Aaron'sunauthorized credit card charges

U Aug 14, 2018

I purchased a couch and love seat from Aaron around March. From day one the recliners have not worked properly. I called the store NUMEROUS times and spoke to a lady each time and was told yes mam i understand, we have parts ordered. I questioned how do you know which parts to order if no one has ever came and looked at the couch. So here we are months later and no one has yet to come to my house to look at the couch while I'm paying nearly $200 a month for this. On August 3rd, I called and spoke to an evening manager and told her I did not want the set any longer because i am frustrated paying on an expensive couch set that does not function. She said she understood and someone would be there that Saturday to pick it up. Well here we are August 14th and no one has picked up the couch. Aaron held out a payment on Friday August 10th without my authorization and the evening manager said, yes mam i know that we are to come get your couch and I am voiding the payment and that you will see it reversed. Today is August 14th and I called to questioned why my unauthorized debit has not been reversed and spoke to Roderick. I have complained on this man in the past. I feel he is extremely racist toward white people. He said no mam, you have never called and we have no record of that. I cannot give you your money back until we pick up your couch. No one has documented that you have called. I am a highly educated person and I'm NOT untruthful. The evening manager has spoken to me many times! Yet Roderick treats me as if I am scum and a liar! Ya'll need to replace this man! I am extremely angry and now my bills have overdrawn because he will not put my money back in the bank that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE AARONS TO HOLD OUT TO START WITH! Everyone in this parish will hear of this terrible service I have received from this company!

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