Zorpiais it true or fraud? this is ecobank du mali replay please tell me truth


blogger hany elwakil said...
payment office
to [protected] today at 10:11 am
zorpia promotion office


Dear Mr Hany congratulations once again, please we are very sorry for the long silent just right moment we received a call from the bank this morning that your International cheque is successful and we have brought it right now from bank together with the approval certificate document and also decided to scan the photo copies and show to you so that you will see it for your confirmation.

Please kindly open your attachment file and view the photo copies of your International cheque and the winning approval certificate please kindly view and return back to us immediately, and note the government taxes clearance will be clear for transit security purpose also together with the delivery cost which all is $650 DOLLARS, so right now you are seriously advice to be hurry and rush to the nearest WESTERN UNION to send the fee of $650 DOLLARS immediately so that we will get every thing done to enable you receive your packages of your bank international cheque and the approval certificate document directly to your address without any delay.

Find bellow the information's to send the fee send through western union or money gram, and remember you should hurry to send the payment urgent immediately you read this mail, so that you will pick up your bank CHEQUE very quick in your country and also make withdrawal without any delay, we wait your urgent response.

this is the address to make the payment

senders name………..

receivers name………. ousman emmanuel

city…………………………… bamako

country………………………… mali

mtcn number………………

test question…………………… color

test answer………………… blue

amount…………………. $650 dollars

We will be waiting to hear from you together with the payment confirmation slip to enable the shipment take an executed immediately today and we promise you that as soon as you send the money today your packages will be delivery immediately sending to your address without any delay or hindrance.

direct contact + [protected]
payment promotion
best regards
mr. ousman emmanuel
promotion payment branch office
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eco bank cheque .jpg

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  • Updated by Hany Ibrahim · Oct 26, 2017

    this is zorpia replay .why one month to know if it true or not . you are big name; must tell us the truth .i loose 4000$ till now for this tell me this replay from you .Inquiry Type: Something Else
    Zorpia Equiries
    To Hany Wakel Sep 23 at 9:25 PM
    We wish to inform you that we have received your information and would want to inform you that we have three ways of Remittance of your funds to you as soon possible. The Options is listed below :

    International Bank Transfer (Via Wire Transfer)
    Claims at our Office in the United Sates
    Courier Delivery.
    Please kindly choose one of this options for the Remittance of your funds to you as soon as possible. Please kind send your response to indicate your collection within the next 48hrs, because you only have THREE WEEKS to claim your won fund and after this period, your winning prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you and will be reused in the drawings of the next edition as informed from your Lottery Promoter.
    Your Urgent attention is Kindly Needed.
    Maria Prado

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    We will make our best effort to respond within 72 hours to the email you provide.

    In order that our response is properly delivered to you, please check your email settings to make sure that emails from Zorpia is not filtered or marked as spam/junk.

    Thank you once again for your time and consideration.

    The Zorpia Team (1)
    (2) Dear hanywakel0224,

    Thank you for submitting your inquiry!

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