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21st Mortgage Corporation Complaints & Reviews

21st Mortgage Corporation / unethical behavior on 9/18/2017

lisac2017 on Sep 18, 2017
On many occasions with this company, I have been harassed and belittled. My family is struggling financially and due to the financial issues has been late on mortgage. I despise calling this company to speak with any of the account specialist, due to their rudeness and unprofessionalism...

21st Mortgage Corporation / insurance proceeds held by lender

Suebug80 on Jun 30, 2017
After many issues with 21st Mortgage over the years, this occurrence was the one that topped all problems with this predatory lending company. 21st Mortgage violated the covenant of good faith and fair dealing by acting with the motive to with hold insurance proceeds to cause default on...

21st Mortgage Corporation / rude customer service

Bonitaann Murillo on Oct 18, 2016
Please listen to conversation on 10-18-2016 @ 4:52pm the rudeness & I had to beg for payment to be taken the harassment that was done during the conversation even threatened to hang up on me before taking payment. I cannot answer questions that I have no answer for. I have exposed this on...

21st Mortgage Corporation / customer service

Reviewer93825 on Jan 28, 2016
This is absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with. They are rude and disrespectful. It's bad enough when life happens, divorce, job loss, sickness and death. If you get a little behind they harass and badger you for payments like you are the ### of the earth. They really...

21st Mortgage / mobile home

Reviewer80127 on Dec 6, 2015
I have had all of the same issues with 21st including them call me a squatter when I was just 3 days late with my payment. I have tried The Better Business route but they just administratively close your complaint without resolving it . If you are tired of being treated like this please...

21st Mortgage / customer service

Rosa P. on Jan 26, 2015
I have a home loan with this company. This past month I was laid off of my job suddenly due to contracting issues (state employee). We have done our best to budget but it has been a problem of course. We have been able to work with other companies and get extensions as necessary and be...

21st Mortgage Corp / unprofessional / rude / poor management

wethepeep on Jul 23, 2014
If you are late on payment these employees will treat you with absolute rude behavior and total disrespect. They will claim they will refuse your payment if you don't agree to what " they " say. They will talk to you like you are a child and they know the way it should be. If you are...

21st Mortgage Co / terrible company

bugaboo5 on Dec 30, 2013
21st Mortgage is the worse company to be with for your mortgage, we lived in our mobile home for 16yrs in the last 2 yrs we had financial issues contacted them to explain, told them that a church was going to help with 300 and we would pay the other part. They called me hounding were wa...

21st Mortgage / rude unprofessional

Jlpsencik on Mar 14, 2013
21st Mortage. Very bad I can't wait till I get away from them. If our payment is due on the 15, they will blow our phones up all day on the 15!! They have asked me in phone conversations how much our light bill is, phone bill, car payments, etc. they think they need to know all thi...

21st Mortgage Co / do not use them

marine_mj51 on Jan 31, 2013
I have had my mortgage with this company since day one. Five years ago we had to file bankruptcy due to medical bills. WE were told by our lawyer to file chapter 7 but we chose to do chapter 13 (I may have that backwards lol) anyway we wanted to pay our creditors because they were our...

21st Mortgage Company / rude and disrespectful

disgusted in KY on Dec 31, 2012
first of all I lost my job 2.5 years ago and have went back to school to try and find employment, I graduated from school with my degree and have started working but our savings went south. I am constantly harassed by this co. They tell me to borrow from friends, family or to sell...

21st Mortgage / rude!

RDuncan1984 on Dec 13, 2012
My husband was approved for a loan through 21st mortgage 6 months ago. We found out in mid November we had bed bugs in our home. I walked to our neighbors home to ask if they had been having any issues with bed bugs or known anyone else in the mobile home area that has had this problem...

21st Mortgage / harassed and belittled

mrs rt on Nov 15, 2012
My son was injured severely in a car accident last year so we have been struggling to make our payments. They had the nerve to tell me my so not being able to walk and possibly having to have his leg amputated was not my problem and I should be more worried about making my payment than my...

21st Mortgage Corporation / payoff

Amesleylynn on Aug 16, 2012
I paid my loan off with 21st Mortgage Corp., but yesterday I got a brand new payment book in the mail. Of course I was told it was a computer error. What if I wasn't aware of my payoff date? LAME!!!

21st Mortgage / calling for our neighbors debt

calling for our neighbor on Jul 16, 2012
21st Mortgage has called our home daily for the past week asking us to contact our neighbor - who is their customer - in regards to her debt. we have zero to do with company & our neighbors debt. the have NO reason to call us. we do not work for them. they state our neighbors FULL name...

21st Mortgage / forclosure

Unhappy Scammed Customer on Mar 26, 2012
21st finally got their wish and my daughter moved out of the trailer she had financed thru them the first week of january. Before the month was over they had someone out here changing locks and at that time I was told I could view the trailer online in one week to see what they were going...

21st Mortage / fraudulent company

nofear735 on Mar 12, 2012
These company made fraud . They made us sign paperwork without letting us know what it said. Due too lack of not knowing english. They also took over my 5 acre land that I had paind in full. I pain down $3000 in downpaymen. I dont know how but they ended with my land. I put 1 acre in the...

21st Mortgage, TN / rude, harrassing, just an all around bad company

NM2012 on Jan 31, 2012
These people are unbelievably rude... As a first time home buyer, we were told that 21st mortgage was the way to go by a local realtor. Should have known when the interest rate came back at 12.5%, but we figured it was a penalty for not having much credit out there. Almost immediately they...

21st Mortgage / they need to be shut down

needshelp2012 on Jan 11, 2012
If anyone can help it would be great. I have had to request (it took 2 yrs for them to comply) in writing that 21st Mortgage stop contacting me via telephone as they were calling and hanging up numerous times in a day; calling people that lived around me and told them about my situation; I...

21st Mortgage / bad loan

rustyhd02 on Jan 9, 2012
About 10 yrs ago I heard a advertisement to refinance my home for a lower rate, That was 21st mortgage, they denied my request. Then next thing I know 21st has bought my loan form Chase !!! Now I have to put up with constant harassment from 21st, they call constantly, sent threatening...

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