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Complaints & Reviews

Adidas I am making a complaint about a customer representative

Please review most recent transcript I had with one of your customer service provider for order number ADX10358516. I was guaranteed that if I return the size 7 which was sent in the wrong size due to a factory mistake, I would be able to exchange for a size 5. The representative told me a size 5 was placed on hold. I had expressed that if they did not have my size 5, I would keep the shoes and not bother with the extra work to take pictures and return or exchange it. Prior to this very incident, I had a pair of sneakers sent to me with a security sensor on it and I had to go to an Adidas store to have it taken off. Both incidents had consume a good amount of my time and money for travel . I am very disappointed with the service of both these incidents. I am very angry with the customer service for making untrue guarantees that again have left me very disappointed with Adidas. Adidas can not make guarantees and not follow through with it. Please investigate. Thank you.

Adidas adidas store stole my merchandise

So, my wife is from Mexico and her brother is visiting us for a couple of weeks. Yesterday we went to buy some items at our local Adidas outlet store in Troutdale, Or. We realized last night that we may have gone a little overboard on the purchasing since there is a huge sale due to the fact that this particular store is going to close at the end of the month. So, we decided there were some things we wanted to return that were not that necessary. My brother-in-law (my wife's brother) decided to take the return items back to the store to get a refund. Upon reviewing the receipt that we were given yesterday (01/20/2020) there was one item that we ran into a problem with. A pair of navy blue sandals. We had gotten them at a great price since everything in the store is 60% off plus we had an additional 30% off on top of that so my brother-in-law didn't see any issue. Unfortunately for him, there are very rude workers at this store as they refused to give him a refund for these sandals. They insisted that he had stolen them from the store and so they took the sandals and did not give a refund. They were not reasonable whatsoever and did not listen to him when he showed them the receipt. When I heard this, I was outraged. I understand that these workers are going to be looking for a new job soon, but they should not take there frustrations out on the customer EVER! This is unacceptable behavior and I am starting to wonder if I should ever go shopping at Adidas again in the future. Buyer beware when you try to return "paid for" goods to an Adidas store. They might call you a thief and then end up stealing your items from you as well.




Extremely Disgruntled Customer

Adidas sandals

I have been ad adidas fan for a very long time. Recently I purchaced a pair of adidas sandals (not cheaply). After about 3 hours my feet started to burn badly at the top. I removed the sandals and the burn turned into a blister. Photos attached. After several unsuccessful attemts to contact the through various means, I gave up. I will never purchase adidas products again.



Adidas service

I have all the transcripts and emails .
I brought shoes on Black Friday I got presale additional 30% off fir using the newly updated app - this was the only way to access the sale early .
The app had a bug and the address input didn't recognise unit numbers - i was okay with this I contacted them 3 days later and the problem was meant to rectified - Only it wasn't, it's now been six weeks they have my money but are failing to provide me with the goods or a refund!! I have followed up at least 4 times a week and the customer service lie and tell me it's on its way - postage time is 2-3 days it's now closer to 2-3 months - I have never encountered such terrible customer service I now hate the brand with a passion I will be lodging a formal complaint with consumer affairs very soon

Adidas adidas customer service and tennis shoe warranty

I purchased adidas shoes worth $160 that failed during the warranty period. It literally fell apart and so I sent the shoe back with pictures and receipt to adidas. They awarded me with an adidas virtual gift card with $160. Great! So, I thought...

I went to a local adidas store to redeem the virtual gift card (which doesn't expire) a few months after the card was issued. BTW, the virtual giftcard was issued via email from (
csgiftcards ). The cashier said that the gift card was redeemed already. No one has access to my email and I have never redeemed it.

So, I call adidas customer service who said they will issue me one. I wait and nothing. I call back and they told me they will issue one. I wait and nothing. I call back a third time and now they say that based on their terms of agreement of their gift card usage that if the card was redeemed, even if it was stolen or via other reasons, they will not issue a replacement. From my perspective, I received a gift card that has no value.

Thus, I'm out of $160 from adidas.

Adidas yeezy’s

I recently won a raffle for a pair of yeezy yecheil and unfortunately I entered the wrong apartment number on the shipping information., order # AD041301451. The person who received it refused the package because it was the wrong apartment. I tried contacting adidas and fedex to resolve the issue before it reached adidas warehouse because apparently adidas will not re-ship your order once returned even though I was not the one who refused it and even offered covering the shipping cost. I received different responses from customer service but after all the back and forth I was only offered a refund. This process is unfair to customers since the yeezys are exclusive and not readily available for purchase so you then lose the opportunity to get the sneakers.

