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Sun Life Financial Complaints & Reviews

Sun Life FinancialLife Insurance

So far to embarrassed to respond ? Weren't to embarrassment to tell us to go to another Investment firm, Investors Group, Insurance provider ! In Shellbrook! To make Insurance contract updates or payments. Way better at Canada Life. So far Canada life haven't called law enforcement when we go to there office to make Life Insurance payments or policy changes, which Sun Life TEAM said that they would . Nice Sun Life

Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Life Insurance

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    Sun Life FinancialWhere is my money?

    I worked at Emco [protected] in Calgary Alberta. Forgetting about my paid into pension etc I moved on with my life etc...moved to BC and am now working at Emco in Victoria.

    I realized that I should have an account still/money from paying into for 2 years but called you guys and you have "nothing but the current emco on file."

    What happened? Where are the records? Where's my money?!

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      SunlifeGrandfather clause with my company group benefits

      My grandfather clause is for 10k for prescriptions. My first claim with sunlife was denied. They said I was over my maximum. I said
      I just retired. It took them 6 months to give me an answer. In 2018
      I went to California while I was there I fainted sand had to be taken to the clinic.they asked for my insurance and I gave them
      my Rbc insurance that I always buy from my bank. The claim was for 17k that I worked with Rbc. I never put a claim in with sunlife.
      Somehow they applied that to my group company grandfather clause. I do not think this is right. May I know what you think.

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        Sun Life FinancialMatured policy not settled for 5 months

        I have purchased a policy that matured in jan 2020. I asked sunlife to pay for the policy. Sunlife bombarded me with requests claiming that they didn't have my documents, then used all tactics not to pay it. I have asked for explanation of the return on my policy and they simply shoved it aside.

        It has been 5 months will date and there is no date in sight for the settlement of the policy.

        Does anyone know a good lawyer for me to use?

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          Sun Life FinancialYou stole my mother's money!

          Beware of sun life financial

          They will steal your money. They are thieves. They have no "customer service" because they just don't care!

          My mother is 96. She opened a Money Market Account 3/21/1991 for $18, 219.08. This account was valued at $26, 670.43 on 2/20/2000. We closed an insurance policy in January with a value of less than $13, 000. Sun Life emailed me today that this was my mother's original investment with all interest included! This of course is a lie.

          Despite many promises to return my calls and emails, they have avoided discussion of my Mom's policy. It is awful the way they have treated my mother and I and I really resent it.

          Tony Raymond

          973 Circle Drive

          Baltimore, MD 21227



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            Sun Life Financialcustomer representative

            I am filing a complaint against one of your disrespectful representatives, who presumptuously assumed me to be "slow" and began speaking to me as though I had a mental disability.

            I don't know where that stupid Representative received her information from regarding me, as I do not have any type of mental disability, but I am filing a complaint against her. I made it clear to her to speak to me at a normal pace, as I am neither deaf nor slow. Yet, she continued in her foolishness.

            If this is how your representatives treat people like me, then this is a terrible institution. I want that woman terminated. Immediately.

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              • Updated by OladebA · Sep 10, 2019

                The name of that Representative is Sylvie

              Sunlifetv advert

              Sick to death of these adverts about funeral plans - it's every commercial break. I know where I would like to stick those pasnips! These adverts are not at all necessary in the amount that is being screened. I for one do not have to have these wretched adverts rammed down my throat! Spend the money elsewhere like improving the health service or education. Please get them stopped!!!

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                • Ky
                  Kyle Reid Jul 26, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I couldn’t agree more. They have been shown three times in the last five minutes. I am sick to death of them. I have to switch off the tv when it comes on which ruins my viewing. 🤬

                  0 Votes

                Sun Life Financialpayment refund not received waiting 6 months

                I have been waiting for a medical refund from Sun life now since August of 2017, I have submitted the requested information several times which included proof of payment, getting a new prescription from the medical doctor amount other stuff. Called in several times spoke with both the rep and supervisors with no real assistance or clear indication as to when to expect my refund. Was told last last month December 2017 that my provider is under review, what does that have to do with me the client / customer. In the mean while who is paying for my credit card interest which is 19.9% interest rate. I am not a rich person and is living pay cheque to pay cheque. right now the whole situation has left me feeling helpless I need my money $1200 is a lot in this hard time.

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                  Sunlife Financial - Philippines — claim settlement

                  Sunlife Financial Phils. 1. Contrary to public perception of being reputable because it is popular, when...

