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Zazzle Complaints & Reviews

Zazzle suspicious actions and discrimination to artists

I have been with Zazzle as a artist now for going on 11 years. Have designed many stores with them and have made them hundreds of thousands of dollars just my work alone.

About 6 years ago they started implementing actions that overnight took many of their loyal first time members down in earnings. Mine 3, 000 a month to now barely a 50 dollar threshold pay day. The reason for this partially as I was not well liked at their form by a male moderator that up until the day before Thanksgiving has been stalking me, banning me from the forum now 5 times and not one email showing what I did wrong. I in fact for 6 months was told I was not banned and it was my browser. Well again the day before Thanksgiving just like before with this moderator I get insulted, and I respond and I am banned. My posts and other members posts deleted when they tried to stick up for me and tell this moderator he was out of line what he said to me. Not the first time, in fact I have the emails and posts asking him to leave me alone.

My husband is going on 77 years old, and last year they sent us a email saying our 12 step graphics after 10 years were copyrighted. They knew very well they were not as when we started with them that was made clear to them that they were Public Domain. Since then the A.A. logo and use of the name has now been copyrighted and we have no problem with that. But they took down in 3 days 1304 of my products, and hospital posters which took me 10 years to promote to the level they were and consistent income. Even after finding out after I had A.A. World Services in NY contact them, they refused to reinstate but 3 of the 1304 they removed. For 3 days my email was flooded with hundreds and hundreds of take down notices, each item receiving notice they removed. My husband ended up in the Urgent care with chest pains as although we called, we emailed we begged them to stop they ignored us.

Since then they have pretty much continued their quest to ruin us and have. There are some very suspicious things going on a this company. One of them is their referral stripping. At one time we made a decent amount of their affiliate program. However they stopped our bonus program claiming it was just that a bonus and subject to being removed at any time. And since then most of our referrals are stripped using whatever form they are, with emails, even all the way to check out. I can refer a item and within minutes to a day or two get a sale on it. The cookie is suppose to last 90 days or so, it changes so don't quote me, but it always for me anyway comes back hijacked as a 3rd party sale. Something wrong in my opinion with a company that has a affiliate program and is also affiliating their own products, seems like a conflict of interest which should be carefully audited by a outside source like the IRS to make sure they are not using software like stealware and getting these referrals legally, if they are allowed at all.

I am not alone. After again being banned the other day, I received over 20 emails from angry artists that have become like a family in 11 years many that posted and were deleted, many who also feel they are being targeted after years and years of loyalty and sales that made this company.

I think it would behove someone to really look into things at Zazzle. The average age of the employee's there is mid 20's and they seem to be running the show, with either the owners unaware, or not caring.

I have pondered sending all my posts of the last years to them, but we are talking thousands, and/or just the insulting ones to me when asking a question and mocking my memory and intelligence to other members. Also I have asked for proof of one post I did that warranted the multiple time I was banned from their forum which I use to promote now cannot and chat with other members.

This time they used the excuse I posted a email I received from them about this moderator stalking me. The email had 5 people in the CC line when I got the answer back, and nothing about it being private. In the forum I did not say who it was from. The reason I posted it is this. It told me that from now on the moderators have been instructed not to answer me, and want me to get any answers from the members (something in that order) not word for word, so I posted it as now I had no way to get help without the members, and sooner or later I would have to tell them when the moderators ignored me per their instructions. I replied back and said so I get punished because your moderator insulted me? I then was banned.

I am up in the air on what to do, . I still have my stores with them, but sales have been destroyed for personal reasons. Oh and let me also point out. Not one other store on Zazzle selling the same niche as me was targeted, until I insisted the ones breaking copyright laws either be removed or I would contact the owners of A.A. Copyright. I was given disparate treatment still am, and hope someone looks into this company as they have hurt so many of us.

Thank you for the venue to do this.

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    • Updated by Bob Tinker Mellinkoff · Nov 26, 2017

      I wanted to add. I now fear more retaliation for posting this here. They would not work with me, my husband and I are both seniors just trying to make extra to exist. I have been loyal send probably a hundred or more artists to them, and have over and over thanked them and it appears unless you have no concerns your welcome, but question anything and your now on a list. I need this income, this was not easy to have to do, but they have not been forthright with us artists and make us do things to keep our status that some have to work all day to keep up with for fear of losing their rankings and sales. I belong to 9 other companies doing the same thing and have never seen anything like this anywhere, where moderators bark out orders and if you do not like it end up like I have and many others. Thank you

    Zazzle envelope productions/no eta/past delivery date

    I was told I'd have a delivery by Tuesday, I just now got off the phone with customer service and they said they have no ETA as to when anything will be finished because they have switched production companies. How in the world is there no ETA? These are for my wedding, I'm on a time frame. I was given an ETA when I ordered and paid, it wasn't met, and when I called to get an ETA they weren't able to give me one at all. Literally zero information. I was never even told there was going to be a production issue, I never got any kind of email indicating that my order might be delayed. I cannot even describe how unacceptable this is.

