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I ordered glasses and spoke with Evon at 39dollarglasses.com, and it was the worst experience, I did Not order online, I called and spoke with Evon, I think she said that she was the owner, for I told Evon that my order has to be 30% Light Gray Tint, and she said it will, and I also sent Evon an email along with my prescription stating that it has to be 30% Tint, and today I received the glasses and they were 90% Tint. So whatever you do, do Not buy glasses from this place, for they will never give you the glasses you want, and they are rude over the phone when there is a problem, and when I went to the post office I waited in a very long line to send these damn glasses back! I paid by credit card and I put in a claim, so I am letting Visa take over for now, but you should NEVER pay them by debit card, money order, or check because they will fight to not give your money back when they rip you off.

Prescription Lens Replacement. They Break Your Frames.

I purchased a pair of Oakley Chamfer 2 eyeglass frames for $107.35 and sent them to 39dollarglasses.com to have lenses fitted and installed. I placed the lens order for $54.90 and mailed them in USPS Priority Mail. I called 6 days later to check on the status and the representative said he they never received them. I checked the tracking and it was confirmed that they were received. The representative proceeded to look for them and finally they were located. This leads me to believe if I hadn't called to follow-up they would have never been processed.

I finally received the glasses back and inspected them upon arrival. I found three separate cracks in the upper right portion of the frames. This was from incorrect measurement and fitting of the lenses, causing the structural integrity to be compromised and crack.

I called 39dollarglasses.com on March 16, 2016 to inform them of the situation. The initial representative, Venessa, explained to me that nothing could be done other then sending the lenses back and fitting them on one of there cheap frames. This would essentially leave me with a broken pair of Oakley frames that I spent over $100 on. She then explained that this was company policy and they weren't responsible for frames that they damaged. I asked to speak with a manager and David came on the phone. He basically gave me the same unreasonable answer with no resolve.

The business model this company has in place is unethical and simply should be illegal. You wouldn't bring your vehicle into a mechanic to have upgrades put on it only to have it returned in a damaged condition. The mechanic would be responsible for the damage as should this 39dollarglasses.com for the frames they broke.


Prescription Lens Replacement. They Break Your Frames.
Prescription Lens Replacement. They Break Your Frames.

Seller avoided me all the time

OMG. I placed the order on the website www.39dollarglasses.com, but my deal turned to be real disaster for me. I waited for the order, but the seller provided confirmation details and shipping info too slowly. I already emailed him couple of times, but this person diddle-daddle too much and sent fake promises. I was so upset and decided to contact him again, but he ignored me. The worst services.


INCREDIBLY Poor Quality, Plus They Didn't Pay Return Postage as Promised -- Shop elsewhere.

I ordered two pairs of nonprescription sunglasses with upgraded lenses, for just under $100 each. When they arrived, we were truly shocked at how thin and flimsy they were, and at how poorly they were constructed. There were visible gaps between the lenses and the frames on both pairs, and the lenses were ready to pop out of the frames. One of the temples was damaged at the hinge, making it permanently (and very visibly) bent in at an angle. When I immediately called to ask how to return these trashy and defective sunglasses, I had to wait on hold for some time. The rep was pleasant enough, and I politely mentioned my surprise at the obvious junkiness of both sunglasses. I asked what kind of quality control process they use (none, evidently), and she made it clear that such returns for poor quality were commonplace. Knowingly charging $100 for flimsy, bent, broken sunglasses with gaps between all lenses and frames is their normal way of doing business! The rep said she would email a shipping label to cover the return postage. When the post office scanned that shipping label's bar code as I was mailing the package, I learned that 39dollarglasses had not put enough postage onto the label to cover the return! They didn't even pay enough postage for me to return two pair of extremely lightweight, flimsy glasses. I had to pay another $5.80 in postage, plus additional fees to track and insure the package. As a point of comparison, I was also returning two packages that were MUCH heavier (each included several heavy jeans and other items); those merchants provided labels that covered all return postage plus tracking/insurance. 39dollarglasses does not deserve your business. Save yourself the hassle and buy your glasses elsewhere.


