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M Nov 03, 2018
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I would like to explain that I have always had a good experience at all the Acme stores I frequent, except for my shopping visit today to the Lincroft NJ store 11/03/18 at 16:29. The bar code on the receipt was 00493200402811811031629 and it says that my Cashier was Elizabeth. The Cashier was not wearing a name tag on her red shirt, as I specifically looked for it.

The transaction number seems to be 11/03/18 16:[protected]

Just nine minutes before, at 16:20, (barcode 00493202300931811031620) I had a very good experience with a young man at Customer Service who helped me with a return. The receipt listed REY as the Cashier, but I do not know if he was using someone else's register to process my return, since he seemed to be handling several responsibilities. He was courteous and professional. At the time there were two young girls as cashiers working at the adjacent express check out, so I returned to this area for my final purchase.

As I approached, I smiled and asked both of them where I should place my items, as they were both currently without customers. Elizabeth was in the register area closer to the store isles and told me she would take care of me. As I began to unload my cart for checkout, she turned to the other girl and said, "it worked better when you were over at the other register because you don't do [censored] anyway" The other girl, shocked, said "excuse me?" I looked at the other girl and she was noticeably embarrassed as Elizabeth continued to berate her in front of me repeating her vulgar language. Saying "I see a lot around here and you don't do [censored]!" This one-sided attack continued as my eight items were rung-up. The other girl politely turned her attention to the approaching customer and continued to offer good service, smiling at the customer even after being verbally attacked.

Elizabeth then turn her attention to me and asked if I wanted to donate to something- I don't even remember what the cause was since she was so abrasive. I was angered and felt as though she needed some "cultural" retraining and I abruptly said "NO", gave her a look of distain and took my purchase to the young gentleman that had originally helped me, and I asked him if the Store Manager was available. He politely asked if he could be of assistance and I related the story. He asked me to confirm the two girls involved and I did, as I was only a few feet away from them. I asked again for the Manager and he informed me that he had just stepped out, but he would relate the comments to him.
The store Manager is listed as Frank Pickel

In a recent telephone survey, I had rated Acme as my favorite store and particularly commented on the quality of your meats and the superior service in all departments, rating the stores higher than Wegmans.

After today, I will probably drive the extra miles to the Shrewsbury Acme store to avoid shopping where there is such a hostile work atmosphere. As a University Professor, and a small business owner, it pains me to see such a young worker showing disrespect for both her coworkers and for the customers and I see no excuse for this. There were children near who could have been witness to her careless and crude comments. I would not tolerate that behavior in my classroom and I highly suggest this employee is disciplined- Extremely poor customer service from her, but the other parties involved handled themselves well.

Margaret Chandler Neville
Tinton Falls, NJ

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