the Alarm key pad was showing an alarm event had occurred. ADT informed me that they had not received a signal. The representative asked me to test the system, and again, no signal was received. The representative instructed me to contact the service office to have a technician check the system.
On 3 August, I contacted the local ADT Richmond, VA office, to coordinate a technician visit. The technician came out on 4 August and discovered that the system was not connected to the phone line. In a telephonic conversation with the technician, I asked him if there was any evidence of tampering, he said “no, there is no evidence of tampering”. The technician connected the system to the phone, tested it, received positive contact with the monitoring office and departed.
On 4 August, I contacted ADT to have a sales representative visit my home to provide recommendations on up-grading my system. Sales representative visited my home on 12 August.
On the evening of 12 August. Prior to our walk through, we tested the system. I called the monitoring center and while on the line, proceeded with the test. Much to our surprise, the center did not receive the alarm signal. We tested the system again, except this time, without the monitoring center on the line. We immediately received a call from the monitoring center. Chris discovered that the system did not have “telephone seizure”. He stated that this had nothing to do with my service provider, that the technician should have checked this and had it fixed. He made note of the issue.
After our walk through of my home, he made several recommendations, which I thought were valid. I expressed to the sales rep to have these upgrades done for free or for half the price. He agreed and said he would go to bat for me. He stated that he could not make the decision; however, he would be in contact with me the next day.
After no call was received for a couple of days (7Aug), I called him. He informed me that his boss was on a camping trip and would return on 10 August and he would follow up with me then. He also put me on a three way conversation with a technician. The technician explained to me that the issue with the “phone line seizure” was not an ADT problem and that if I wanted this fixed, I would have to pay for the visit. I did not want to entertain the technician any longer after the blame game began. The technician said that he would contact his manager and see how to best resolve my situation.
Again, I did not hear from him on Monday or Tuesday. I called him on Wednesday, 12 AUG to get a status. He informed me that there was no resolution and that he would call me back. By this time, I had become extremely frustrated and decided to cancel my services.
I called ADT customer service. I cancelled my services and asked to speak to a manager to request a waiver to the cancellation fee. I explained my situation and asked her to confirm my cancellation services, which she did. She said that she could not make the decision to waive the cancellation fee, but would contact the Richmond office. She stated that she would be in touch within forty-eight hours. After not receiving a phone call from her, I called customer service again. I asked the representative to check on my file for cancellation. He stated that my file was showing active. I requested again to cancel my services immediately and to be connected to management. I left a voice mail with management, but was never contacted.
On 18 August, I called ADT Corporate, FL, customer relations. The rep said that she would investigate and contact me.
31 Aug: ADT Corporate contact me and state that they side with the Richmond Office to disapprove the waiver.
SEP 8: Placed complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB)
SEP 11: Paid bill in order to deny ADT from ruining my credit; still awaiting BBB response.

  • Ja
    jackzack001 Jul 28, 2010

    ADT Security is a joke! And a ripoff too!
    I know because I worked for them for almost 2 years as a commercial and residential service engineer in Arizona.
    I designed, installed and tested technical security systems at US embassies and consulates before I retired from the USG and went to work for ADT. I am an electronic engineer and had specialized USG training in all aspects of technical security. I did military communications systems engineering for 23 years prior to working in security.
    When ADT hired me, they promised 30 days of training and I got nothing! They also said I would earn $75k but it was less than half that amount. And ADT managers, who knew nothing about security, expected and demanded that service personnel do at least 7 service calls per day, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Service crews were sent out with no parts and often had to call other service personnel to see if they were nearby and had the part needed.

