ADCBnoc letter


I am trying to get an NOC letter from ADCB for the last two weeks and after speaking to multiple people in this organisation, I can't figure out what the process is. Every person seems to have its own ideas. I kept on asking what I need to do, and still not sure when will I get. I only have credit cards which I have closed even after the fact that I was advised by my relationship manager as well as her manager that its not necessary.

One of the worst banking organisation I have ever come across. I am not sure how do they operate when they can't train their guys on a very simple process i.e., to provide NOC letter to their account holders. I am a privileged account holder and wonder how crap would they be in dealing with basic accounts.

Can't wait to move away from this crap organisation and speak to people who actually care even at human level. Today, I was promised by manager of my personal relationship manager that he will not leave office until he emails me and he is not picking up his phone now. Second lady, responding to my request for credit card cancellation, promised to call me after 2 minutes, still waiting. Maybe her one minutes is one light year away.

Terrible customer support with no knowledge of their processes (I am wondering if they have any at all) effectively conveying the message, we don't care, go to hell and we will just say sorry at the end to cover for all the suffering and pain.

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