Company sent the wrong prescription for half the order--2 out of 4 pairs. Refused to refund. Zero phone support, no email support. Chat, if you're lucky. Sure wish I'd researched these guys before I spent $150 bucks. They have no legal corporation in NY state and are not listed with the NY secretary of state as a foreign corporation doing business within the state. They are hiding because of their shady business practices--a typical shell game for internet businesses like this. Can't imagine how they sustain their merchant account with the volume of chargebacks they must receive. They are engaging in fraudulent and deceptive marketing, with no intention of actually delivering a quality product.

  • Do
    Donna May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Husband ordered glasses, they were 84.00, they sent the wrong prescription and after several phone calls and resending the prescription, and returning the glasses, they claim it is the right prescription. They have done nothing to rectify their mistake and have even kept the glasses.

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  • De
    Denise Mar 10, 2009

    I ordered glasses from 39dollar glasses, they were highly reflective on the outside, I had to send them back. I had to pay to get them redone (which I didn't think was fair) and whenever I called their customer service line, no one answered.

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  • Mi
    Mike Woolley Oct 05, 2010

    39 glasses shipped my glasses to New Jersey. I live in Utah. Once I brought this to their attention, they proceeded to ship me the wrong product -- wrong frames. I could not be more dissatisfied with the customer service I received. I would not buy from them again and would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Bad prescription

I got my glasses from 39 dollar glasses and I could not see very well. When I looked through my old glasses I could tell that there was a difference in the lenses. When I called customer service they were more than happy to help me with my problem. They sent me a pre-paid envelope to send the glasses back and were happy to make a new pair for me. It turned out the mistake was mine, I put my prescription in wrong! And they were still happy to replace my glasses!!

slow and wrong

After claiming to have a turnaround time of 3-5 days, my prescription safety glasses took a full 21 days to receive via priority mail (two day mail time). Once I got them, I discovered that my right lens was not properly manufactured (blurred vision). I used a two-week old prescription that I had perfect glasses made from a week earlier. My prescription is simple, BTW.

The lady told me that I must have provided the wrong PD and denied that it could be their issue. I sent the glasses back to the company and they responded with a terse little e-mail stating the glasses passed inspection and they could offer a limited refund minus shipping charges.

These people are inept, rude and should be avoided unless you want to waste time and money. Life is too short to deal with fools, so I'll take my little refund and try to forget.

No glasses, no returned phone calls either

I sent my glasses to 39 Dollar Glasses to have the lenses replaced, and ordered new prescription sunglasse...

Crappy Product and Service

I ordered a pair of eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses from 39dollarglasses.com. The order took twice as long to receive as the comments on the website suggest but I presumed they were creating good product. I was completely wrong as both the tinted and clear glasses had gaps/holes in the lenses were they were improperly cut to fit the frames. There was nothing in the packaging but a receipt. I went online to contact them by email but of course that portion of their website is defunct. I then tried the chat feature and finally got a response after 1.5 hours of waiting in a chat room. The representative could only work from a script and refused to provide an address so that I could directly mail back the glasses. I contacted the BBB and got an email address for the company. I emailed them explaining my disgust with the crappy workmanship and service they provided. I again requested an address to mail the glasses back. A couple hours later I received an email from the same representative who was in the chat room who once again refused to provide an address. However, she informed via email that I can send the glasses back directly to her and she will inspect them for me. Apparently, the chat room representative is also the optician, glass cutter, and lab worker at 39dollarglasses.com. How could anyone miss a gap in the lens that is big enough to put a shoelace through. Avoid 39dollarglasses.com because their service is hit or miss apparently. I learned of them through a blog that strongly pimps their wares but I am not surprised that the blogger doesn't have problems as he advertises and pimps for them so maybe he gets a decent product. I wouldn't recommend every buying from them as I did a google search after the fact and found many complaints. Unfortunately, I trusted the blogger and that is a mistake that I won't make again.

