7-11 in Reston VAcashier named marco

V Aug 02, 2018

This m as n is indescribably rude. He does not belong in customer service. I stop in this store often and he's hateful, grudging and is truly offensive. I was trying to purchase cigarettes and the brand I requested was not stocked. I asked if he had any cartons in the back he barked no we don't have any in the back and have me a dismissive wave. Finally after feeling like I was battling him to do his job I told him he was an [censored]. He is heinous and I wish I had video'd the entire situation... He demanded I leave the store and became even more belligerent than when I first walked up to the counter. Hes the nastiest most obtuse and "spoiling for a fight" person that i've ever had the misfortune to run across. I've never been treated so rudely... His entire personality says "... You are an inconvenience and I am going to do the bare minimum." as I told him i'd gladly take my business elsewhere... Another customer said..." he is an [censored]. He just mistreated us very badly... (a construction worker and his crew) i'm telling you that he should be released from employment as he's going to chase away customers. I took a picture of him as I left. Horrid man. Horrid...

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