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When purchasing this product, I was told I would receive a 30 day free trial. I never received the product but was charged $88.64 seventeen days after they supposedly delivered. Two weeks later was charged another $88.64. When I called the company they told me that as far as they were concerned, I had received the product. When I insisted that I did not receive the product, I was told that they would not refund or resend product because I had the option to cancel within 30 days. I asked him how I could have known whether I liked the product well enough not to cancel if I never got it. I then pointed out that I was not even given the 30 days before they charged me.

After getting nowhere with this person I asked to speak to the billing department. According to this operator, the billing department had just moved and did not have a phone number.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that the supervisor was out. When I pushed the issue, he change his story, and I was told the supervisor was helping other people. I told him I would wait. The operator put me on hold where I stayed for 20 minutes.

At this point I was not sure what to do. I went to my bank and filed a fraud report. I had to shut down my ATM card, but at least they will not be getting anymore of my money. My bank told me that they would reverse the charges unless this company could prove that I agreed to pay for it. I said "Of course I agreed to pay for it. But I never received anything." At this point I am in limbo without my ATM card.

I then went to the post office and filed a mail fraud report.


  • Jo
    Jonathan L Sep 04, 2009

    Hi Denise,

    My name is Jonathan Laroach and I am a supervisor at Acai Berry Tropic. I have reviewed your complaint, as well as the call that you had with the agent. I do see that the agent told you that i was busy on a call, which was most likely true. All of our agents are qualified to assist customers so they would have been able to help you with any problem you may of had, if given the chance. I have checked the tracking information and do see that your bottle was delivered on July 31st, just as the agent had told you. You can even see the tracking information here:

    Your item was delivered at 9:45 AM on July 31, 2009 in SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93405.

    Please use the following tracking number to search at so you are able to confirm: 9101010521297303143031

    You also have another bottle on the way, which should be arriving to you any day now. Your account has also been canceled during the phone call. It is unfortunate that you decided to file a fraud report with your bank, and the post office because we would have been willing to resolve the situation with you directly.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact customer service at [protected] and ask for Jonathan Laroach.

    Thank you,


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  • Pa
    Pamela M. Matejka Sep 08, 2009

    I have to agree with the last and all of the comments regarding this company. My 30 day FREE trial was sent out to me on 8-20-09. I called on 8-26-09 to cancel and get any information I might need in order to return the product before the 14 day deadline for returns without being charged. The representative was not helpful and when asked assured me that everything will be cancelled but gave no further instructions. I then proceeded to mail the bottle back on 8-27-09 with delivery confirmation. The package was received on 8-31-09 well before the 14 day deadline. I called on 9-1-09 to confirm with the company that they did receive the package and got the same representative as the first time and when I asked if they had received the package he said "Yes" and nothing more. I also stated at that time that I want to make sure that my account was cancelled and that I wanted no additional deliveries of this product. I also requested a confirmation email immediately and asked if that would be sent out immediately and again he said "Yes" and nothing more. I had also sent an email to the company that same day requesting the same thing and have yet to receive a response. I then had a charge of $88.64 on my credit card dated 9-3-09. I emailed again on 9-7-09 regarding all of this. I emailed again on 9-8-09 (3times). I addressed one email directly to Jonathan Laroach requesting to cancel any further deliveries and I am waiting a response. I have tried to call the toll free number for over an hour today 9-8-09 and either it never gets picked up or when it does I am immediately disconnected. I am ready to file fraud charges myself if this matter is not resolved but first I just need to obtain some kind of contact. If I am unable to get some sort of response today then I am filing fraud charges. So please if you read this DO NOT TRY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Rm
    rmd Sep 08, 2009

    I completely agree with you. I got the same run-around from this company about the charges on my bill. Their website is very misleading about the "risk-free trial bottle". I also filed a complaint with my credit card company.

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  • Rn
    rnurseangel2 Sep 09, 2009

    I am soooooo glad I read this, I was just fixing to order the product. Thank you all.


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  • Jo
    John G. Sep 10, 2009

    I ordered my trial offer on 8/31/09 and had not recieved it as of 9/09/09. I tried calling all day and all I got was a voice message directing which number to use and then twenty minutes of music, which I hung up. I called my bank on 9/10/09 in the morning. I ended up canceling my debit card. When I got off work, I checked my bank statement and sure enough, there was a $88.64 charge to my account. Right now it is pending. I still haven't recieved anything. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY ARE GOING TO GET WHAT THEY CAN FROM WHOEVER THEY CAN.

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  • Jo
    John G. Sep 10, 2009

    I had to cancel my debit card 9/10/09 after ordering on 8/31/09 and still haven't recieved anything. When I checked my bank statement that night, guess what I had a charge for $88.64. Hopefully I did it in time, or I'm going to file fraud charges. I tried to call them the day before and all I got was an answering service and then music for about twenty minutes, which I finally hung up. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY'RE GONNA GET WHAT THEY CAN FROM WHOEVER THEY CAN.