Adidas service of product

Bought on cyber Monday the Trefoil hoodie set in black and white for my daughter that wears a size big girls 14, which is a LARGE. They were on sale ANNNND there was an additional 30% off.. Great I thought- perfect timing for Christmas.. I got the package TODAY and low and behold they sent me childrens size 7/8. NO WHERE near a Large. So I called to exchange it out and guess what??? They were out of STOCK! Imagine that.. So now in order to get a refund I HAVE TO TAKE it to a UPS store within 7 days from receiving the box. Christmas rush/ traffic galore and I HAVE TO DO THIS.. They would not allow me to wait to exchange it for when they get more in stock- nope I dont get the discounts at all now! Im HIGHLY disappointed... So beware! So now Im just buying my daughter 2 plain hoodies from a store well known here and still saving an additional $20...

Adidas dear sir / madam, I would like to express in this way the great disappointment and probably the deception I have experienced.

On 28/10/2019 I bought football shoes at the Adidas outlet store in Designer Outlet Parndorf in Vienna. To the cashier, I brought a box with shoes with a price tag of 34.95 euros. I paid for the product with a card and because I was in a lot of a hurry I didn't pay attention to the bill, thinking everything was okay.

When I came back to my country I got bank statement where I could see that my bank account was withdrawn from 149.95 euros instead of 34.95 euros.

I sincerely hope that this was a mistake, because something like this does not fit one of the world's most famous brands. If not then I have no other explanation than you gave me a fake box of the model F36627 (as it says on the box) with a cheaper price, instead of the real expensive price of the DB2012 (as it says on the bill) and that this is a fraud for your customers.

I want you to explain to me how it is possible that a cashier did not scan the code given on the product box? I do not understand how it could have come to the price of 149.95 euros if it says 34.95 euros on the box because there is no price on the shoe itself? I do not understand why the cashier did not tell me during payment that the price on the box did not match the price of the item? This should probably be the responsibility of the cashier.

I have attached a picture of my bank statement, my account and a picture of the box and product I purchased.

dear sir / madam, I would like to express in this way the great disappointment and probably the deception I have experienced.
dear sir / madam, I would like to express in this way the great disappointment and probably the deception I have experienced.

Adidas terrible customer service

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have shoes that do not fit me. That I have been trying to return to you guys. The first lady told me to check back to see if the shoes was in stock. Called back the lady told me it was and she was sending it. She was having issues with the order and told me she would call back. Come to find out she sent me an email... why did she not call me back? So I called today and the representative told me therea nothing he can do and hung up on me. Now I am stuck with shoes that dont fit. I need a Supervisor asap. I have this call recorded and I will be posted how ridiculous the service is.

Adidas adidas has serious shipping issues - order ad34238904 & ad32586313

No notification of shipping issues to help with gift buying etc. placed 3 orders all of which have been over 2 weeks for shipping with no notice. If Adidas wants to be part of the online game they need to take notes from other companies. i placed order with Nike on Sunday and my shoe is already out of delivery. My Adidas order from 2 weeks ago is still sitting "in process" where it's been since the day after ordering. I have asked for the order to be canceled only to be told several times that the cancellation has been requested. i'm wondering if i will every see my money or the shoes that i ordered.

Adidas adidas terrex swift r

I just recently bought a terrex swift R online here in Philippines and was so happy and excited about it I posted it right away on our Facebook page

Only to be disappointed the very first time I wore it.
The synthetic material is separating from the protective rubber on the toe part.

adidas terrex swift r
adidas terrex swift r
adidas terrex swift r

Adidas runners

I bought my son a pair of Adidas running shoes in Sept. when he was tying them up the other day the leather that holds the laces ripped in two different places. He is now unable to tie up his shoe laces. I no longer have the receipt for them so I was wondering what the solution would be? Here is a picture of the shoe. Thanks Carrie Therrien
Moose Jaw Canada


Adidas tshirt

I ordered a tshirt online for a gift for a friend in cuba I fly in 7 days.. I received email stating it was delivered but I did not recieve anything adidas says ups delivered it ok so someone has my $30+ tshirt cause I dont I called adidas first call i'm told give them 24 hours to investigate now 4 days later I call back now i'm told 7-10 days more i'm pissed I will never buy this [censored] again... The worst customer service ever...