    ADT installs alarm systems that do not work and when a burglary does happen, they tell the customer ADT is not liable since the customer did not test his alarm system monthly as they are supposed to do.
    Most homeowners would not even know if their system was communicating or not with ADTs monitors (they either have a communication link over a telephone circuit or a wireless connection via a cell radio transmitter). I personally saw situations where the system was installed and not working properly and the customer had been paying for months or up to a year without knowing it.
    Yet despite all the shortcomings, ADT sees fit to charge $30-40 a month for a false sense of security - it's all about profit and little to do with customer service and satisfaction.
    And ADT has no installation standards, installer training, or spare parts on service trucks. I was sent to one customer’s home which was about a 1 hour ride away; when I arrived he needed a few standard 1.5 volt batteries and I had none on my truck. I had to drive to the nearest Ace hardware and buy them using my own money. At other residences, I found the heavy alarm panel mounted with only drywall screws (it was falling off the wall), exposed conductors on wires, panels installed upside down, and sensors that had been installed days ago falling off.
    ADT sales reps know little about security principles and how to design a proper alarm system. They advertize the $99 special, which is OK for a studio apartment at best, and then use the bait and switch scam to get the customer to shell out $1000 or more for an “expanded” home alarm system. Sales reps are out to maximize the total sale dollar amount since they get paid on commission.
    And ADT will take over any system ever installed by anyone else, as long as the customer pays the $30-40 monthly fee. Then ADT will not have trained personnel or parts to support these odd ball systems when they do fail.
    Buyer beware! It is a known fact that a big guard dog is a better deterrent for burglary! And keep in mind that a critical factor for any alarm system is the time it takes for police to respond to the alarm– if you are in a remote location and it takes 30 minutes for police to get there, burglars have this much time to crash and grab.

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not returning payment

In June I cancelled my service with ADT. I sold my house and moved to another state. They told me I would have a credit balance and they would send a check to my forwarding address. I have called about four times now and have been told that the balance has been credited to the credit card that was on file. This is the same card that was used to pay the monthly service and in fact was a debit card with my bank. I closed that account and card back in July. I have contacted the bank and they tell me that they can not credit a closed account. I asked for proof from ADT and they give me this 20 digit or so reference number. They said it has not been rejected by the card company. Today they told me it was done on August 17th but I called prior to that (Aug. 12th)and they told me it was done then. They said it is policy to send back creidt balances back they same way they receive their monthly payments. This can't be unusual that someone moves and closes bank accounts. It must happen every day. I am just getting the run around. Up until this point, I had no problem with their service but I will not use them again when I buy a house.

  • Ph
    PhilipM Aug 31, 2009

    sounds to me that you didn't give them enough notice that you were moving. It can take several days or even a week of business days to get a credit. You should have kept the card open. You should get your money eventually.

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  • Na
    Nathan Sevugan Oct 11, 2009

    I just did a similar thing recently. I switched my service 6 months ago. On the day of switching the service, I called ADT to cancel my service with them since I was moving to another provider. An agent promptly said that she has done the needful to close my account with ADT. But apparently they did not and were charging monthly service charges up until last month. Luckily my credit card number changed and they could not charge anymore and so they send me a notice. I called another agent who said that the account was marked to be closed but the closing procedures were not done correctly. She promised to send/credit the balance in 2 weeks. I have not received the money yet. It sounds like the "run around".

    I am planning to complain to better business bureau if they continue to give me the run around. Will that work? Did you get your money back?

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i would never recommend adt services my second home was broken into thru a window and the alarm was activated this was by a estranged family member the called adt immediatley and impersonated me that I forgot my password adt shut the alarm off never asked security questions that were set up on system that this estranged family member proceeded to have a service tech come to the residents and change the alarm code and not once did there technician ask for id to verify i was the home owner on the contract i was at work all day that day when i went by in the evening to check my property there are about ten people my home and the dead bolts have been changed out i now have squatters on my property adt never dispatched law enforcement i am now in the middle of a lawsuit fighting to regain possesion of my property and all adt has to say is you have to take it up with the estranged family member? excuse me but what in the [email protected]#$ was i paying for? i guess anyone can go down the street break into joe blows house pick up his mail on the kitchen counter call alarm company impersonate and take over were's justice


I called ADT to pay my bill over the telephone. I talked to a customer service representative and I paid my bill using 2 different credit cards. I was given a confirmation number. Later I found out that my payments were never processed and ADT cancelled my service. They are charging me a $90.00 fee for breaking my contract and has sent my account to a collection agency.

