Zazzledon't read emaisl; they lie; ban forum users

X Review updated:

Something is not quite right with this company:

A. Zazzle removes posts in their forum that point out defects in their site such as how products are created, displayed, and searched for. When you include screen shots to prove your point they may alternatively just remove the images from your post, thus making you look stupid in the eyes of other users as this effectively guts the content of your post. Zazzle punishes users who try to make the site better as opposed to saying "thanks" for taking the time to make such posts.

B. Zazzle bans store owners from their forums for making posts that point our problems with their site, products, or questioning their policies. The purpose of store owners making these posts is to make the site better for potential customers and thus generate less defective products and returns and more sales for the store owners and Zazzle.

If Zazzle was a restaurant and you walked in and saw a puddle of water on the floor that other customer's might trip on you would of course bring it to the attention of management. Yet Zazzle's dysfunctional response is to throw you out of the restaurant for fear that another customer might see you talking about the water puddle. I feel like I dealing with “pointy haired” boss from the Dilbert comic strip.

You will receive no warning or other indication that you've been banned – when you go to Zazzle's forum it will be a blank web page, because they've banned your IP.

C. Zazzle will continue to lie to you about your forum ban. I played stupid and sent them an email asking about not being able to see the forum.

They will send a scripted email such as the one below:

“Thanks for contacting the support team at

The difficulties that you are experiencing may be caused by a browser incompatibility, security setting, or the need to download the latest Flash plug-in.

Please perform the following steps to ensure that your system is optimally configured for use with

1. Use up-to-date versions of Zazzle-supported browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox.

a. Windows: Internet Explorer 9.x and Firefox 8.x. Using old versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox can cause a variety of complications.
i. Internet Explorer 9 (Free Download):
ii. Firefox (Free Download):

b. Mac: Use the most recent version of Firefox.
i. Firefox (Free Download):

If you are unable to access any of the recommended browsers, Zazzle also supports the following:

Chrome 16+
Safari 5.1.x
All mobile browsers

2. Clear your private data, cache, and cookies within the web browser application.

a. Internet Explorer 9:
i. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete to bring up the Delete Browsing History menu
ii. Cache is removed by clicking delete files from the Temporary Internet Files section.

b. Firefox (Windows or Mac):
i. From the "Firefox" menu, select "History.”
ii. Select “Clear Recent History.”

3. Adjust security settings and pop-up blockers in your browser, or contact your systems administrator to do so.
a. Lower your security settings to "Medium" or "Default."
b. Add to the list of trusted sites.
c. Disable any pop-up blockers you have in place, or add to the list of sites that can display pop-ups.
d. Disable any spam blockers.

4. Download the most current Flash plug-in.
a. Flash (Free Download):

5. Restart your computer. A sluggish computer can cause problems accessing the website’s full functionality.

Please feel free to write back if your problem persists, and we would be happy to look into it further for you.”

D. They will continue to lie to your about your forum ban and try to pass it off as a technical problem, yet they will then start asking for your IP address in emails. LOL, if I am not banned then why do they need my IP address. Its because they've banned the IP address. A great way to verify this is to access the forum using a proxy. Yep, you guessed it – the proxy hides your IP so you can see the forum, although you can't post with the proxies I've tried so far. They will never admit to you that you have been banned from the forum as they would have to admit to just how sick this company is.

E. Half the time they do not read their emails. Time and time again I send them a detailed email, even with attachments clearly showing the problem, and I get a canned response that has nothing to do with the problem, thus indicating they never read it.

F. They treat store owners like idiots and have a arrogant attitude. They refuse to admit that they make mistakes or have problems with their site. I pointed out a defect in how one of their products was being displayed. I sent them a detailed explanation with pictures, but instead got a reply saying it was all my fault because I did not know how to use their site. I then sent them screen shots of the same products from other store owners – the defect is shown on this product in EVERY store on their site. This the second time I've asked them to fix it as it makes the product look defective to potential customers, but I am treated like an idiot. I feel as if I am dealing with a bunch of “know it alls” who don't listen to the people who actually design things on their site on a daily basis and thus know the defects in their system.

G. When they reply to your emails they delete your previous message so as to prevent you having any proof connecting their reply to the problem you reported.