                  Sunlifeshort term disability

                  My wife was injured very bad and has been seeing neurologists, family physician and physiotherapist all have deemed her in able to work and Sun life finally approved her claim but they made her go back to work to quickly and irritated the injury so all the doctors cut back her hours, now Sun life decided to terminate her claim because of it. It's almost Christmas time, can't pay our bills and mortgage. What do we do? They only stopped her claim because her doctors modified her hours from what Sun life "feels was appropriate ".
                  She is getting so stressed out I don't know what to do. They also will not return phone calls.

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                    Sun Life Financial — Short term disability

                    My husband, gale house, is an employee of ats in Kansas city, missori. Drs. put him on short term disability...

                    Sun LifeHarassment of a claimant

                    I am sharing this article in the interest of truth and justice. You may search "Mrs. Fidler and Sunlife of Canada" for more articles. Fidler: Expanding the Reach of Contractual Damages, or Developing a New Model of Compensation? August 1st, 2007 by Rebecca Ross In last year’s Fidler v. Sun Life Insurance Co. of Canada, the Supreme Court outlined the current state of compensation for mental distress under contract law, and also explained the appropriate circumstances in which punitive damages may be awarded. While the SCC overturned the B.C. Court of Appeal’s award of punitive damages – an argument that will not be addressed here – it also found that mental distress in this case was compensable. This aspect of the case is notable for the Supreme Court’s expansion of the Hadley v. Baxendale principle of contract law, as emotional distress upon contract breach is now recognized to be within reasonable contemplation of both parties in a disability insurance contract. This finding also suggests that the Hadley principle may be stretched even further in future cases, with potentially problematic results. Connie Fidler, an employee of the Royal Bank of Canada, was covered by Sun Life Insurance under a group policy that included long-term disability benefits. She became ill with a kidney infection, leading to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. According to the policy, Ms. Fidler was entitled to receive long-term disability benefits for two years if she was unable to do her present job. After two years she was only entitled to such benefits if she was unable to perform any job at all. She began receiving benefits in 1991. Six years later, Sun Life informed Ms. Fidler that a non-medical investigation had revealed that her activities were “incompatible with [her] alleged disability” and benefit payments were terminated (para. 8). Over the next two years, medical assessments were completed by Ms. Fidler’s doctor, Sun Life’s medical consultant, and an independent examiner. Although all three reports conflicted, Sun Life confirmed its decision to terminate benefits. Consequently, Ms. Fidler commenced an action against Sun Life in 1999. One week prior to trial, Sun Life offered to reinstate her benefits and pay all outstanding amounts. As a result, the trial and the following appeals only dealt with the question of Ms. Fidler’s entitlement to aggravated and punitive damages. All three courts awarded Ms. Fidler aggravated damages. At trial, Ms. Fidler was awarded $20, 000 in aggravated damages after the trial judge applied Warrington v. Great-West Life Assurance Co. (1996), in which the judge held that aggravated damages may be awarded without separately actionable conduct if the contract is one for “peace of mind.” In the judge’s view, a long-term disability insurance contract fell under this category. The Court of Appeal upheld the trial judge’s finding. Sun Life then sought to have these damages set aside in its appeal to the Supreme Court, where an analysis of this issue was separated into two parts: the SCC first outlined how damages for mental distress came to be included within the range of remedies for breach of contract, and then analyzed whether the facts of this case allowed for such an award. The SCC described how damages for mental distress have not been consistently embraced as a remedy for breach of contract, but argued that this rejection is not warranted in ultimately awarding these damages to Ms. Fidler. In Hadley v. Baxendale (1854), the Court of the Exchequer stated that damages should reflect what was reasonably within the contemplation of both parties at the time they made the contract (para. 29). While this seminal case makes no distinction between the types of losses that are recoverable from a breached contract, subsequent cases demonstrated that damages for mental distress tend to be ruled out, except in defined situations. The common judicial treatment of damages for mental distress utilizes a restrictive interpretation derived from Addis v. Gramophone Co. [1909], which required that a claim for compensation for mental distress be grounded in independently actionable conduct (para. 37). That is, mental distress would not be compensated if it resulted from the contract breach alone. The SCC then demonstrated how this narrow concept widened during the 1970s, and damages began to be awarded when the contract was one for pleasure, relaxation or peace of mind. The ever-innovative Lord Denning spearheaded this movement, essentially arguing for a “peace of mind exception” to the general rule against recovery for mental distress in light of a contract breach (para. 39). This principle has grown to include damages for breach of vacation contracts, contracts for wedding services, and eventually disability insurance contracts. Another notable case in this development is Vorvis v. Insurance Corp. of British Columbia [1989]. The Supreme Court awarded damages for mental distress, finding that contracting parties had contemplated mental distress as a potential result of a breach at the time the contract was made (para. 42). Vorvis, among other analogous cases, clarifies that an independent actionable wrong is not always required for emotional damages. Damages for mental distress are now often awarded under the Hadley principle, as mental distress has been found to be compensable as long as it was reasonably considered at the time the parties created the contract. There remain limits, however, to the compensable types of mental distress. While the law does not award damages for frustration over a breach of contract in, for example, a commercial context, if a contract was created to secure a psychological benefit, damages should be recoverable if they are shown to be within the reasonable contemplation of both parties. The Supreme Court concluded, after elucidating this judicial history, that the basic principles of contract damages now encompass intangible promises such as mental security. Once the SCC established that damages for mental distress may be awarded, it summarized its findings in a two-step test designed to discover whether such damages are recoverable in a given case. The SCC must be satisfied (1) that an object of the contract was to secure a psychological benefit that brings mental distress upon breach within the reasonable contemplation of the parties; and (2) that the degree of mental suffering caused by the breach was of a degree sufficient to warrant compensation (para. 47). In Fidler, the Supreme Court found that the aim of the disability insurance contract was to secure a psychological benefit, and this contract brought the prospect of mental distress upon breach within the parties’ reasonable contemplation. As disability insurance contracts are created to protect individuals from financial and emotional insecurity, a delay or denial of such protection may very well cause acute mental distress. The SCC determined that Ms. Fidler’s damages for mental distress flowed directly from Sun Life’s breach of contract. The second question, regarding whether the mental distress at issue was of a degree sufficient to warrant compensation, was also answered in the affirmative. The trial judge found that Ms. Fidler suffered significant distress and discomfort as a result of the loss of her coverage. Extensive medical evidence of Ms. Fidler’s anxiety supported this finding (para. 59), and mere payment of the arrears did not compensate for the stressful years she lived without her benefits. Thus, the trial judge’s award of $20, 000 to compensate for the psychological damages of Sun Life’s breach – damages that are reasonably in the contemplation of parties to a contract for benefits – was upheld by the Supreme Court. Fidler therefore widens the scope of compensable damages upon breach of contract, further confirming that mental distress is reasonably contemplated during the creation of disability insurance contracts. Future judicial treatment of compensable damages under the Hadley principle, in light of its expansion within cases such as Fidler, will prove to be quite compelling indeed. If Hadley is to remain a foundational principle of contract law, it cannot be stretched beyond recognition. Such a consequence may occur if too many situations are found to be contemplated at the time of the contract, allowing the principle to deviate so sharply from its original intentions as to become undiscriminating. Alternatively, modern contractual dealings often give rise to considerations that were not contemplated in Hadley’s nineteenth-century context, and many new situations may still comfortably fall within its general parameters. Only time, and further litigation, will tell if this principle will remain applicable in determining remedies for breach of contract, or be stretched to unrecognizable proportions. [filed: Insurance]

