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On 12/16/2021 I signed a contract with 50FLOOR for Phenix N259 Front Runner carpeting and laminate flooring. I showed and informed the salesperson I wanted the stairs as well as half of my house completed by them. The last 4-5 stairs were wood and he said that they could still carpet it.

When they came out around January 7th, they at first said I would have a raw edge against the exposed side of the stairway. I said that would be unacceptable, so they had the edge seamed. It looks fine. HOWEVER, the master bedroom has a seam running thru the center of the room between the bedroom hallway entrance and the master bathroom entrance. It was very high (at least 3-4 inches above) and hard. It was similar to a speed bump. I notified Kea/scheduling and explained the issue. I told her it was visible and palpable seam. And that it felt like there was a piece of wood under it. She said Aaron(supervisor) would come out to inspect. Transferred me to Aaron’s voice mail. On 01/11/22 I spoke to my salesperson, John Torrico, who said he would also notify the office of the issue. Aaron was scheduled to visit on 1/19/22 but canceled. On 1/27/22 & 2/1/22 Hector came regarding vinyl floor issue that was resolved. In the meantime, I saw Juan a few more times regarding the carpet issues. He said the hallway defect was just the edge of the vacuum cleaner marking and not a defect. He also insisted that the “BUMP” was just a crease in the carpet from sitting in the roll to long and that it would go away in time. He ran a handheld metal object across the area multiple times that reduced the height of the bump. But also seems to have made the carpet fibers in that area have a different texture. He also stretched it a bit. He said that since our master bathroom entrance has a “ramp” it intensifies the issue. FYI, the floor to the master bathroom has an extra sheet of ¼ inch plywood so they put a small “ramp” of concrete-like product at the area so it is easier to ambulate with our imbalance problems and my husband’s use of a cane/walker. And, we never had issues with our old carpet due to this.

4/27/22 s/w Gwen/50 floors discussed issues of hallway to run like (defect) and seam down the middle of the bedroom. She requested pictures to review with her supervisor. Upon receipt of the pictures she said it looked like a seam to her, but she was not sure, since she wasn’t at our home.

4/28/22 rec’d t/c from Gwen who said will order hall carpet from vendor due to run like (defect). Will also send Juan to work on seam. I informed her we do not want the seam down the middle of the bedroom as it is not only unsightly but the bump is unsafe to walk over especially during the middle of the night due to our age and Meniere’s disease which causes instability when walking. She said she would have either Aaron on Geraldo (supervisors) call to discuss further. Rec’d call from Aaron/supervisor who said will send Carlos for repairs and inspection on 5/19/22.

5/19/22 Carlos/50 floors came. He confirmed it was a seam. He said they laid all the carpet upstairs in one direction. So that is where the 12-foot seam ended. He said he could just replace the hallway carpet (which he had with him) now, or he could wait until supervisor makes a decision on what to do. He said another option would be to lay the carpet from the hallway (where the defect is) through the master bedroom to eliminate the seam going thru the middle of the room. The seam would then be near the head of the bed close to the wall. He said the only issue with that would be that the nape would be going a different direction in the other two bedrooms. I said that sounded good. He said Aaron would call. Aaron called and Carlos left pending a decision. Per Aaron, carpet is going the correct way “per industry standards”. He said he would come see the issue on 5/31/22. I said I needed this resolved, not just people coming over to assess. I informed him that if this continues to remain unresolved, I would notify his corporate office and the Better Business Bureau. He said that was a good idea and told me to do so.

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Jun 29, 2022 2:01 pm EDT

As of last week, 50Floor has replaced the poorly installed carpeting in my master bedroom, and the defective carpet in my hall. Carlos did a very good job! Thank you Carlos


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