H. They retaliate against you by cancelling your designs & lie about the design process.

I submitted a postal stamp design, but they rejected it. I wrote back with proof, including pictures. They reversed their decision and asked it to be resubmitted. I resubmitted it and it was cancelled again. Wrote back and asked why. They then said I had to remove a word from the title. Thats a lie because when they approved the design and asked it to be resubmitted it contained no instructions to remove the word in question. Every store owner's acount includes a section called “Revise and Resubmit” where products are held until they are adjusted – they've never used this – they simply send you an automated email and delete your design.

As part of my replies I pointed out several products using the same word, many with gross violations such as using a image of a real person attached to a real person's name. I've heard on other boards about Zazzle not cancelling designs that violate their rules if they are good money makers or the store owner is a large pro seller so I wanted to see what they would do here. I checked the products I pointed out and they were cancelled, which wasn't really my point. My point was that my product was not violating any rules – it was retaliation. Just checked the same category and found 20 gross violations on the first 4 pages, with an additional likely 8-10 likely violations of a trademarked logo. So exactly how do these these designs get approved for stamps when they stomp on my design 4 times and my design does not violate any postal rules? I think they they are employing too many 10-12 year olds to run their site.

I. Their product searching abilities are highly defective.

Store owners are encouraged to add up to 40 tags, or keywords, to their designs, yet only 10 of these are used in actual searches on their site (i.e., power tags). They expect you to utilize search engines such as Google to pick up the additional 30 tags for your Zazzle. Yes, thats makes sense, someone on Google is going to find your product among millions of hits as opposed the far fewer results on Zazzle

Zazzle's reasoning behind not allowing all the tags to be used in searches was due to people spamming their products with unrelated tags (i.e., customers were being diverted to stores with unrelated products simply to get traffic for that store). OK then, the way to fix this is to limit the main Zazzle search box to 10 power tags, but then allow all the tags to be used in the store's own search box. This fights tag spam, but allows customers to search within the store for whatever they want. People who continue to spam with tags will no longer benefit from getting more traffic to their store from the main Zazzle search box and they will only be hurting themselves if customers can't find what they want using their store search field.


  • E
      Feb 14, 2013

    I was lucky enough to read this post befoe the xact same thing happened to me.
    There were some technical issues causing all my products to not appear in my store, so I posted in the forum about it. Quite soon a staff member posted that he was looking into it.
    Being concerned about my new store that I had put days and days of work into, I refreshed my store a lot and the products reappeared, then disappeared a number of times. Thinking this info would be useful to the staff member, I posted a reply in the thread each time letting him know what I. knew. After a while, he posted a very curt response saying I needed to stop posting and chill out.
    I replied that I was only concerned about my store, and that I was very sorry if I was annoying him. (at this point I recalled the story above and promptly made a screenshot of the whole thread).
    I went to check on another thread in the forum and found I had no access. Same with the thread in question. I had been IP blocked by this irate member of staff.
    I tried accessing the forum via an online proxy and there was no issue.
    Now, seeing as I was not rude, nor critical of zazzle at all - this staff member was probably just short tempered and had no patience for me, I am wondering what my course of action should be.
    I could email Zazzle with the whole story, and the screenshot - but would that get me into even more trouble?
    I could wait 3 hours and call them on the phone, would that help?
    Either way, I have some choices to make... I don't want to lose my store, but I feel I have been mistreated and denied an important part of the Zazzle experience.
    Any ideas?

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  • J
      Mar 09, 2013

    I've had a similar experience!!
    I posted about a small technical issue on the Zazzle site, updated that when I discovered some other problems that I thought might be useful for the techies to sort out the problem (that's 2 polite, factual posts); and "Zap" I was banned!
    Are these the actions of a professional business organisation?
    Is this representative of their actual attitude (as opposed to the hyper friendly way they represent themselves in their blurb)?

    @Ed77 -- What did you do? Have you managed to resolve the problem?

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  • G
      Oct 29, 2015

    I too was banned from using forums after expressing frustration and pointing out (constant) technical issues. I have also found them to be very arrogant, as you said. I hate even logging in to my store. It's got a horrible user interface and it never works. What is the point of hitting Save when it doesn't work? I'm a web designer/developer. They don't care what I say.

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