  • Mi
    Mike Woolley Oct 05, 2010

    39 glasses shipped my glasses to New Jersey. I live in Utah. Once I brought this to their attention, they proceeded to ship me the wrong product -- wrong frames. I could not be more dissatisfied with the customer service I received.

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Terrible Customer Service

I have ordered from 39dollarglasses in the past with no problems. I purchased another pair in September but decided to spend the money on a pair of transitions lenses. Shipped out promptly and received promptly. Upon receipt, I did not like the frames on me (how can you truly tell online?) and the lenses never transitioned. Sent them back and was told they passed inspection so they would not be making another pair of glasses. If I wished to replace the frames, it would cost me extra or I could get a refund - but only 70% of what I paid (which was $112). When I questioned whether or not they honored their 100% risk free policy they once had, I never received any correspondence back so I'm assuming they no longer honor it. Shame, because they used to be easy to deal with. What's become of our country? Where is all the customer service? Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Nobody cares anymore. Bottom line: go elsewhere for glasses. It's worth it to spend the extra money in a store. At least you will know for certain that you like the frames.

Total Indifference

I would warn anybody contemplating doing business with 39dollarglasses.com. Their staggering incompetence and total indifference towards their customers is unprecedented.
Below I’ll list an email that is self explanatory.
I find it absolutely impossible to get any sense out of anybody at

I've been trying for six months to pay you some money for an exchange pair
of glasses, and every time I request information I get an answer back that
bears no resemblance to the question I asked. Are you deliberately being
obstructive? What on earth is your problem.

Four emails to half an answer is not acceptable.

You won't find any new orders because I haven't placed an order, and
certainly will not be doing so in the very near future.

I sent a pair of glasses back to you that I did not like. They bore no
resemblance whatsoever to what was being displayed on the web site and were nothing
like what I was expecting to receive.

I sent them back to you for replacement and have been trying to pay you
money ever since. Having tried and failed several times, I cannot go any
further with you and your ridiculous method of not answering your emails and
taking over a week to reply. When you do finally reply the answers bear no
relation whatsoever to the questions I asked or my stated request for

If you persist in jerking me about, you will leave me no choice but to seek
arbitration from the authorities.

I'm going to ask you one more time. Send back the glasses I sent you for

I will not write off the money I sent you because it was supposed to be for
a quality product from a reputable supplier. As you have proved to be
otherwise, I shall make it my duty to see that you are not allowed to
continue trading.

Enough if enough. I refuse to play your games any longer.
Either return my glasses to me in the condition I sent them to you in, or you will leave me no choice to escalate this dispute.

You have exactly 10 days. 21st February 2009.

Even when I did finally receive my glasses back from this rinky-dink outfit, even though no money changed hands, they still stuck the full customs & excise declaration on the package thus forcing me to pay the duty again and claim it back from the customs department. A hassle but not impossible. A hassle I could do without and wouldn’t have been necessary if 39dollarglasses.com weren’t so staggeringly incompetent. The question of course comes to mind: do they do it on purpose?

Deal with this rinky-dink outfit at your peril.