    I literally planned my entire save the date sweet around the color of our photos and pattern of the envelope. It might sound trivial, but I custom ordered for a reason (it's my wedding for goodness sake) and I find it completely unacceptable that no information is available to me about when or even IF my order might arrive. I'm absolutely shocked at the terrible service I have received thus far around the issue.

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      Zazzle absolutely unreliable

      This was the last time I ordered something from them. What a terrible customer service they have!!!
      I didn't receive my order, so I started calling them. And every time they tell me the same story that it will be shipped soon.
      Oh yeah? Then why haven't you actually shipped it before? It's been a month and you are going to ship it now? It's so stupid of you.
      I really don't care you have many orders. What do you expect from me?
      A complete understanding? No way. If you can't do your job properly, hire more people or don't do anything at all. But stop making excuses for not sending orders, because it's ridiculous.

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        Zazzle very upset

        I usually ordered from them and had no problems, don't know why they actually occurred, but I couldn't leave it with no attention. I ordered business cards from them on 8.23 and still haven't received them yet.
        Every time I call them to ask my questions they give me different stories and excuses, but nothing decent that could explain it. I'm so disappointed. It seems that everything is fine until you encounter a real problem and their customer service is unable to do something. I am very upset...

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          Zazzle business cards order

          Ordered business cards and was given a 2 week delivery date (which I feel is extremely long). After 2 weeks I checked the status of production and delivery, only to find out that the cards weren't even started on yet. They apologized and said they will be made within 2-3 days, and they'll upgrade my shipping to overnight for the inconvenience. Well I waited 5 more days only to find out that the cards still weren't made. Finally, I decided to cancel the order. A complete waste of time and an absolute horrible experience.

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            Zazzle — refusal to resolve ongoing technical issues

            Zazzle does not provide a stable working platform to designers as promised. Stores ‘disappear’; product...

            Zazzle shirt order

            Ordered 8 customized t-shirts on May 13th and received an order confirmation stating that the delivery date would be between May 22-24. We would be going to Disney on June 8th so I was anticipating the shirts would be here on time, no issues. On June 1st, after not receiving them, I called Zazzle's customer support. The woman I spoke to could give me no reason as to why I had not received them and told me she would look into it and to check back next week. It almost sounded as if the order was never started. I emailed them on June 7th after still not receiving the shirts and requested a cancellation of my order. After several confusing correspondences through email (one email stated that my order had been cancelled, another stated that my order could not be cancelled) I was notified by a family member that was back at home that a Zazzle package came. Once we returned and I looked in the package I had only received 7 of the 8 shirts, and one of those 7 was not even personalized as ordered! Again I emailed this company, voiced my frustration and disappointment, and requested a full refund as 1) I was not satisfied with the experience, 2) I did not receive all shirts as ordered, and 3) I did not receive them in the delivery window that Zazzle said they would be delivered in. I returned all shirts I received (again I only received 7 of the 8 ordered) and once my refund came through just a few days ago, I only recieved a partial refund!!! I paid $191.27 for this horrible experience and Zazzle had the audacity the refund me $143.28!!! That is $48 missing from what I paid! How they even came up with this number I have no idea. This is by far the worst consumer experience I have ever had. I have been ordering through Amazon for years (multiple times per month) and have NEVER had an experience like this. Amazon has some of the best customer service and Zazzle by far has the worst.

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              Zazzle.com — zazzle black membership

              Same thing happened. I tried the 30-day free trial of their black membership and ordered a mug. The next day...

              Zazzle crappy quality business cards

              I am an extremely disappointed first-time customer of zazzle. First of all, I placed my official order for 3 sets of business cards on 13/04/17 and when they finally arrived yesterday (15/05/17) I noticed on my receipt that the “order date” said 04/05/17.

              After numerous attempts at trying to get in contact with zazzle to find out where the hell my cards were, it took over a month for them to be delivered to me. Certainly not a good first impression. 

to make matters worse, the real reason why I am fuming out my ears at this total lack of professionalism, I open up my business cards in anticipation, expecting them to turn out the way I ordered them (Is that too much to ask?!) - and yet my hopes were completely diminished when I saw what happened to my business cards - poor printing of my headshots and space between the photo of my headshot and the edge of the card - how can you look at what you did to my cards and happily post them off to me thinking I would be okay with this? If they don't look like what I ordered, then it is not what I ordered. Extremely disgruntled - absolutely embarrassed by what has happened here. Terrible service.

              The printing was just crap. On the back side of my business cards, it looks as if they double printed my headshot and so on every single card, there is an extra bit of my head showing on top of the actual head shot - the pictures will explain what I mean. Just ridiculous. After waiting over a month and receiving no updates on whether my product is actually being shipped to me - as a first (And last) time customer, I have no plans on recommending zazzle to anyone - i'll go to vistaprint next time. Anyone but zazzle.

