Zaxbysservice/ employees

G Sep 13, 2018

Went to zaxbys today on 1660 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621 & was gonna eat in but ask I was asking questions I kept getting very rude attitude from one employee. But I ignored it & continued with my positive day. But then I was talking to my friend I was with about an option on the menu & she had got really smart & I responded with "I was talking to my friend " & she rudely turned around to where her co workers & one other lady at cash register could clearly hear cause I heard it loud & clear & said "I thought" as if I had her messed up if I was talking to her ... regardless of customers give hard time or not I've work at several restaurants & you never give attitude your suppose to serve everyone with a smile & whatever they please in a reasonable manner !! It was so rude & I could NOT. Blevins that's how she decided to handle situation & then I did say something back to her & she came up to the counter & acted like she was about to jump over it while the cashier held her back ! If that's how y'all serve people & do business they need new workers ! & need to be fired !

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