Adidas defective shoes

I have a defected shoes from France and I went to see your policy about the defected shoes I can't turn back to Adidas France because I live in Egypt and I communicated with them asking for an exception or a confirmation letter so I can change it with another version here and they are not willing to help at all by any solution and also the super star version is not available in adidas in my home town, now I have a shoes that is defected that I can change or return or refund it's money they are not giving me help or other solutions all what the say we can't do anything so who can do something, and they are offering 30% discount which is not covering any of my defected shoes which I bought 18 time due to our Egyptian currency to euros. I sent to look at my issue and no one cares to look. This is so disappointing. the defect from inside the shoes please I need a solution
email: sandy.[protected]
Phone number: +[protected]

defective shoes
defective shoes
defective shoes

Adidas adidas dark blue hoodie

Hello. I purchased a navy blue hoodie last year from a local sport outlet . The blue colour from the garment continues to bleed and run, Resulting in it looking really shoddy now. Adidas is not cheap and is my brand of choice. I wash it as instructed and never tumble dry. Please can you advise further as I really an not happy about this. Thank you.

Adidas [protected]

Tried to place a order online and it would not except my payment. I used 3 different credit cards, two different phones, with two different people and it kept saying fail. I called, and all they can tell me is the information I provided the system is not excepting my info. I never heard of this... Just placed a order with eastbay with the same card and Information, no problem. I'm very confused on what's going on with this. And I was told my order couldn't be placed over the phone neither...

Adidas manufacturer defect superstar shoes

I have a defected shoes from Adidas, No one cares to help and refuse to help, I sent email and no reply back this is the worst service I have ever seen, Please contact me I need a solution for my problem I contacted Adidas Egypt head office and the branch I bought the shoes and I went to the head office in my country they are giving unlogic respond I tried to contact Adidas France so they might ship me another shoes or refund my money back and no help at all.

manufacturer defect superstar shoes

Adidas adidas terrex

Hi there. My husband bought a pair of addidas Terrex at Edgars Sandton. In less than a year the takkie wat thorn and stiches came loose.Went back to Edgars to find out they need advice from Addidas what to do.All his life he only bought Addidas tekkies but this time Addidas realy dissapointed us. One would have think this takkie will last for longer than 3 years for the price just a little less than R2000. Very dissapointed.


adidas terrex
adidas terrex

Adidas astro turfs adidas predator

Brought the Adidas predator laceless for my boy very disappointed not only was there none in any stores when we did manage order online ( couldn't use our gift card so had to pay an extra £25). Arrived yesterday & what poor quality considering the price £60... the cotton is unraveling at the back so will probably only last a month or 2 very disappointed

astro turfs adidas predator

Adidas adidas real madrid soccer jerseys

Hi at Adidas! I'm a loyal brand follower and a big soccer fan. I have a vast soccer jersey collection in my cupboard and all Adidas since they sponsor Real Madrid C.F. My problem is that all the sposor names or lettering on the front of the jerseys are always cracking up or melting. On the odd day I fold my jersey and leave it overnight the lettering melts and sticks to each other or the rest off the jersey leaving marks or duplicate of the sponsor name on other parts of the jersey. I would like to make a suggestion to someone out there to try and better that part off replica soccer jerseys. I really want to keep buying my favorite teams jersey but this is really putting me off from buying them. Is there no way the the sponsor name could be better fused in the actual material itself instead of being printed on? Please please give some feedback,  i really want to continue buying Real Madrid jerseys, but ones that last. Thank you very much. Regards Lyle Mager

adidas real madrid soccer jerseys
adidas real madrid soccer jerseys
adidas real madrid soccer jerseys
adidas real madrid soccer jerseys

Adidas adidas men’s shoes

I purchased my partner a pair of white adidas sneakers from Rebel Sports in Invercargill 3 months ago, he has worn these all of 20-30 times and the front has blown out they are not to small it's like they were not made right and the stitching has all come away I am very disappointed as we purchase a lot of adidas clothing and have never had any issues before just with this one pair we got for him I don't still have my receipt as like I said we never have any issues with them. As you can see in photo below they are not old but look so tacky at the front already ! Would really like something done about this .

adidas men’s shoes

Adidas size 4 soccer ball

I bought a size 4 soccer ball for my son in August. Bought it from meijer in Lapeer mi. Not too happy with this one it keeps loseing air. Has ever since I bought it. Very disappointed with the quality and construction. Upc # is [protected] 8. B34005 03/19. Art no. DZ2064 size 4 its red and black in color. Tried of always haveing to air it up any time we need to use it. Contact me at [protected] thank you

