Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB]teller services

In dated 30.09.2019, I visited sahara center ADIB branch around 6.25 in the evening and requested to provide me change of only 500 dhiram local currency change but teller brutally refuse and treated me like I am animal. I was shocked about service ADIB is providing. Even if there is no policy to provide change to walk in customer but ADIB teller must be curtious and generous. Even other customer officer there directly said " we do not provide service to walkin". I was wondering, is there is any check that ADIB management check the service status of their staff or they just be free to do any hash thing. Only thing which I understand allround the world is the quality service bank provide even there is no policy to entertain walkin. UAE is observing year of tolerance and here is ADIB staff which shows otherwise. I felt so much pain and dishonest and insulting how much routely that teller behave like I was begging. SHUT UP, SIT THERE WITH SHUT YOUR MOUTH, GO AWAY etc these are the words he uses.

Embarrassment that I felt ADIB management cannot understand. I hope ADIB management should atleast guide and provide training to teller customer service counter staff to behave and understand customer HUMAN BEING.

UAE IS MULTI CULTURE country and banks is the main face of it.

I hope you atleast enquire about it


Oct 01, 2019

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