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Zazzle has a history of mistreating designers, ignoring problems, very poor communication, very little quality control when shipping orders, etc. Evaluate them thoroughly before investing much time in designing there.


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      Dec 20, 2011

    Have to completely disagree. I'm an award winning artist and have several store fronts at Zazzle. IF you know what your doing loading quality files, IF you don't steal other peoples art and try to pass it off as your own Zazzle is a very FRIENDLY and HELPFUL place for artists. Sure it may take a day to get back to you on an issue. They have millions of designers your not their only concern - have some patience. Follow the guidelines and rules and Zazzle is an amazing place for artists. Don't let this person persuade you not to try and make money with Zazzle. (Hey, since I've been there, within a year I became a Silver Pro-Seller and am quickly heading to Gold.)
    How do you do that:
    Good quality images and products.
    Marketing - Marketing - Marketing!
    Have fun bringing in the checks every month!

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      Mar 29, 2012

    I totally agree. Zazzle just sent me a ton of e-mails accusing me of stealing my own work, but they don't say who filed the complaint and what work I copied. I don't know any artist's work that resembles my own. I have won many TBA's and don't need to stoop to stealing. Yet they took down my designs without having the courtesy to ask me about the accusation. This is unbelievably rude and inconsiderate for a company that made 80% commission off my paintings for many years.

    I have multiple saved versions documenting the stages by which each painting was made, but Zazzle never bothered to ask for proof.

    The mass of e-mails they sent me actually accused me of multiple crimes without explaining why.

    Absolutely disgusted.

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      Nov 11, 2013

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