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                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Sun Life Insurance Of CanadaDenial of short term disability

                      I have been fighting with sun life since October of this year. I became so depressed and suicidal that I had to go in and tell my boss. I went to the dr;s the very next day. SHE WAS ADIMENT ABOUT ME NOT RETURNING TO WORK. I had already been on medication to treat depression and ADHD, So we opted to increase my meds and try to fix this on an outpatient basis. Well the first denial was I didn't see the dr enough. The 2nd denial reason was because my medical records were incomplete. they are so full of ### it is scary. There are so many people that play the system and get approves then there are very legitament cases that get denied. My company pays them good money to insure us and I have not been treated right since the get go. My medical records had to be sent out to a third party because they could not determine my diagnosis code. OK so if that is correct who are you to say that Iam denied if you aren't even qualified to read my medical records. I have not yet rcv'd an official denial letter, Since I got my company involved Sun Life has called me 5 times to try and have me understand why the denial. I told them flat out that they were wrong and would be held accountable. So sick and tired of these insurance companies dicatating to us the patients and our dr's how to treat us. this ha s got to stop so let;s hurt them where it counts. IN THEIR POCKETS. by the time I get down with them they are going to wish they had paid me just for the short term. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT CHEAPER. they are trying to blame it on my dr & it is not her fault. she had done everything and them some

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                        Sun Life Short-term Disability — Sun Life denies short-term disability because it's rare and they don't understand

                        I elected to have short-term and long-term disability through my employer in case of unforseen reasons. My...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sunlife Financial Trust Inc. — Prize Winning Notification

                        I got a letter from Sunlife Financial Trust Inc., USA Office address: 2999 N. Wayne Street, Angola, IN 46703...

                        Sun Life Assurance Of Canada — Delay of disability

                        I had to come off work over three months ago due to advanced Fibromyalgia and as I am a professional driver I...