Adidas football cleats

Bought my son a pair of white adidas football cleats, quick frame tech fit size 13 shoes he only wore them for 3 games the 3 stripes on the outside of the shoe blew out. Highly disappointed as we have 4 more games to go and now he risks injury as the shoes are faulty. We usually love adidas and even hate to put in the complaint. Melanie Fisher [protected]

football cleats

Adidas freak gloves

I have already purchased 3 pairs of these gloves for my son in mens large, You would think they would last at least 1 season but here we are after like 2 games and 3 practices they start to tear on the fingers and palms. My son refuses to wear any other gloves which I wanted to purchase him some other brand name gloves. Very nice looking gloves but very cheap made. My son is an Adidas freak and that's all he wears but very disappointed with these gloves . You can respond through email [protected] or mail 803 n 19th lamesa tx 79331

Adidas sports tee

I bought a sports t-shirt from adidas store located on pathankot novelty mall punjab 145001 india. The products code is. Article no ei5556 mod: d2m 3s polo col: tecink/white cat: d2m. Bought in the last week of august phone no:[protected].
The problem with the product is after single wash the threads og the polo shirt has started coming out which is disappointing us. We are frequent customer of adidas. This is the first ever experience where we need to write complaint instead of compliment.
Kiindly do the needful at your end.
My contact no.

sports tee

Adidas adidas lite racer adapt

I bought these shoes from my grandson 2 weeks ago for school and they have already ripped. They are not even dirty yet. I bought them at kohls and because they fit and were comfortable I did not feel the need to keep the receipt. My grandson liked the shoes but I am very unhappy with the performance . I paid $70. For these and hope that you will stand behind your product and replace the shoes.

adidas lite racer adapt

Adidas adidas ultraboost 19


My name is Eldad Dabush and I purchased the new Adidas Ultraboost 19 about 2 months ago.
A few days ago I noticed pink stains on the sole of the shoes (images attached), I couldn't figure out what is that or where it came from (I did all my recent training in the gym and not outside) but the important thing is - it WONT come off.
This is very disappointing to me, I expected these shoes to be a lot more resistance considering they are designed for outside training and sports.

I wanted to add that I am a big adidas consumer and I own a lot of your products from clothing to shoes.
I loved the Ultraboost 19, I think this is a great shoe and I enjoyed running and training with it so far and I would like to continue doing so.

I expect full compensation for this.

P.S This message was sent to the customer service in Israel at service.[protected] but there was no response.

Eldad Dabush

adidas ultraboost 19
adidas ultraboost 19

Adidas adidas men’s shoes size uk 8 grey color

Hi I bought this shoe nearly 6 months ago and now I thought just give it a wash and dry it in sun and what I saw this morning that a shoe has shrunk and doesn't fit me anymore ..? First time in my life I saw this what type of shoe sole you have used, I have pictures of them too. I need my money back or a shoe replacement ASAP. I need this matter resolved ASAP otherwise I have to involve Obudsman. Thanks

Adidas adidas shoes

I purchased a pair of Adidas shoes for my son and within 3 weeks of wearing the shoes only to school a tear on top of the shoe happen. I have a picture attached. Oh course since I do not have a receipt I can not return them. We have never had problems with Adidas before, so I feel these were just poor quality. If I can either request a refund or exchange or something. We paid about $65 for these shoes. My son loves your shoes so we both were very disappoint in this defect. Thank you, Amy

adidas shoes
adidas shoes

Adidas cj7988 (adidas running furio 1.0shoes), unacceptable act from the brands like adidas, very disappointment.

Dear All,
I want to bring in your kind notice that Today I purchased A pair of shoes from your Adidas outlet located in Kunjwani Jammu INDIA, Having Price of Rs. 3359/- by offering 40 % off on Rs.5599/- and the same shoe is also available at your official website @ the price of Rs.1904/- by offering 66% off on RS 5599/-. So tell me why there is such a huge difference of (Rs.1455/-) in the offline and online store of yours. This kind of service is not accepted by the Brand like Adidas. I am a regular user of Adidas from almost last 20yrs. This is simply a Breach of Faith. Please do the needful as Soon As possible or otherwise I have to look for some other option.I also Attached The Bill Receipt for reference.
Waiting for your reply!

Adidas Adidas running shoe defective

Hi there

I bought this shoe at the Woodmead Store (South Africa) maybe 3 or 4 months ago and am very disappointed as it is coming loose at the seams. Because I do not have the receipt, they refuse to even look at it, yet it is clearly a manufacturing fault.

Please can you help me? I would like to exchange it for a new one. I have pictures, not sure what is the name of the shoe.

