J Aug 16, 2018

on 8/14/2018 I purchased a pair of pants from the Thousand Oaks, CA location, store #9887. On 8/15/2018 I attempted to wear them and they ripped in two spots near the top right belt loop. Frustrated with the faulty product, I took them back to try and return them at the same location the very next. While doing so, I noticed that the other pair of the same pants was also ripped in the same spot that mine tore at. This led me to believe that Zara is selling a faulty product. When trying to return my purchase, after explaining the situation to the manager, Martin, he stated that he would not return them, claiming I wore them. However, I did not wear them. I attempted to and when I went to put them on, was when they ripped. I am very upset for I I could not even wear them. I do not understand why Zara would sell faulty products and refuse to return them. This left a very negative taste in my mouth and I do not understand how the manager could also be so rude about the situation. I simply purchased a product that was clearly poorly made and would like my money back for this purchase. Yet they are refusing to do so. Zara does not stand behind their product and displays horrible customer service. As an employee of the mall, I understand that if I sell a faulty product, the customer should not have to suffer because of that. Yet Zara does not believe the same ideal. Never shopping with this company again. I just want my money back for a faulty product I purchased.

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