              This is ridiculous and completely unfair. I paid for a service and the service was incredibly unprofessional in terms of communication and product quality, so why should I have to fork out more money?! I just wanted some nice looking business cards the way I ordered them. So regretful.

              I want a full refund.

              crappy quality business cards
              crappy quality business cards
              crappy quality business cards

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                Zazzle pouf

                I ordered 2 poufs from Zazzle. The quality was terrible and the color beige had a pink tone to it. Yes they will take it back as long as I pay the shipping which went to San Jose from Naples. It cost me $114 to ship them back...they sent these from North Carolina. So I am out $114 for shipping when the product is not what the picture represented. I would never do business with them again.

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                  Zazzle — crappy printing and worse customer service!

                  I have had a Zazzle store since they began printing T-Shirts and have generally been pleased with their...

                  Zazzle — zazzle content review team

                  I am an angry Zazzle designer. I’ve been with Zazzle since 2011 and have two stores. I know the guideline...

                  Zazzle products being sold with stolen designs

                  Please have this taken down immediately. I created this piece of art.
                  The design im referring to is - kerala mural vintage hindu deity metal ornament. This being sold by vanwinkle. Also noticed that i'm not the only artist who's a victim of this, already a comment about a similar incident. This seller needs to be blacklisted!

                  Also I need to know how many products were sold with this design. I demand a compensation!

                  My contact details are below -

                  Shigil narayanan


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                    Zazzle 65th birthday invitations

                    on 3/29 i ordered 20 of you cute 64.95 cards. i did not want it filled in, i 2qw going to do that. at any rate i paid over 44.00 to have these cards expressed to me, i paid over 71.00 for cards i was filling in myself.
                    i have not yet received them and it is april 3rd.

                    i no longer need the cards as it was promised 2 days, and it wasn't even customized!!!
                    i see you had no problem processing you fee for the cards in a timely matter, but i counted on them, or i wouldn't have paid all that postage!!
                    i wish to receive a full refund on this order since nothing was printed on the cards. its a real shame, they were cute, now don't have them for my husbands special part.
                    ORDER NO.[protected]
                    LINDA GOLD [protected]@hotmail.com

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                      Zazzle — personalized paper plates

                      Re: Order ID:131-[protected]-3175569. Standard &. Order ID:131-[protected]-7075205. Standard I received my order...

                      Zazzle invitation cards

                      I have ordered 30 invitation cards from Zazzle and received my order in a timely manner. Cards were lovely, but unfortunately two of them were damaged. I contacted Zazzle immediately and asked for a replacement and they said that they were not able to replace only two cards.
                      They said that the only thing they could offer was to place a new order! Are you kidding me?? Why would I order a whole new set if I wanted to get only two cards replaced!?
                      I regret the day I found Zazzle and decided to use their service. These people simply don't respect their customers and they are not ready to help!
                      They gave me nothing but headache and almost ruined my wedding!

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                        Zazzle business cards/printing error

                        I ordered 100 business card from Zazzle online, order #ID 131-[protected]-2508605 on 11/12/2016 to be shipped to my present residence in Brazil.
                        The cards werde received with errors on the back.
                        Customer Support arranged for a replacement. However, the replacement was shipped with exactly the same error again.
                        I contacted customer service by e-mail again. Received apologies and a
                        second replacement was ordered which I received today, 02/22/2017, however, again with the same error.
                        Three shipments with the same printing error.

                        business cards/printing error
                        business cards/printing error

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                          Zazzle these guys have the worst service ever!

                          I have purchased personalized invitations from Zazzle and was very disappointed with the result. I did not like the quality and the whole thing in total and when I contacted Zazzle and told them about that they replied in a rudely manner. I asked the to fix everything and do as I asked them but they refused and claimed they already did everything they could. Then I asked for a refund but they said no. These guys have the worst service ever! Not only quality of their work is poor, but they also have nasty and rude employees. I would never recommend them to anyone, I'm sure there are better companies out there who treat their customers with respect.

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                            Zazzle my order didn't arrive

                            I bought two t-shirts from this site and my order was made in mid November. One shirt was for myself and the second one was a Christmas present for my brother. They said that my order will arrive between 20-24 December but it did not show up and is still missing. When I contacted Zazzle support for the first time they said that I have nothing to worry about and when I contacted them for the second time they simply didn't reply. I hope I'll get my order soon and I will not buy anything from them again. Very unprofessional service and sipping takes way too long.

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                              Zazzle no thanks zazzle!

                              I have ordered two bags from this site as Christmas presents over three weeks ago. Several days later I received a message from Zazzle stating that only one bag was left in stock, so they shipped only one and promised I'll get a refund for the second bag. Recently I got another message that they cancelled my order because nothing was available. Previous time they claimed that at least one bag was already on its way. You can see that Zazzle is definitely a scam! I would not recommend buying from them. I'm out of money and have no presents. No thanks Zazzle!

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