They say, they can not give me a reason why my payments were not processed and said the confirmation number I received does not mean a thing. They said I should have paid attention to by credit card statements and made sure ADT was paid.

  • Sa
    Sarg007 Aug 11, 2009

    Don't feel bad, my sister in law worked for them, IN THE BILLING DEPARTMENT, and she had her service turned off b/c she was moving. She paid her final bill and thought nothing more of it. Later while pulling her credit report she noticed something from ADT. Since she was still working in that department, she did some investigating and found that they say she still owes for a YEAR of service. Even after she had terminated when she moved and had paid the final bill! The people she worked with on a daily basis tried to tell her that messeges had been left etc. She sat right next to these people, why would they leave a messege ? Why not just tell her if there was confusion, and further, she terminated her service, why did she owe for another year's service? She told her manager and her second and 3rd level managers that she refuses to pay it, and to this day, it's still on her credit report...

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mail advertisement signed by someone who does not exist!

I just moved into my new home two weeks ago. I moved from out of state and did not forward my mail, as I am trying to escape my stalker ex-husband. The only companies that have my name are my current utilities and none of them were forwarded from out of state either. ADT sent me a mail advertisement about new security service, addressed to "me" at my home address! I have only been here two weeks! How the hell did they know who I am and where I live? It's insane. To top it off, it's signed by the Director of Public Relations, Donna Cooper and asks me to contact her with an 866 number. Upon calling, I find that Donna Cooper does not exist, nor will they give me the name of the real Director of Public Relations. They say that they don't buy lists, so they don't know how my name was on the advertisement. Of course when asking to speak to a supervisor, no one is available and won't be until the year 2023. I mean, why do they feel they have to put a fake name on their ad? It's ridiculous. Why put a name at all? Like I'm going to rush to the phone and order service because "my ol' pal Donna" suggests it. Give me a break.

It seems as if businesses are just getting more degraded by the day. I don't know if the economy is just turning them all into scammers and liars or what - but it's very disheartening. And while I love the internet and am very comp savvy, I am so sick of this information age, where anyone, anywhere, can track you and find you at the click of a button. It's a full time job keeping even a small amount of privacy in your life.

Anyway, with this kind of deception on part of ADT - I wouldn't trust them any more than the criminal who wants to break into my home. My trusty dogs, shiny silver handgun, and 6' 3" ex-football player hubby will protect me just fine.

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bad collections practices

"Paula" phones me today over a year after our contract ended (May of 08) to inform me that my verbal request...

adt is fraud. total waste of money

ADT doesn't monitor the system at all. The transformer they provided to us wasn't working and we...

breach of procedure

I was recently offered a position with ADT as a "Builders Security Representative". The job title is very misleading as are most of the job titles having to do with sales. As I found out, it was nothing more than Door to Door sales to homeowners that already have the equipment installed in their homes. Apparently, after a series of phone calls and being told "No, we are not interested in having the system activated", the next approach is to go knock on their doors. As I was told, " The customer is less likely to say no if someone is at their door". Many folks have their phone numbers placed on the "Do Not Call" list, well ADT has found a way around this. Apparently. buried in their original paperwork with the Home builder it states that ADT can call them for up to 5 years. I was led to think I would be working with Home Builders and Home Owners that initiated a visit to discuss their security system. We were expected to visit up to 100 homes per week. I was also told, as a last resort to say to a customer "Let me activate your system which will register your warranty". You can always cancel in a few days, but this way by doing this, it will allow me to remove your name from our list so you are not contacted again. I feel like such a fool for falling for this. I knew it sounded too good to be true. I am a professional in the field of Audio and Video equipment and not a Door to Door Pest...

scam and lies

I worked for ADT and found that they had discriminatory business practices. They discriminated in their...


After three years of a contract with ADT Security Systems, we decided to go with another company (our new son-in-law works for this new company).