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  • Ra
    randyd1 Oct 06, 2009

    The 888 Toll Free number listed in this thread is now a Disconnected number. I have also been scammed. I saw no where on there site through the sign-up process where they would send more shipments. Also there was only a shipping label and no other instructions or comments that I would be charged more. I was charged 88.64 that was not authorized and there is no shipment to go with the charge. Also there are many International Tax Fees associated with this transaction so this is not a US based company which their contact information says they are. Because of the charges I had to cancel my card and place everything in dispute.

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  • Ra
    randyd1 Oct 06, 2009

    I also called the [protected] at the top of this thread and the company is not even them.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Jo H Oct 09, 2009

    for me this is starting out the same way, 30 day guarentee, only the charge hit my card on day 12! i called the number on my statement was told there was no phone number to give for a refund, however they gave me an email address that every day for three days I have emailed them telling them I did not get the product and it was a 30 day offer and I got charged on day 12?!?!? My next step is the name of the operator at the 800. number on my statement I called an copies of all the emails I have sent and I am going to the BBB! STAY FAR FAR FAR away form this company!!!

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  • Ev
    evawclark Oct 17, 2009


    I's just like to respond to Jonathan LaRoach (aboved referenced supervisor for Acai Berry Tropic)

    Dear Jonathan -

    It looks like you spend a great deal of time on the internet shielding complaints about your company. This is what you must have been doing while I held on the phone line for 18 MINUTES for so-called "customer support" after I was fraudulently billed $88.64 Based on my own failed attempts to resolve my issues with you via phone and email, I trust that this is a much more direct manner to reach you.

    Let me be clear... NO ONE wants to receive your product because shortly after placing their order they realize that you are operating in a deceitful manner. Thus, deteriorating the faith one has in your product.

    On behalf of all of the folks, including Denise Rockwood, you've attempted /succeeded to cheat out of their hard-earned money, let me be the first (well, maybe the 95th) to tell you to rot in hell! Oh, and you will not receive a dime from me.

    Best regards -
    Eva Clark

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  • Ev
    evawclark Oct 17, 2009

    FRAUDELENT COMPANY!! Do not even try to justify this complaint Jonathan (Acai BT customer service mgr.)

    This happened to me too...

    When purchasing this product, I was told I would receive a 30 day free trial. I never received the product but was charged $88.64 seventeen days after they supposedly delivered. Two weeks later was charged another $88.64. When I called the company they told me that as far as they were concerned, I had received the product. When I insisted that I did not receive the product, I was told that they would not refund or resend product because I had the option to cancel within 30 days. I asked him how I could have known whether I liked the product well enough not to cancel if I never got it. I then pointed out that I was not even given the 30 days before they charged me.

    After getting nowhere with this person I asked to speak to the billing department. According to this operator, the billing department had just moved and did not have a phone number.

    When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that the supervisor was out. When I pushed the issue, he change his story, and I was told the supervisor was helping other people. I told him I would wait. The operator put me on hold where I stayed for 20 minutes.

    If this has happened to you, you need to DISPUTE THE CHARGE, THEN CANCEL THE CARD YOU PAID WITH!

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  • Nm
    NMD Oct 17, 2009

    I have just discovered the same scam/fraud. I ordered the 99 cents offer. It never came. Last week, I was charged $88.64 twice. I have received no product--period. I have sent an email. Of course, I tried to call. The first time, the line just went dead. I tried today (Saturday) and, of course, they're closed.

    Like another "victim, " my bank is pursuing all of this, and I have to change my credit card. It's one thing to buy something that doesn't work--it's another thing to have your money stolen. If I don't get immediate satisfaction, I going to sue these folks. Any one else?

    As far as I can tell, I was never charged the 99 cents!

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  • Mi
    Michellez09 Oct 22, 2009

    On October 5th I ordered natura cleanse, phone listed in terms and conditions is [protected]. I too was billed $88.64 but still have not received the product. I haven't been able to contact anyone at this ph. number. I am in the process of diputing charge with my bank but have to wait a week to make sure I still haven't received product. Meantime I have been fined non-sufficient funds fees. I have already cancelled my card, hoping there will not be anymore unauthorized transactions.

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  • I have been emailing and calling everday to have my twice deducted $88.64 refunded with no response. Due to the lack of Berry Tropics making contact and ethically holding their end of the deal, but refunding and canceling my order, I have official filed a fraud complaint with my bank.

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  • Pa
    [email protected]! Nov 16, 2009

    THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDULANT!!! if you have been scammed... FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOURE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE!! The more victims they recieve the stronger their investigation will be. Jump on board... Let's be heard!!! Kiss our ###, Acai berry tropic.

