Ackermans Storesstyle squad competition

U Aug 12, 2018

The competition is for kids 9-15 years. Each round the entrants had a task with public voting thereafter to see who goes to the next round. The public do not get to see actual votes?The top 20 was announced 10/08/18.
Ackerman's rules state that if entrant did not "submit or correctly complete" the activity they would be disqualified. 5 of the Top 20 did not complete the last activity correctly which was to draw and design their own pattern. Ackerman's response is that it could be due to language barriers, that something although not correct was submitted and that the winners will be chosen by panel of judges to ensure they are judged on following instructions, creativity ect. 1 of the Top 20 finalists has been removed and not replaced, when I queried that there was no picture at all submitted for the task. The response was it may be a technical error. This situation is very unfair, why have tasks if it didn't matter if they were completed correctly?? This is unfair as 5 entrants have been robbed of been finalists as Ackerman's has not applied it's own rules!

style squad competition

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