We cancelled our service with ADT in January, after our payment for the month had been debited from our account. ADT kept sending bills, after our termination, and insisted they were not paid for January (the money was debited from our checking account).

I answered their bills, letting them know they had been paid for January, and for them to please revisit their account for the payment. My letter was polite, but I was not going to pay for the service I had already paid for.

The next month, I started getting calls from a collection agency. The amount was minimal, but I was never given the nature of the charge. ADT was unwiling to communicate with me.

I do not recommend ADT Security Systems. Their customer service is very poor.

  • Ro
    Rose Rose Oct 15, 2009

    I stronly agree. They did not adjust the bill as they should, and they demand money. I don't know how to get off from this contract. God help me to put them out of business!

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charges for services sold as included

I received an invoice today # [protected] in the amount of $12.83. When this system was installed I was informed by the technician that I would be able to look on the internet and see which user number had accessed the alarm system enabling it or disabling it and on what date and time. He said this was an optional service that was included with my monthly ADT fee.

On Feb 26, 2009 I called and asked about how to enable this feature and the person I spoke with on the phone led me through the procedure for enrolling on the internet. He said a technician would stop by and would activate the feature on my keypad at no charge as it would only take 5 minutes. The technician showed up about ten minutes later and I was surprised to see him. He said it would just take a minute to activate the feature and he was in the area.

I asked him if there were any charges for this feature. He said that the only time there would be a charge would be when I actually got on the internet and used the feature. He said that then there would be a one time charge each time I actually used the feature. He also said that if I did not look it up on the internet I could call in and the representative on the phone could give me the information I need verbally at no charge. He said to call the local office to verify this. I called the local office and had a hell of a time getting past the recorded options menu to speak with a live representative. The person I spoke to was not sure about the charges and said she would have someone call me back.

Someone called me yesterday and informed me that there was a monthly charge of $11.00 to have this feature, whether or not I used it. I told him that the technician told me that it was included in my monthly monitoring fee. He said the technician was wrong.

I told him that if it involved a fee of $11.00 per month for a service that I would very seldom use then I did not want it. He said no problem that he would cancel the service immediately. He did not say anything about having to send anything to anyone in writing..

I spoke to another billing representative when I received this invoice today, who said that If I wanted to have the service canceled that I had to mail or fax a letter to you saying so. I asked about having the charges removed as I was not informed about this monthly charge and had never used the service. She refused. I told her that if she refused to remove the charges of which I had never been informed then I would do the same and refuse to pay the invoice. That is where we stand today.

It is very unprofessional of a company as large as TYCO/ADT to basically trick a customer into signing up for a service under the premise that it is free only to tell him after the service is activated that there is a monthly charge. Yes we are all having financial difficulties at this time due to the economy but this is a very low and cheap way of increasing your revenue.

  • Ps
    PSHESP Mar 12, 2009

    This type of thing is happening all over with several companies, just keep in mind that at this point in time NOTHING is free and read the fine print before signing any agreement.

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  • Am
    Amby Oct 25, 2009

    I agree, I worked for ADT in the call center in Jacksonville FL making outbound calls then inbound calls. Its horrible that the techs AND sales people are doing this. Its true that you should always read the fine print...but you should expect ADT to let you know these things so you develop better customer trust in the company. They didn't train us in everything as we were just the monitoring center but they did give us the means to get you to someone to speak about it. Local offices are open 8-5pm monday thru friday and get so many calls you would be lucky to get a call back if you leave a message-As an inbound rep I tried several times to contact the offices and would get lost in the options that I'd end up back at my department with someone basically sitting next to me on the other end. Many of the people you speak with when you call are new and have only worked there for a few months, in one case a friend of mine was on the floor for not even a week before he was promoted with me to inbound calls because of his call stats that week. They need people on inbound and will sacrifice quality service for it. I've heard almost everything from customers calling in, and most of the irate calls are repeat calls because they didn't get helped the first time around. Whenever you call its very unlikely you will get the same person again, so the best advise I can give you is to call several times about the same issue, you will prob get different responses 6 out of 10 times. That's mainly because they don't teach us properly in training and we are only trained for one week before we start taking these calls. Most of it is BS with a lil truth, if you want results get a supervisor or manager to get you to their manager. Those people have been there for years and know the ends and outs of the system. Its good to ask questions and better to get second opinions, don't just rely on what your told unless you truly trust the people or company telling you. Needless to say I got tired of trying to cover for tech mistakes and the company's poor quality control over what they are telling the customers, that i just stopped going to work. I'd try my best to help those that I could. And not everyone there is the same.

