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From Sep, 25th to date I'm still sending products back with approximately 1, 500 paid in full. I'm only going to mention received switched products. Sept 25th shirt order # [protected] Oct 6th earrings order # [protected] Oct 23rd 2 shirts order # [protected] Nov 13th T shirt order # [protected] Nov 13th coat
order #[protected]. This also just happen to my friend. This is being done intentionally. My friend tried to get to a higher up management but was unsuccessful. They have Deceptive Advertisement making the product look much better. Their product description that is important to the consumer's decision to buy Zulily's "Features" are "Vague" Example: you look at Nov 5th order # [protected] Leggings display tight fitting, no where in the product description does it let you know these have an elastic waist, there is a difference. If you can't visually see it because the leggings are squeezed into their model, then it should be in the product features. You won't sell as many because most people who wear leggings prefer spandex style. That model represents a spandex style. I've forwarded some of this information to a bait and switch Attorney's office and hopefully this will get the attention of Zulily. If any further information is needed please feel free to contact me. [protected] Thank you
Carlene Heselton

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Apr 17, 2021 10:32 pm

Bait and switch. Advertised as a BOGO and NEVER stated as Buy one get one for equal or lesser value. I ordered a hydrangea which was $231.00, thinking I’m getting another one free. I also ordered a BOGO $23.00 geranium, thinking I was getting another one free. I called about my order after three weeks or so because I noticed only one hydrangea had shipped and I didn’t see a second geranium either. Unfortunately, I was told it was a buy one get one equal or lesser. I said I read the print and it said BOGO which means exactly that. Nothing stating equal or lesser value. We now have to send the hydrangea and geranium back to get a refund...when they come in. They were trying to argue that I chose a hydrangea and a $23.00 geranium as my free one. Seriously! Yesterday, I received a glass cutting board that I ordered from Zulily and it was broken all to pieces because it wasn’t packed properly. A couple of weeks ago, I received the wrong color of foot rail although I selected the proper color.


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