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  • Su
    summer21 Nov 18, 2009

    did any of you get fone calls from a [protected]?
    becuase if so i think i just got scammed too D:
    they kept calling caliming they hadn't recieved my order#

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  • Dr
    DRHT96 Dec 07, 2009

    Wow..the same thing happened to me! I sent back the unused portion before the 14 days and got charged, I called to cancel and a few days later got charged again. I called and complained(also waiting on hold for many minutes)and within a few days they removed the charge from my account...only to debit it again causing an overdraft. I filed a complaint with them and was denied a refund for both transactions. I also tried calling several of their toll free #'s but all of the voice mail boxes were full!!!


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  • Se
    SEWaitman Jan 04, 2010

    I ordered this product because a popup appeared for a free bottle, had no idea we would get more and be charged, the first charge was $89.45(00.71 International Banking Fee), the second was $88.74. When I tried to cancel, they said we did not read the fine print that says, you have 14 days to cancel, so we have the 2 brand new unopened bottles, they will not take them back or issue a refund, I feel so helpless and frustrated.
    When I asked for a Corporate number they said it was company policy that they could not give it out, I don't feel like that is true. I told them I would call back everyday.
    I went back to their website and it is down the message says, they are currently not taking new orders, yeah I bet!!!
    Please do not be taken by this company, they are taking advantage of anyone they can.

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  • Rl
    rlsl0215 Jan 04, 2010

    This company is a SCAM. My credit card has been charged $79.95 three times, plus $3.95, plus .99, plus international fees and I have no product to show for it. I call every month for a refund, the last two months they said I would receive and this month they said I will not see a penny...I didn't read their fine print. Their customer service representatives (hannah and Trey) both said I would receive the refund; however, now none. I hope this company pays for all of their wrong doings.

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  • Ab
    ABTmanager Jan 06, 2010


    We would like to apologize if there was any confusion regarding our trial offer when you placed your order. We would like to help you resolve this situation as soon as possible. We try to make the terms of our trial offers as clear as possible which is why they are displayed right at the top of the order page. These terms explain how our trial offer works, however we understand that misunderstandings sometimes happen. In addition to providing the terms and conditions of our offer on the order page, they are also displayed on the terms and conditions page which can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the order page, and the homepage.

    To help resolve the situation we ask that you please contact our customer service department toll free at [protected]. Here you will be able to speak to one of our highly qualified and expertly trained customer service representatives for a full refund. Our customer service department is available Monday through Fridays between the hours of 8am and 9pm EST. We are also open on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm EST. We are happy to assist you with ANY questions or concerns you may have.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and we truly want to keep our customers satisfied with our products. We are always open to suggestions for improving our offers and we would love to hear yours! We look forward to helping you resolve any problems that you may have.


    Joe C

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  • Fr
    fritzie Jan 12, 2010

    Also note that you are automatically signed up for FuelMax Magazine and other offers. When you call to try and cancel these offers you will not be refunded.
    When I placed my order online for the berry a girl called me a few minutes later from Berry Tropic Customer Service Dept. to confirm my order. On the phone I know I specifically told her I didn't want to be signed up for any other "trial", magazine or offer. She said "I'll put you down for a NO!" Well now I just paid FuelMax Magazine $33 that they said can't be refunded.
    This is the same for the Vital Cleanse "free trial."
    Sorry we all got dooped. "We try to make our terms and conditions very clear..." sure you do Joe C., I'm sure you hate it when you trick people out of their hard earned money.

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  • Su
    Summerhavok Feb 19, 2010

    Hello everyone,

    here is a letter I sent to the BBB, it basically sums up my entire situation with this company. They are completely a scam and I'm getting hit hard from them. They claim if you call they will resolve the situation but they wont, since the only way a bank will go after the company is if they give IN WRITING a statement saying they will offer a full refund. However, this company refuses to do anything of the sort. They tell you to e-mail their billing department, and 5-7 business days you will hear back. I've called several dozens times and spoke with the following reps: Mark Davis (Supervisor of call center), Adrea, Carlos, Alexa, and Laurie. Each time I go through the same circle:
    1)call back with Chase (my bank) on three way call. Once you do, Chase doesn't talk much but writes all the notes down in their system regarding whoever the rep is claiming they will offer a full refund. They refuse to send an e-mail to chase or you, and ask you to contact their billing dept over the refund.
    2) You e-mail the billing dept, and hear nothing back. I proceed to ball continously and complain and request proof they have my e-mail and a refund will be issued. What I get is an e-mail from Customer Care stating they received my e-mail. Nothing else.
    3) I call back furious but calm, and once more am told I need to be on a three way call with chase. I've also been told they never received my e-mails and I never previously called three way with chase (Despite the fact CHASE is on the line telling them otherwise and I have the e-mails in front of me from their company).
    4) Repeat all the above steps.