Thank you


Adidas running shoe defective
Adidas running shoe defective
Adidas running shoe defective
Adidas running shoe defective
Adidas running shoe defective

Adidas sneakers

I purchased a pair of sneakers for my son for school. There was a hole in the top after wearing them for 3 days. I was hoping to get refunded or a replacement. I expected a better product from your company. Unfortunately I do not have the box or the receipt. I wasn't expecting to have to purchase new shoes after 3 days of wear. I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.
Thank you!
Lori Bonson
Please contact me via email at [protected]


  • SubSquirrel Aug 29, 2019

    I can’t replace them or reimburse you. I’d suggest that you keep your receipts and tags in case there is a problem with your purchases.

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Adidas youth fortarun k shoes

I purchased the FortaRun K shoes for my son on August 9th from Academy. He has worn them less than 10 times. The only time he has played in them outdoors is at school which began Monday August 20th. Today at recess, the front rubber piece going over the toes completely separated from the shoe. I am frustrated that a shoe I paid $50 for is already falling apart. Furthermore, I paid cash for the shoes and no longer have the receipt which prevents me from having proof of purchase. I would greatly appreciate some type of resolution.

youth fortarun k shoes
youth fortarun k shoes
youth fortarun k shoes

Adidas adidas duramo

I've gone through 2 pairs of these shoes in size 10 wide in about 8 months. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I've owned. However both pairs the entire bottom of one of the shoes would come almost completely unglued without warning in about 4 months. I expected better quality from adidas and even though I love these shoes I won't buy another pair due to the potential tripping hazard. I'm on my feet all day and need something that will hold up better. Please evaluate the type of glue you are using for your soles as I believe it isn't good enough.

Adidas defective product - logo faded on first wash

Hi. I am from the Philippines but bought our Teakwondo Team's Adidas gears and uniforms from an online Adidas dealer from the USA called The Taekwondo uniforms that i bought and some gears have logos that faded after the first use and after the first laundry wash. I was told by their customer service that Adidas have change the production of their product's logo from embroidered to screen print. No problem with me on that as long as it will be durable. We exerted so much effort in order to buy the said products since we believed in the quality of Adidas but got so much disappointed. I am being flooded with complaints from the parents of the kids who bought the said gears and uniforms. How do you handle such complaints? We are so far from the USA and sending back the items for return will be too costly. Do you have an office near our location, Manila Philippines. We do hope that you can help us on this concern. I have copy of their emails on our purchase and the reply of their customer service representative about our complaints.

Thank you very much.

Angie Montero

defective product - logo faded on first wash
defective product - logo faded on first wash
defective product - logo faded on first wash

Adidas adidas malice rugby boots

I bought my son a new pair of Malice rugby boots on the 19 January 2019 i cannot tell you how disappointed we are the boots are cracking, material pulling off they have not even lasted one season at he price you pay one would think they would last longer i do not have my proof of payment only photos to prove date of purchase it would really be appreciated if you would accommodate us

adidas malice rugby boots
adidas malice rugby boots

Adidas football boots soft ground

My son Herman Vardar is 17 years old and a professional football player in Antalyaspor A-team. We can't find Adidas SG boots anywhere in Turkey. We tried to order from Europe but they don't deliver Turkey. We can only find Nike SG boots but they don't fit well on his feet. We need help to solve this problem. It is little bit emergency!!
Best regards

Eleonor Vardar

Adidas yeezy 700


I have 3 Yeezy, the last one I bought it from the Adidas on Melrose in Los Angeles, the right pair is larger or wider than the left pair, I do not feel comfortable at all, I went back to them and they said we can not anything to you.

I am writing this to you to help me with this issue.

My email address is [protected]

Mobile number: [protected]

Adidas massage sandals

What in the world did you do to your massage sandals??? The new ones this year are flimsy and I tripped 4 times in a short time. I compared them to last years pair, that I still wear, and was shocked at the horrible quality!!! Please change them back!!! Is it worth saving costs to lose loyal customers? You are the only company making these massage sandals, don't cheapen them, charge more if you have to!!! And please bring back the pink logo for women's. These sandals healed my foot pains!!! Thank you for considering my my request. [protected] (currently wearing size 7 men's)

Adidas adidas shoe bone press

The first day I bought the shoes from Adidas on 23.05.2019, I started to apply transverse stripe printing on the comb bone from the mesh section. The shoes I had to wear for a few hours caused a pain in my foot that lasted for a few days. I left it at the store I bought for adidas to be checked in. As a result of the review, there was no production error and they told me to come to the store. I couldn't change my comb bone, so I got the shoes. This production or design error is rejected by Adidas, which is clearly and simply not understood and can be understood even by manual control. Adidas' answer is attached. I would advise anyone who wants to buy shoes from B96578 Duramo 9 Article to be careful about this, not to be sure that it will not disturb your foot. The unsatisfied customer is no longer a customer.

adidas shoe bone press