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M May 09, 2019

Good day

I hope you are well

A while ago I did a laybuy for a cellphone at Ackermans strand. This weekend my mommy went to go and fetch the phone as I was away this weekend. When i got home monday I realised it was the wrong phone. A Nokia was given instrad of the mobicell that was laybuyed wich was not my fault.

Since yesterday I have been receiving messages via whatsapp from the staff at strand branch and I told them I dont mind bringing the phone back but because I work fulltime they need to stop harasing me and coming to my house as it is very unproffesional of them. They need to follow the correct procedure as I am a customer and it was entirely their fault and not mine.

The last message I received from one of the staff members I was told that I can keep the phone because they did not want me contacting headoffice.

So my reason for contacting you now is because I would like to know how to go about this situation. I dont mind taking the phone back but like I said it was their mistake and not mine but now allegations of me being a thief has been made by the staff and when I do take back the phone I would appreciate it if those that took part i n harrasing me all get warnings as they deserve it.

Thank you for your time

Look foraward to hearing from you

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Alison Andries

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