Zandoitem not delivered

V Jul 10, 2019

I ordered a pair of shoes, a scarf and a hang bag from Zando and paid for the items towards the end of June. However, upon delivery 2 days later, I only received the shoes and the scarf. No handbag in sight. I immediately called them and they said their system says the bag was delivered but they will make an enquiry. Since then, 2 weeks down the line, they keep telling me they have sent an email to the supplier and that I should get feedback by the end of the day. It has been the same story everyday and this was quite a price handbag so the least they can do is give me my money back. They don't even call me, I have to keep phoning them and some of the agents are so rude, they just hang up on me. This has to be the worst online customer service I have ever received. Absolutely disappointing.

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