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  • Li
    Lisa Muse Feb 10, 2011

    South Carolina Residents can be assured of our commitment to honesty and service. Please visit where Protecting You and Your Family is Our First Priority

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cancelling charges

I cancelled my ADT plus residencial which is a assurance, they gave me a cancellation number, after 2 months they staill charging me for that assurance.

I call them again and give me another cancellation number.

why I need to call several times in order to reduce my bill, I know that everybody is involved in this crisis, this is a very bad practice.

various procedural and policy breaches, zero customer service, zero accountability

Our ADT "experience" was a comedy of errors...until it became, not so funny.

We moved into a house in October which had an extensive ADT system pre-installed. We contacted them, they sent out a sales guy, and we signed our contract...a 3 year deal with only 2 years enforced (and duly noted on the contract). Jim, our sales guy left us a copy of our contract and went on his merry way. A few days later, the installer came out to activate the system, replace batteries and make sure everything was working. Again, no issues.

So then it started. On January 20th, we received a letter from the postal service noting that a piece of mail had been found which had been opened. It was an original copy of our contract with our full address, all phone numbers, my credit card number, expiration date, signature, all information about our alarm set up AND the emergency password code...all in the clear for anyone's prying eyes to see.

Then the saga continued. My wife immediately contacted ADT and informed them of this breach of our security and changed the password code. Later that night, I received a call from an ADT rep saying 'the postal service notified them...' and I quickly corrected the guy on the phone that it was my wife who did notify them of what happened. He then asked if XYZ <our NEW password code> was the new password code or the old one. This is a COMPLETE violation of ADT security policy as well as any security company I have ever dealt with. They ALWAYS ask you for the code and verify the code is correct. They NEVER are supposed to tell you the code phrase.

After that, I mentioned, "Well you know my credit card number has been exposed too." To which the response was "there's nothing we can do about that, you need to call your credit card company." At which point I lost it...seriously lost it. I told the fella on the phone, obviously you do not understand the seriousness of this breach. I informed the guy on the phone that I wanted a call from a manager on this issue ASAP. Of course, that never happened.

The next phase of the 'experience' came when we tried to find someone, anyone, at ADT who would actually take this seriously and realize how gross this breach was. After upwards of 10 calls between my wife and I, I finally spoke with a guy named Cornell out of the Beaverton, Oregon office after attempts to speak with the regional customer service manager, Thomas Bennett, went un-answered.

I explained in detail the fact we had a copy of our contract, so there was no need to send a copy, especially a copy with all of our personal information in the clear. Cornell explained that this was clearly not a standard process or procedure within ADT and that if they ever sent information like that, it would be sent by a traceable means. I also explained how the person I spoke to on 1/20 TOLD me my password code and did not ask me for it. He stated that that was clearly not the right process and that he would have that researched and see that the person receive training on the proper processes so that it did not happen again. I again asked to have Mr. Bennett call me to discuss how all this had been handled and expressed how frustrated we were that a security company would allow breaches like this to occur. I also expressed my concerns for identity theft and that I was considering a discussion with my lawyer

