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So back in january 2021 I had to quarantine for 30 days due to being exposed to covid by four different people in my household who each tested positive on different days. It all started with one person being tested at their work place and testing positive. The next day the rest of my household were tested I was negative as well as my husband and our roommate but one of my family members who lives with us tested positive she left the house to quarantine at one of the facilities offered for people who test positive to recover and the rest of us stayed home two days later my husband was not feeling well so he went to the hospitol. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a couple years back so he didn't want to take any chances after being in the hospital for two days he also tested positive for covid so I had to start my 14 quarantine all over from the day he tested positive. He stayed in the hospitol and got blood plasma then to recover at the covid recovery hotel for two weeks. I took another test just to make sure I hadn't gotten it thru my husband and it was negative. Almost two weeks later my other roomate that I had been home with quarantined tested positive for covid again I had to take another test it also came back negative but since I had been exposed again I had to start my two week quarantine all over again. From the very first positive test I called my manager to tell him I had to quarantine he was not happy about it and informed me my position would not be held and that he would find someone to replace me indefinitely and when i'm ready to go back I could only work on call if they need me. So I filed unemployment since I was let go and was granted my benifits from edd. After my final quarantine I took another test and I tested negative as soon as I knew I was off quarantine I went to try and get my job back I spoke with my manager and he informed me he was unable to fill my position so I could return to work for them. I filed a claim with account assure but was denied benifits even though I met all the qualifications.

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