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12:13 am EDT

50 Floor No Return Calls / Questionable Quotes/Amendment Refusal

I have a major concern about your Salesperson Paul Colter. He is a very untrustworthy salesperson. I inquired to get an estimate for Vinyl flooring in my family/Dinette area, hallway, carpet in the bedroom, and closet( all small areas). Paul Colter came and measured my space and after 2 hours he came up with a quote of $9, 000+. I immediately told him, no. He came back with a different quote of $4718.00. It was still too high but I accepted. It took 3 weeks to get a call from 50 Floors to remind me of removing small items and removing my bedsheets from my bed. The installer came the following week with only the carpet for the closet. I asked where are the rest of the carpet and he said that's all they ordered. I called Paul but he put the wrong phone# on the form. I called 50Floor upset and a Mike was to call me back (never called me) two days later I called 50Floor and talked to Launa and she reviewed the order and said- the way Paul wrote up the order it wasn't clear for understanding (but, I said you ordered it anyway?) I told her Paul wrote an incorrect phone# on the form, she gave me his phone#. Paul called me the next day and said he did not write up the wrong order and he been in this business for a long time. I reminded him, I doubled verified with him that he ordered the correct products/style/color and he confirmed that he did but he lied. I will not know actually what he ordered until I see it. After discussing the incorrect write-up. Paul then said, he would make the corrections and said that would save me more money. My concern is that after double-checking with him that he had the order right, he took it upon his own to sell me what he wanted knowing it would increase the cost.
Paul then said he would call me back with the adjustment he called me 3 days later. He told me that my credit would be $735.00 and that he needs to have me sign an amendment form for the adjustment. I suggested to him because my master bedroom has more sq. footage than my smaller bedroom and small bathroom to just take the $735.00 and do the other rooms. He said that he will come over to measure the rooms to see what he can do. I have not heard from him in 4 days and he will not answer my call, I tried calling 50floor and they will not answer their phone.
To this hour I have no idea what is going on and you have 3, 000.00 of my money in your possession.
Totally disappointed in how you do business and the people who represent your brand.

Vanessa Guy

Desired outcome: Full Refund, or make this awful experience Right

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9:04 am EDT
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50 Floor Laminate flooring

My floor was installed October 2020. I was pleased. The installer suggested cleaning with swifter. I've used that method since. Recently I've notice some bulking. I contacted the Capital Heights store initially to no avail. Latisha the General Manager called me back leaving a message stating I had no warranty but I could have a repair and site visit if I paid for it. I submitted pics they said there was water damage which is not true or the damage would be more widespread. I then contacted the Corporate office left messages for Charlene Anthony. She had a conversation with me and said she would call me back after further investigation. No follow up at all. I now know the warranty that came with my service is not worth the paper it was written on. 50 Floor response to customer service is simply no response and unanswered voicemail.

Desired outcome: Repair

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4:57 pm EDT
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50 Floor Installation of lvt flooring axis pro

I had a floor installed in Feb 2020 and a week after the floor was installed, I called because one of the tiles was coming up. The tech came back out and put glue on the tile. Since that time, I now have several tiles coming up. I expIained to the representative that my original contract stated that 60 sq.ft of subfloor was needed to make repairs. However, the installation tech stated that this was not on his work order. He made a phone call and continued to install the floor after the call without the subfloor.
I called on 1 July 2021 to report the current problem and was told to send in photos and I sent them to customer service. Sometimes our feet are getting caught on the edges of tile that is loose. One tile is already chipped because of this.
On 5 July I called to check on the status of my complaint and talked with Ms. Donna Young and was told that my floor was out of warranty. She stated that she could get someone to come out to look at the floor for $175.
I declined.

Desired outcome: I would like to have the floor fixed to prevent continued tripping hazards. I am not a tech so I am not sure what can be done

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9:14 pm EDT

50 Floor Installation Not Complete causing damage to new and original flooring

This company did not complete installation, lied and said they would be back out the next day to install floor transitions, and no one showed up. Now a month later, transitions are still not installed, causing damage to flooring in that area. The planks have shifted, have chipped, are damaged, and are a safety hazard as a result. I called and spoke with customer service, filed a complaint, and they transferred me to two contacts on separate occasions. The first was Andy, I spoke with her once or twice and she said installers would call me to come back out. After they didn't, she stopped answering my calls and did not respond to voicemails. I called customer service again. They sent installers out and a supervisor, and each time, they just take pictures of flooring and worsening damage, saying I would hear something within a day or two. No follow ups. I had to initiate all calls. Customer service had Judith as my contact person the second time. She was good at responding to my calls at first, all pleasant calls, but later just stopped returning calls and voicemails. No additional installation has taken place, just empty promises of follow ups. GM was supposed to call me, however, he has not and is not answering my calls. I wish I would have went with another company like Empire or a local company because this run around is frustrating and unprofessional. I wish I could give 0 stars.

Update: And I see where the company responded on Google saying I last spoke with someone on 6/2 and this will be forwarded to their team. Yes, I called Judith for an update that day, again me initiating the call, only for her to tell me that they could send a sales rep to give me a price quote on fixing the foyer, the area that is damaged because of the chain reaction caused by them not installing the thresholds in the first place, which are still not installed. I was not happy with that solution of me paying for the damage they caused. She said a GM would call me in an hour. No call from GM the whole day. I called GM, he did not answer. Judith called back saying GM had a family emergency and he would call me the following morning. Next day, no call from GM and no answer when I tried to call him. I called Judith for the last time on 6/3 and she did not answer either. So again, still the run around with this company.

