ACME Marketsdairy - milk

D May 25, 2018

Within the last couple of months we have noticed that the milk products particularly organic Valley or anything organic expiration dates have exceeded and the product is still on the shelf. Didn't notice this till I came home poured milk for my families cereal didn't look at the date and noticed it was already a week old after I noticed the milk come out clumpy. We have since stopped buying milk in all Acme stores because of this. As of today we still see not Best Buy but expired products on your shelf. We have gone to other stores to include military commissaries and they seem to have no problem keeping current dated items on their shelf. If you want customers like us and our neighbors to continue shopping in your store, this will allow us to feel comfortable buying products without having to look at every expiration date you put on the shelf. Just so that you know we didn't mention this not want your staff but management. Especially when one of the guys said I'm sorry I just work your part time I'm just helping them out I don't know what you're talking about. Or management says will look into that. So thanks for the possibility of getting Upset stomachs in my family.

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