Absa Bankopening group account at absa

N Jul 27, 2019

I went to absa to open a group account after the absa website informed me that the required documents to open the account is : Three people mandated to open accounts with their ID copies and Proof of Residence. We went the to branch with all those documents after we noted that information from the ABSA website. When we arrived at the branch, we were told that four (4) people should open the account. This we did not know prior to the visit. We were told this by the Branch Manager: Petro Labuschagne and Service Consultant: Gundo Malindi. We showed them that the website talks about three people and we were told that website is outdated. We also asked what is the purpose of the fourth person and we were not given any reason. We were also told that you cannot open the account on Saturday after eleven even if the branch close at 12h30. This is not communicated to any members of the public. You are only told this when you are at the branch. The two people mentioned in this email they do not understand that their clients travel from different places to convene at a certain branch to open this account and this costs this clientys money and time to carry this activity. They are not got in terms of rendering good services to their customer. I was so disappointed in the behaviour of the people working at this branch. Especially the manager by the name of Petro Labuschagne and Gundo Malindi. They wasted our time and money to trave to this branches. ABSA communication systems need to be updated regularly because what is written on their system is not in line with the practice at the branches.

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