                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sun Life FinancialPartial claim rejection

                        For over a year I have had a recurring problem with claims for low cost prescription drugs. I am covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit plan for seniors so my cost for most prescriptions is $4.11. For some never explained reason when I submit a claim for a lost cost drug the claim is covered "only up to the reasonable and customary amount" (see example attached).

                        When I first realized what was happening was illogical, I contacted Sun Life by phone and got nowhere. So in March 2012 I started a long string of messages to Sun Life. I received an apology for the error and a correction followed. I pointed out that this must be a flaw in their process that impacts many clients. In one phone conversation I was told that it must only be affecting me since there are no complaints from other clients. This is likely because the amount of the error is small and no one else notices or bothers to challenge. I too would ignore a one off occurrence, but it has happened many times in the last year and each occurrence resulting in the hassle of messages and a correcting entry.

                        The amount is small so it really doesn't mean much at an individual level. Collectively though Sun Life is wrongly saving an expense that likely adds up to a nice total.

                        Partial claim rejection
                        Partial claim rejection

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                          Sun Lifereduction of benefit

                          Life insurance policy in force for 15 years. Cover is £100, 000. They have performed a review and decided to reduce cover by more than 40%...overnight!!!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Sun Life Short Term Disabilityrefusal of claim benefit

                            Paid for Short Term benefit for 3 years and unfortunately had to use the benefit for an injury that held me out of work for 8 weeks. Submitted the claim to Sun Life and heard no response. Followed up with Sun Life and then they stated they needed additional documentation. Sent additional documentation. No response. Called again and they said they needed more documentation. Sent more documentation. No response. Called again and they said they needed more documentation. Sent more documentation. No response. Called and complained. Asked for a manager. When the manager returned my call the claim was approved for the first few weeks. Assumed that the rest would be approved. No response. Call and they asked for more documentation on a claim that was already approved coupled with my employer giving them the date I was allowed back to work and they asked for more documentation. Sun Life obviously only pays claims when you call and raise hell. Do yourself a favor and either pick up new insurance carrier if you are not already in a claim and if you are in the middle of a claim, call them everyday so the cost of the call center offsets the beancounters/auditors idea that they should deny every claim.

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Sunlife Financial Health InsuranceTedious UHIP online access

                              UHIP gone electronic is merely a misconception. All they want is to save the trouble to send all students their health cards;save papers. Students are expected to register, retrieve password, set up account and then PRINT out the HEALTH CARD on themselves.

                              I am an international student. Health insurance is COMPULSORY for us with Sunlife. This year, our University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) card can only be accessed ONLINE; requires us to register online. For registration, we need to have our policy number (if you do not keep the old card, our card expires every 8 months or go back to the university to enquire, you would never able to find out), after filling up your policy number, they will show you a online card with an access number, with that you will have a temporary password sent to your email, and this password has expiry date.

                              I did not log in to sunlife to gain access my card before the expiry date therefore my account is NOT accessible to me unless I call sunlife and speak to a representative, which always take UP A LOT OF TIME to reach. I tried calling a few times but the long wait always made me unable to reach a representative.

                              Today, I called them at 8AM (since they start work at 8am) to retrive my account. The representative asked me a few security questions and I answered all except for one-my last claim. When we see a doctor in university, we HAVE NEVER RECEIVED any receipts OR acknowledgement that they would be claiming from sunlife. Therefore the representative told me he was unable to help me JUST BECAUSE I couldn't answer one question- when did I make the last claim OR RATHER, WHEN THE UNIVERSITY CLINIC MADE THE LAST CLAIM ON MY BEHALF.

                              I was feeling EXTREMELY SICK since the night before, and finally made it to the morning for the clinic to open. I have a 24hour trip to Asia from Canada (including a 13-hour flight) at 2pm so I REALLY NEEDED TO SEE A DOCTOR BEFORE I GET TO THE AIRPORT. After much clarification, I told him that it was an emergency, he put me on hold and tried to find his manager to talk to me however he said the MANAGER WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GIVE ME ANY HELP because he/she cant access to my account anyway. I started tearing, crying right infront of the clinic but on the phone, sunlife representative can't help me with anything. I paid my insurance, and when I NEEDED IT THE MOST, the insurance company told me it cant help me at all. When I asked him is there anyone or anywhere or any way sunlife (whom im paying EVERY YEAR) can help me with anything, he said SORRY THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO.

                              I'm new to this country, I came here alone 3 years ago and I have NO family members here. When I'm really sick, all I can think of is to see a doctor with my insurance plan. The least they could do is help me gain access to my account and allow me to see a doctor (I only had $60 cash with me but it costs $100 to see a doctor) and I HAD A FLIGHT TO CATCH LATER ON.

                              Very disappointed to sunlife, very very poor customer service.

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