Ordered glasses on January 29th, 2009, sent postal money order same day. They said they recieved it on Feburary 5th, 2009, said posted on February 10th, 2009. This was a duplicate order from a prescription aproximately 6 months prior to this order - nothing had changed with the presription as the prescription is good for 3 years. They stated that they did not have the PD number - WHICH THEY ALREADY HAD FROM THE PRIOR ORDER AND AT THE TIME OF THIS NEW ORDER IF IT WAS NOT IN THEIR RECORDS THEY COULD HAVE ASKED FOR IT. THEY DID NOT. Called on Feb 15th asking where the order was and they said they would have to contact the lab to find out what is going on. Called every day starting Feb 22nd till today Feb 26 - so approximately 9 business days - waited very long on phone and each time they stated how curious the order was and they would email me or call me back righ away with info and would have to check with the lab. Needless to say - no emails - no phone calls - nada. Filed a complaint with the BBS will further file complaints with any regulatory agency that license these people. After 26 days - still no glasses - no phone calls - no emails. I've ordered from this company many times in the last 3 years and no problems but this time it is simply a disaster. I make about $500/month - get food stamps and energy assistance so $50 dollars is like $500 dollars to me or more. I just want my glasses. I've had no glasses since the 1st of Feb. Probably will try to find another low cost providor. They did email me that the scheduled shipping date was yesterday Feb 25th but again no email and I'm not holding my breath - will not be able to get new glasses from another providor till after March 1st. Took me along time to type this as I'm legally blind without my glasses.

  • Co
    Costas Mar 17, 2009

    39dollarglasses.com sent me eyeglasses with the wrong prescription.
    I returned the pair and they have acknowledged that it was indeed the wrong
    I requested a full refund repeatedly.
    They refuse to do so even though they state on their website that they offer an
    unconditional warranty.
    Buyer beware that if something goes wrong you may not be able to get your money

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  • Di
    displeasur3 Jan 29, 2010

    I've been waiting weeks for my order. They keep holding my glasses up on inspection and pushing back the ship date. I attempted calling their local number and found it was disconnected! Not cool! Got no answer on the telephone ... waiting 15 minutes.

    This site came with great reviews, but I am rather displeased so far. If this keeps up I will be speaking to the BBB.

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Placed order by phone on January 29th 2009. They received payment by
US Postal oder and posted February 5th, 2009. After numerous phone calls
and emails to them here is is February 21st, 2009 and still no glasses ...
nor any followup emails by them or phone calls. (Which they said they would do.)

  • Kd
    KDT Mar 21, 2009

    I agree. I placed an order on 2/22/09 and still have not received my glasses and now they will not even return calls or answer e-mai. I am going to cancel my order and dispute the credit card charge UGH!!!

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  • St
    Steve May 14, 2009

    hmm... I love my first pair of glasses from them. Got them quick, too. So I ordered sunglasses from them. That was April 28. Order tracking on their site says they are due to ship May 6. Well, today is May 14 and it is still telling me due to ship May 6. Customer service phone call just disconnected me after waiting 20 minutes. Online service chat replied there are no operators available right now... Yeah, I think in a few more days I'm going to cancel the order and reverse cc payment if nothing gives.

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Bad service

I ran across this company on one of the coupon websites and checked it out. The reviews on resellerratings.com aren't that good but I love a good deal. So I went through the order process and bought a set of aviator prescription sunglasses. In about 2 weeks I had them. They were every bit as good as any pair of glasses that I've bought from an eye doctor. The one big difference is that these prescription sunglasses were under $50 shipped.

Once I received my new shades, 39dollarglasses sent me a $10 coupon code for another pair and on top of that I have $1.76 in credit built up from my previous purchase. $11.76 off of a pair of $39 glasses is a great deal. So I will be getting another set of glasses.

I'm telling everybody about this company. I hope that they can continue to make quality glasses at such a great price. Only time will tell.

horrible service, runaround

Ordered prescription sunglasses last week in July. It's nearing the end of August and they still have...

wrong Rx, unresponsive customer service

Ordered glasses June 24, wrong prescription arrived early July; checked by my opthamologist, returned with notes and their prepaid mailing label. One month later, no info, , phone calls by me produced response that Rx was correct, and they were still holding glasses. 3 days of repeated attempts to resolve produced promises that Mirabel (supervisor) would call. She claims she did. Verizon shows no record of such calls and no voice mails. 4th day was placed on hold for 47 minutes waiting for Mirabel - then was disconnected... sigh. Will make one more try and then try to get my money back!

wrong presciption, clueless customer service

They can't make glasses according to the prescription, they gave me a return label addressed to a prison...

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