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Aamco - Snellville, GA.horrible service and poor ethics

Took 3 days to tell me they did not have a part and charged me $200 in labor that included
re-installing the transmission, but when I got there it was still on a table. When I first arrived there I heard a Tech named Michael telling a lady on the phone how good women were in taking care of their cars and how bad men were in the same regard. I should have left right then. When I told Michael that I needed my truck no later than Saturday( three days earlier )he initially said that was not possible, but when I said I told him I would call him back after I spoke with some other repair shops, he called back within one minute and said " I called someone and we can have it ready Saturday." He then called Friday afternoon with the "no part story." The dealership I called quoted me $300 cheaper than Aamco's quote for the exact same repair. I sent a tow truck there to pick up my truck after paying the unjustified fees. I believe these people are dishonest and unethical.


  • Jh
    JHarrellJr Sep 30, 2009

    This is interesting. I found this complaint using an internet search engine to find the phone number for the AAMCO shop in Snellville, GA on Highway 78. I just took a second car in to the shop for some major repairs and regular maintenance too because I was so happy with the service after having taken my wife's car in twice. Both times my wife's car went in the engine light was on and we wanted them to diagnose the problem, halfway expecting it to be a transmission problem. The first time a minor sensor needed to be replaced and the 2nd time I was told it was a small leak in the emissions system, more than likely the gas cap and not worth spending money on unless it doesn't cycle itself off (which it has done in the past). That's two chances to screw us that were not taken.

    I notice your post was discussing the unjustified cost of putting the transmission (?) back together when they couldn't get the part? I agree that saying they can fix it and then not getting the part would be frustrating but sometimes it happens. Charging labor to take apart the transmission is normal even for diagnosis. I think you're assuming that the shop operator said he could get the part knowing that he actually could not. If that were the case that would be a bad business practice. Its entirely possible though that his supplier said they had the part and then ended up not having it. Given the honesty of the shop owner that I've experienced I would find that much more believable.

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  • Mr
    Mralyce Jun 16, 2010

    I agree with the reply to the unjustified cost of putting the transmission back together. How many times have I taken my vehicle to a shop and been told I can get it within two days or two hours or whatever, and it took longer. You can only estimate a day or time that work will be completed. Some people expect operators of shops to be God and get everything fixed instantaneously. That just doesn't happen. If we would put ourselves in the other fellow's shoes. What's your occupation? Has everything always turned out the way you expected it to or told your customers or clients that it would? I doubt it. So the next time you implicate the dishonesty of a person, think!

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  • Jb
    JBritt Feb 23, 2011

    I just had a transmission repaired at this location. While the transmission seems fine, I have fluid leaking from underneath the car. This will be my second time taking it there within 30 days. The owner, Michael Pringle, is professional yet I do not beleive he has the mecanical ability to determine the issue. The jury is still out with this company. I will post an update once the take a second look at the car this week.

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  • Ti
    Tired of Shady Business Apr 04, 2011

    Mralyce seems like he/she may be related to Mike. I had dealings with them as well and they charged me for "office clean up" or some garbage like that. Mike explained that these are charges they get from OSHA. OSHA? I dont own the shop and there waeren't any oil or fluid changes made on my car. He wanted to fix everything BUT what i asked him to fix. I agree, not sure Mike know's chit from shampoo...that's why his hair stinks

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