Several days went by with no response or anything. Several calls and voicemails back to Cornell went un-answered. So on 2/3, I receive a call from a manager named Tim who informs me that Cornell asked him to look into my claim that I received a call from an ADT employee who did not ask me for my password code, but rather told me what my code was. Tim proceeds to tell me that he researched this and there was no recording of the call, so there was nothing they could do. Interestingly enough, my call with Tim was being recorded (the beeping on the line was the indicator). I asked Tim a few probing questions like, "you mean you cannot tell when someone accesses a person’s account?" The response was, not unless the person makes a change to the account. What??? You have got to be serious?? A security company that does not log who is accessing customer account data?? I informed Tim that I was an IT Director and KNOW that everything can and should be tracked, considering they are a publically traded company. Additionally, I suggested that they could check their phone records for the call to my number and find out who made the call. Tim seemed dis-interested in my suggestion and I again requested to speak with Mr. Bennett on these issues. I also called Cornell and left him a voicemail outlining my frustration and anger with how major security breaches like this just seem to be dismissed.

Several more days went by with no response. I called Cornell while on business travel and finally got him on the line. Cornell then proceeded to explain to me ADT’s positions on the matters I had raised. First, ADT claimed no responsibility for the ‘postal services mis-handling’ of the original contract copy they sent. Secondly, he explained that Tim was not able to track down anything on the person who called me since there was no recording of the call and there was no record of anyone accessing my account (supposedly). After Cornell stated his side, I re-enforced my position that the contract should have never been sent in the first place and that they could simply look at phone records to find out who called me. I also expressed dismay that Tim had told me that there was no way to track who accesses customer accounts. Cornell agreed that he would be concerned as well, since he is a customer of the security service. Cornell then explained that they had referred my case to their legal team, since I had indicated I was going to talk to my lawyer.

I then again expressed to Cornell that was still waiting for a call from Mr. Bennett on all of these issues and he assured me he would try to set something up for the following week. I also expressed to Cornell that I was trying to be reasonable about this whole thing and merely wanted ADT to accept responsibility for what they had done and provide me token compensation for the damage I had suffered through having to change all my credit card info, bill payments, etc.

Then, on Feb 18th, I finally receive a call from Mr. Bennett with Cornell and another person on the line. Mr. Bennett proceeds to merely state, “Cornell mentioned you wanted to speak with me.” Then there was silence. No nothing about trying to recap what he had been told, what the situation was, why I was so frustrated with ADT, no nothing, just silence. I stated, well, I expected Cornell had informed you of all of the issues, is that not the case. I again expressed my frustration with having to repeat, again and again, all of these issues to yet another person who seemingly had no interest in helping or doing the right thing.

Mr. Bennett then stated how they could not be liable for the postal service mis-handling the mail. I again expressed that the issue was not that it was mis-handled, but simply that it had been sent by an employee of theirs against their normal processes and procedures. Coincidentally, the employee no longer works for them. Mr. Bennett then stated, that the employee did not violate policy…which I corrected him and said, I never said policy, I said standard procedures and processes and that Cornell had been the one who stated that mailing the contract in such a manner was not a standard process. I then questioned why they could not track who called me that one night. Again, no answer. I provided them the time of the call, the date and the number which my home caller ID had shown and asked them to ‘figure it out.’ I then asked why I was told that access to customer account information was not tracked. Condescendingly, Mr. Bennett asked, “You seem to know a lot about our policies, have you read them?” I explained that I had not, but I know security requirements for publically traded companies, I know ISO requirements and that I have over 20 years in IT and IT security under my belt.

After that, I just cut to the chase and asked if he was aware at what I was requesting them to do to compensate me for all of my time I had to spend dealing with this whole issue. He mentioned that I wanted to be able to end my contract at any point in time with no termination fees or penalties. I replied, “And…” To which I received another condescending remark to which I replied, “and I do not want to pay for any more monitoring service until the contract runs out or I find another service in my area.” Interestingly enough, this was the same thing I told Cornell the last time I had spoken with him and his response was that that sounded reasonable and fair given the circumstances, but he could not commit to anything.

