ADT Security Servicessystems goes off in the middle of the night

L Jul 19, 2019

I have had 4-6 new units in my home. They seem to go off in the middle of the night and its a constant beep, beep, beep, beep, and the keypad indicates Com Fault - I have had the system 11 months and it has done this every month. I do not like being woken up thinking someone is breaking in only to have the system failing and then I have to take apart the system to remove the batteries so it stops.

They want $424 to cancel a service that doesn't work properly. They should pay me for frustration, lack of sleep, lack of service working, and my sanity being tested.

I had them years ago and the little wall system worked fine. Not sure why they had to change something that worked to something that does not.

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