ABSA Home Loansnew bond

R Aug 02, 2018

I have applied for my bond to be moved from Standard bank to ABSA as I have been banking with ABSA for the past 15 years. This started last year in September 2017. Absa gave me an approval and I was happy with the rate I was getting. They then referred me to their lawyer to complete the bond registration. The lawyer contacted me in October to start the transfer. All documents was draw up but they advised me that I need to give Standard bank notice, of which we did. In December the lawyer called me to sign some documents to proceed . I was not available at the time and requested to see them the following week. The lawyer informed me that it was fine we can sign it in January has they are closed for December. In January the lawyer contacted around the end of the month to come in and sign the documents. I again was unavailable has I moved to Middelburg and was no longer in Nelspruit. I managed to get to the lawyer early February. When I spoke to the lawyer they informed me that I had a shortfall I needed to paid has I was late in signing the documents and needed to paid an extra R20 000 cash. I addressed this with ABSA and informed them that this was not my fault and cannot be held liable for this amount. They made an arrangement with Standard bank and the lawyers and informed me that they will re-submit the bond information. all documents was then fixed and a signed all documents. The lawyer a month back informed me that the bond was sent to the deeds office and everything should be sorted within a few days. This week on the 1/08/2018 the lawyer sent me a mail informing me that the deeds office has not approved the bond has the documents where submitted late/ expire and I need to pay R10 000.00 again for the shortfall. This is absolutely unacceptable and ABSA needs be taking to task. If this is the service I get from them I need to cancel this and keep my bond with Standard Bank. ABSA will be held liable for all cost and I will stay with Standard has I have been paying my bond with them monthly without any instalments being missed to date

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