With that said, Mr. Bennett then asked me if I was happy with their monitoring services to which I responded, no I am not happy with any of your services and if I could find a replacement service in my area I would drop ADT like a hot rock. At that point, Mr. Bennett responded with, here is what I am going to do, since you are not happy with our service, I am going to contact our legal department and have them terminate our agreement with you since we do not want to do business with you under these circumstances. At which point, I uttered an explicative and hung up.

ADT has no concept of customer service and support. They obviously have no concept of following standard process and procedure. They obviously do not handle customer confidential information with proper due care, nor do they seem to have proper computer security, monitoring or audit trails available in the event of a security breach such as I have outlined here. They do have a crack staff at routing customers to voicemail, dead ends, people who do not care, making excuses, placing blame and avoiding accountability.

I will be writing a letters ‘up the chain’ and will be making this issue known to everyone I can, since a security company that does not take security breaches serious is a major issue. Where else I take this, I have not yet determined…to be continued.

On a side note, during this whole fiasco, in my work role, I had been tasked with securing 6 buildings, nationwide. I deliberately did not offer that information as leverage to my personal situation, but rather wanted to see if they would ‘do the right thing.’ That was answered very quickly and directly. ADT had an opportunity to right a really wrong situation and gain back a level of integrity and trust with me. Instead, they just cost themselves the opportunity at over $120K in installation business, plus ongoing security monitoring fees. I hope Mr. Bennett and his crew of head-nodding, excuse-making colleagues help explain that lost opportunity to the higher-ups there at ADT.

  • Li
    lifeisacabernet Feb 25, 2009

    Additional note: I would be interested in hearing from anyone else that has had similar security breaches with regards to contracts being mailed to them or being contacted from ADT and being told their password code. email me if you havd a similar story...

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  • Se
    Security Advisor May 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The first thing that you need to know about ADT is that it isn't just one company and based on what I have heard from you, you weren't dealing with ADT corporate. ADT is more like those conglomorate cell phone companies and that is why you can't ever get a strait answer from anyone. EVERYONE has different policies. The reason that you had such a difficult time is because the ladder you are refering to does not exist. There is the company you were dealing with, and then they sell that contract out to ADT who funds them for that contract. This is a typical sales structure in the alarm business. The only other thing you have to know about ADT is that because of the structure, there is no one that actually cares whither you are happy or not. They pass the buck along and most of the people you talk to play into hidden identities in that they are only reps of ADT when it suits them and quickly go with other names when it works to their advantage. You really will have a hard time ever finding anyone that really cares because it is too difficult to find someone who actually directly benifits from your contributions to their business.

    Hope that helps!

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will not send out rebate check, poor communication & poor customer service

Poor service right from the start - ADT security system. Salesman documented incorrect (important...

horrible disrespectful rude customer service and rebate scam

We had recently chosen ADT security system to protect our home. THe subcontractor was Nightwatch Protection...

bad service

I purchased the ADT 350Mhz computer back in April of 1999. Not only did I recieve a cheap built computer, but the Pentium II processor installed was re-called and I never recieved anything concerning it. When my computer finally died, the repair shop told me, they nolonger made those processors or the mini boards which where installed. I refused to pay for the computer, and there financing company is still billing me for over $2100.

terrible service all the way around!

We decided to go with ADT, because we noticed a neighbor getting it installed...and I felt it would help our...

failure of product

My daughter had ADT in stall an alarm system in her hopme several years ago. She opted to add the fir protection into
the contract.

Today her house caught on fire. She did not receive a call from ADT per her service.

After the fire was extinguished the Fire Marshall said the fire started in ADT panel.

  • Fo
    foxborrow Mar 18, 2009

    I don't know what fir protection is, are you trying to protect the tree's outside your home?

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  • Fo
    foxborrow Mar 18, 2009

    If you knew anything about low voltage security systems you would know this is totally untrue. What would happen if you put a screwdriver into a light socet? Well that is because it is high voltage, if you touch metal to anypart of an alarm system no matter who the installing company may be not even a small spark would occur. This claim of a fire staring in the security system box is totally false and this post was probably made by a sales rep from another alarm company

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  • Mc
    mceltix2000 Feb 21, 2010

    Full Disclosure: I'm a salesman for a subcontractor of ADT alarm systems.