    I've lost all hope this matter will be resolved. The best I can do is go to sites like this and hope others are reading this and learn before it's too late not to deal with this company. If anyone knows of any legal action being taken against the company please contact me ([email protected]). Listed below is my letter to the BBB. I strongly urge everyone to contact the BBB regarding this company.


    My name is Jeremy Scully, and currently I am in a dispute with an internet company called Acai Tropic Berry. The issue is revolving around a need for refund of $88.64. The history behind the problem is as follows:

    I originally made a purchase online through their website for a free 14 day trial. I never recieved their product and attempted to contact them for a refund of my money. I proceeded to call various numbers, one from their website, and the numbers on my bank statements associated with the debits. None of the numbers were working or even for their company. I then was debited twice for the amount of $88.64 along with other chargers I never agreed to. I immediately called my bank (Chase) and issued a claim. The company Tropic Berry had their billing dept contact me and threaten to hurt my credit since they could no longer debit my account. The e-mail was a noreply e-mail, but I tried to reply anyway. It also stated to contact their customer support e-mail. I contacted their customer support and was bounced back with a "MailerDeamon" (The e-mail they gave was bad). Eventually the claim was almost completely won, there was an amount of $88.64 that my bank Chase claimed the company proved was a true debit. The proof Acai Berry Tropic used was the fact they had my credit card number on file and information. I claimed that was obvious since I originally made the purchase using my credit card, but that I never approved of the $88.64 debit. Since that time I have had several three way phone calls with Acai Berry tropic and Chase bank. Each time Acai Berry promises over the phone I will receive a full refund, each time Chase bank adds this to their notes, each time I am told to e-mail the billing department at ACAI Berry Tropic requesting this refund, each time I receive a customer care e-mail telling me they have received my e-mail and are processing my request, each time nothing happens. Chase is unable to go after Acai Berry for any refund until they get something physically in writing stating from Acai that a refund will be issued. Acai refuses to give anything in writing stating a refund will be issued. It seems i'm stuck and there is nowhere for me to go. Acai is smart enough not to give in writing anything of a promise for a refund, and Chase refuses to do anything on my behalf until this company submits something in writing.

    Please tell me there is something the BBB can do to help me? I feel I'm not the only one being hurt by this obvious scam. I never recieved the items in question, I was billed for items I never agreed to be billed for, and now no one will help me. I understand the concept of buyer beware, but this really seems outrageous. How can a company promise a bank a refund and then just never give it and get away with it? Wouldn't every company in the world be doing this? please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I have copies of the bank statements, the e-mails between myself and Acai Tropic Berry. Chase has all the conversations logged into their notes (I'm not sure if I can get a copy of that but it should be accessible).

    Thank you for your time.
    Jeremy Scully"

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  • Mm
    M. M.Morgan Apr 05, 2010

    I first found Acai Berry Trpoic in October. I was online and saw that they were offering a free trial. I signed up for the free trial and agreed to pay the shipping for it. After I entered my Debit card information, I noticed that the small print said that they would bill my account $88.64 unless I cancelled within 2 weeks. I immediately cancelled the account. When a customer service representative called me to welcome my new account I told him that I did not want my account to be billed for the monthly amount of $88.64. He told me that he would cancel the account but just to be safe I should also send an email. He gave me the email address and I emailed them the Cancellation request. I never heard anything back so again I sent a "Cancellation Confirmation". They responded and said that the account had been cancelled. After that I noticed that my account had been billed the $88.64. I have been fighting with Acai Berry since October and still have not received a refund. I did receive the "free trial" but still have not received a refund for the money they were not supposed to take. They sent me numerous emails saying that the money had been refunded and that the funds were initially declined by my bank. When I took pages upon pages to my bank, they said that was not the case. They would never deny funds being refunded. I am from Idaho Falls and currently have an add in the local news paper to find other people that are in the same situation.
    Every time I called Acai Berry I was also assured that my refund was being processed and that I should receive it within 5-7 business days. I have pages upon pages of email between myself and Customer Service and myself and Billing. They say the same thing everytime! They defintiely are a scam. Be aware, all of these statements are true! It has happend to me too!

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  • Lk
    lkitch Jun 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a SCAM!! I order the trial and tried it it DOESNT WORK!! Call and cancelled my future orders and sent back my trial!!! Was even given a confirmation number and was told that i would not be billed!! LIE!!! My check book kept coming up short and i didn't know why? So, I went back thru my records and found that I was charged $88.64!!! I was furious!! I called the customer service number and it rings and disconnects...dont know where to go from here!!

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