Ackermans Storesrude teller

M Aug 07, 2018

Hi my Name is Khosi Kakaza. on the 06 August 18 I called Ackermans store at Jabulani Mall in Soweto, I needed information about changing my baby shoes without the receipt because it was a gift so I don't have the receipt. I was told that I can come and exchange them. I went to Maponya Mall to exchange the shoes, the teller by the name of Abongile shouted at me saying I HAVE STOLE THE SHOES, she said : where is the receipt? I told her it was a gift I don't have it, , , she called her friend and say this shoes are stolen, where didn't you buy them, I said I don't know.

she said the price is now R29.00, I said what must I do, she said she cant help me I must go back and look for the receipt and push the shoes at the side. I then ask her to give me someone to help, she called Mr Owen (im not sure if He is the supervisor or not) he came without listening to my story He assume I did a lay-bye. I then said no he then said the shoes must be bought with the amount on the system, , I then had to go back and look for the same shoes. Abongile didn't give me the receipt, she said because I didn't bring any receipt I wont get any receipt.

the lady was rude and accusing me of stealing shoes because I didn't have an invoice.

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