    ADT does NOT tap into your electrical lines. It's a wireless system. COMPLETELY WIRELESS; as in battery operated.

    You ever see a fire start from your TV remote? No! This story is outright nonsense.

    And ADT didn't call you b/c you didn't have the smoke sensor. You want us to monitor a particular facet of your home, you need the equipment. It's a modular system -- you want a smoke sensor, you pay for it. Sort of like when you buy a car. You want chrome rims for your tires, you pay for it -- it's an option. We give you the basics when you start: Contacts for doors windows/siren/keypads/keyfobs/motion sensor/ect;

    You want all bells and whistles, get out your wallet.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Lebowski Aug 08, 2010

    This comment is complete [censor], it's low voltage nothing is catching fire in the panel, you liar go [censor] yourself

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  • Ma
    mazzy2010 Nov 09, 2010

    To the ADT rep, are all ADT systems completely wireless? The answer is no ! Ten or so years ago they were using moose products - didn't even have wireless as an option, then ademco & dsc combination systems and yes more recently the [censor] lynx panels that still have a couple wires to run. What charges your " completely wireless" & "battery operated" system ?The sun ? Magic? Thats a false statement to say it doesn't use electrical. For the salesman the answer is - A transformer that plugs into an electrical outlet! Im not saying that a panel started a fire but at least be truthful if your going to call the guy a liar. By the way - i took out an adt lynx to install something better in a house, the transmitters were siliconed to the doors, the phone line was tapped into in the attic (no line seizure) Do you know what line seizure is ? Just curious. The a.c. wire stapled down the wall to the closest outlet, and of the two wires/holes the installer had to drill he hit /drilled thru romex (110 electrical) & instead of replacing or properly splicing in a j box, he got the bare wires barely touching, no electrical tape or wire nuts, and the best part - it was resting on a gas line. Does this seem like its safe ? I suppose im full of [censor] too. You can defend adt's sloppy & sometimes dangerous installs all you want but some of us know the truth.

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placed into a contract without consent.

12/11/08 we find that we have been overpaying for our residential home security service at $40.99 per month. I called ADT to console service and was told that it will cost me around $280.00 to resolve our contract obligations. This was news to me where I had a 2-year contract with Firstline Security that had expired prior to the sale of my security services being sold by Firstline to ADT without my consent. The only reason I was aware of the change of service providers was a letter from ADT welcoming me to ADT and promising a welcome package that never came. I called First line to see if this was a scam and they confirmed the sale of service. On 12/11/08 while talking to the ADT Service Consolation dept. Rep. I requested a copy of the alleged contract and was told it will be sent right out to me. Well it never came but ADT has been able to send a new Invoice to be paid! The only thing that was good about this call I made was that I was able to procure a new service rate of $24.00 per month. This can only highlight the fact that ADT has collected two years of funds in one year. Buyer Beware!!!

  • Fo
    foxborrow Mar 18, 2009

    This is because you took a refurbished system from a local alarm company which in turn sold your contract to ADT. I'm guessing you responded to an add that said you could get a system in your home for 99 bucks or so. You get what you pay for sir.

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  • Jv
    JV_Dallas May 11, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with ADT and was scammed into a 3 year contract by the ADT Salesperson. There is no mention of the contract on the page I was asked to sign. I realized this when I called to cancel and then found that there is a light print about the contract on back of the page. Buyer BEWARE!!

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  • Ia
    iam4justice Feb 08, 2011

    Mine is worse. To cancel I was told that I had to pay 75% of the 3 year contract. Why not just tell customers they can't cancel. instead of saying for 1000 you can. Can't wait for competitors to take them out. Until then my sign in the yard has been replaced with another companies. I'm advertising for them anymore.

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ADT/Absolute Security Service Complaint and Cancellation 11/11/2008 - Contractor shows up to install...