Desired outcome: Finish installation repair damaged area

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3:25 pm EDT

50 Floor Product they installed

If I could give 5 negative stars I would. I spent $7000+ to have a terrible product installed. The new super tough - no scratch laminate flooring was supposed to be the Best - It's the Worst!
Now 50 Floor won't stand behind the product they installed! I'm now stuck with a crap floor for years to come.
If you want to be disappointed- hire 50 Floor!


Update: So it seems if we don't walk on the floor or put normal furniture on the floor - it will look beautiful and not show any wear.
Thank goodness the manager came over and helped us so much. I guess we'll just live in another house so the floor that 50 Floor told us would be so great and durable won't get any worse.

Trust me - I'm going to have to redo this floor and it sure as hell won't be with 50 Floor!

50 Floor - The Company that DOESN'T stand behind their work.

Thanks so much for screwing me out of $7000.

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2:38 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

50 Floor installation of hawthorne 2 brown vinyl flooring

After flooring was installed I called 50 Floor no less than 10 times because the flooring in the hall and entering the bathroom was not flat. The floor waved like a creek and their was a tear in the floor of my son's room. They finally returned and replaced the flooring. The floor still was not flat but I learned to live with that and the fact that one of my closet doors has never fit since the installation. I called recently due to a rip in the flooring going from the hallway to the bathroom. I was told it was because my son is in a wheelchair and I would have to pay to have it replaced. I bought this particular product due to its durability and primarily because of my son's wheelchair. I believe if the flooring had been installed correctly the first time there would have never been a tear. There is a hump in the doorway of the bathroom. I feel like this is an installation error but 50 does not agree. So, I have it repaired at my cost, but the issue of the hump is never resolved, it will rip again. If wheelchairs are the issue with flooring I feel like I should have been notified of this up front, before making a decision to purchase. I am not a satisfied customer.

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2:18 pm EDT

50 Floor flooring


The work and customer service have been subpar. We had some flooring replaced (only 500 sq ft) in mid April. They installed boards that were mis-colored and chipped. They damaged our walls and baseboards which we had to pay to fix. First group that showed up to install refused because no one told them we were in a condo and it was going to be too much work (even though only 500 sq feet). Second set that showed up said it would take 3 days instead of the one day that was originally stated. Walls and baseboards marred and dented. Some of the boards were discolored and did not match rest and several boards were chipped. We still have no resolution to our issues 4 ½ months later. Please get other quotes.

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10:36 am EDT
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50 Floor product/customer service/quality

I wanted new hardwood floors because I am selling my house. Brian came out, showed us the product, priced it out.
Called later to inform me the hardwood I ordered was no longer in stock, but offered a wider plank to replace. While in process of ordering, he also informed us that it was so expensive due to taking up old hardwood and hauling it away. We asked if he could just lay flooring over the old to help with price. It was actually a savings of $500, which was ridiculous.
When they came to install, I questioned the product and was told it was a sealed hardwood.
They had to come out 2 times to finish job and fix thresholds. I felt like it looked cheaper than product shown to me before signing paperwork.
My house went up for sale and when the buyers inspector sent his report, stated it was a laminated flooring with small layer of hardwood.
I called the customer service department at 50 Floors and asked them why I purchased hardwood but received a different product. Ron was very confrontational with me, kept saying he wasn't trying to argue with me. Decided to have someone come out and look at product.
The salesman was very rude and confrontational as well. Stayed it was an engineered hardwood flooring. When asked why it was not hardwood as marked on my bill of sale, he said it was the same thing.
After all is said and done, they basically pull a bait and switch on customers and then will not even give any kind of customer service to my concerns.
To pay $8000 for a engineered hardwood is so not okay and then to be treated disrespectfully is not the customer service I expected.
This company does not need to rip people off to make them successful. It is a shame to charge premium price and receive inferior product.

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5:38 pm EDT

50 Floor not finishing my floors, poor service.

Worst company ever!

I had my floors done in December. and still waiting on them to finish and it's currently mid April.
- They messed up my driveway/flower bed
- Left trash at my house
- Broke my stairs rail
- Didn't finish my stairs after staining 3 times.
- The door transition are all out after fixing several times.
- Horrible service
I would NEVER recommend this company to my worst enemy. I took several days off to take care of this and still not fix.


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12:45 pm EST

50 Floor flooring installation

BUYER BEWARE: My husband and I hired 50 Floor located at 818 Bluecrab Rd. Newport News VA. 23606. We spoke with the salesman on Sept. 6th 2017 I specifically ask the salesman do they have their own installer or do they hire independent contractors? He insured me that they were 50 Floor employees. Well, when they showed up Sept. 29th 2017 to do the job, it was very obvious that they were independent contractors. The language barrier was immediately an issue. They didn't measure anything before cutting. They were stepping on the shoe molding to break it instead of cutting it, they over cut the door trimming to the point I could stick my finger in the hole, they put defective planks down, they left gaps where the shoe molding was suppose to connect, when they put the toilets back they didn't cut the screws, that holds the toilet in place so the plastic covers would not go back on, they destroyed three different transitional strips that we provided, they put nails in the flooring, they left gaps in the flooring, they came back on 4 separate occasions to do what was suppose to be a one day job on Sept 29th 2017, they just finished today Nov. 15th 2017. They offered absolutely no compensation for our inconveniences, the only offer they made was to pay for the shoe molding and the transitional strips that they damaged. I had to escalate the call to corporate. And it was like pulling teeth to get them to offer 150.00 credit which is not anywhere near compensation that should have been offered for time wasted, aggravation, lack of professionalism, lack of customer service, the multiple canceled appointments that were canceled at the last minute, lack of integrity of this company is beyond unacceptable. I will never use this company or recommend this company to anyone. I would have been better off hiring an independent contractor my self and saved the extra money they charged for mediocre work. Even upon completion, it doesn't look like professional did the job.

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