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Refund for Order no: [protected]

I'm very frustrated by the BAD SERVICE I have received from ZANDO.

I placed an order (No: [protected]) on the 22nd of January 2020 and it was NEVER delivered. I called mid-February and was told the driver couldn't find me YET I was home the whole week because I was booked off sick.
The agent confirmed my details and promised my order will be delivered and STILL it wasn't. On the 24th of February 2020 I got an email to say my order has been delivered and STILL it wasn't I called and spoke to GCOBANI who advised that the order was back at the warehouse and finance department will process a refund….

Today AGAIN on the 02nd of MARCH 2020 I called and spoke to MISHKAH FREDERICKS who said she has requested the warehouse to update the status of my order so that my refund can be processed WHICH STILL HASN"T.
I will escalate the matter to my attorney as I'm being sent from pillar to post, you guys are supposed to IMMEDIATELY EXPEDITE THE ISSUE OF MY REFUND DUE TO THE INCONVINIENCE CAUSED because it's now almost 3 months. Why can't the status of my order be updated immediately? Regardless of the departments…..
Why must I still wait for another 7-10 working days for my refund whereas I'm the one inconvenienced?


Poor service

I was the biggest fan and customer till recently when I tried to place an order on the 10/02/2020 regarding method of payment. I used to get different options of payment but now it automatically select for me credit card payment and it doesn't give me options to change. I've been calling and sending emails to get assistance but never got any response for my emails and nobody answers the phone except for the answering machine. I am so disappointed in Zando


I ordered something but cancelled it the same time, zando ships my item after 5 days despite me cancelling the same time.
Item arrives a week later.
I then had to wait another 16 days for the guys to pick up the stuff

It is now gone well over a month and still no refund or feedback
Contact no - [protected] does not work at all
No body till this day has contacted me or sent me an email after leaving multiple messages to refund me

Give me my [censored]ing refund please will never buy or recommend this site to anyone period!

service and product

What a poor refund system Zando has. I ordered a shoe and the shoe came damaged, so which means Zando does not do quality checks on their items if they despatch damaged items. The shoe was collected on the 31 January 2020 and I have not being refunded. Everytime you call Zando there's always an excuse, the package has not arrived at the warehouse, the item still needs to be quality checked (why wasn't it quality check on despatch) crazy, the item is approved for a refund but the refund has not being approved. What poor poor service from Zando, I will not order from Zando in a hurry, they are plenty more stores that offer online shopping with far better service, wake-up Zando and improve your service.

my order has not arrived

Good afternoon

I have order some items 2 weeks back the estimated time arrival was 07 February 2019

Instead I received wrong order on the 3/02/2020, I send an email to [protected] on the 4/02/2020 about the order still today no response, and again I have tried to call the customer service no answer
I will be glad if I can get the refund of my original order and collect the wrong order you delivered

the order number [protected]

non-delivery and refund due to me

Order no: [protected]... Zando is the worst online shop ever. The first time I buy and the last and I am not going to recommend even a cat to buy from this online shop. I since...

refund of my money

On 17/02 i placed an order through Zando's online app. Some of it was cash and some through a voucher. The order was late (first of all), it was scheduled for delivery 24/12, however it only arrived 31/12. I then tried the shoes on and they did not fit me. I then notified Zando of this immediately and requested a return. I followed up numerous times, tried their phone, that just rang. Finally on 13/01 my order was collected. I was informed that this could take between 4-8 business days for the order to be received at their warehouse and to be processed. On 22/01 (after 8 working days) I followed up regarding my refund. I was then informed (after a few emails of me begging for a reply) on 23/01 that the return had been finalized and that my refund would be paid within 7 business days. Well on 03/02 (7 business days, which is when I should have received my refund BY), I still have not received this and have followed up, with no reply or refund. Zando are also not refunding me in cash, and are forcing me to use their services again due to them paying me back in a voucher.

unethical behaviour

I placed an order on the 17th Jan 2020. two of the items I ordered arrived on the 20th Jan. the rest only arrived a week later. after calling to confirm they told me for some reason they have done it that way. I have been in contact via FB on 20th and 24th I also sent emails to the email services and never received any feedback. I have since phoned about trying to get my order confirmed as delivered on the
24t Jan
28th jan
30th Jan
31st Jan
3rd feb
now again 04 January.
I have sent numerous emails again and still no response. I have a parcels that need to be returned but according to them they are still being delivered. Tehy keep telling me that the problem lies with the delivery department they will update in the next 10 minutes. Never happens. I have logged a return for the one parcel they marked as delivered and now it won't move past the processing the return. They are not doing anything to help but ignoring the client their behaviour is completely unethical and wrong that they should be treating customers in such a way. Since thier upgrade which took longer than it was supposed to was done they have really dropped the ball with customer service. today the calls to the call center keep dropping I have sent another email to them today.
I just want to return the products and get my money back in full. I will not be supporting them again.
I am waiting almost a month to confirm my order and get my money back from them. They are doing nothing to help me.

return stolen, never received nor credited

458006 Returned faulty tekkies middle nov and I am still waiting for my credit to be finalised??? What about the quick turn around time on returns...??? Then I receive email responses to...

my refund

I have returned an item on the 11th of December and i still haven't received an update on this item or even my refund. Its been almost a month now. I have sent several emails to zando but no reply and i have also tried to call but the number is always busy. I'm not sure of zando has now become a scam company but its vwry difficult to get through them.

no delivery made

I placed an order of black sissy boy court heels and made a payment on the 06/12/2019, today is the 04/01/2020 and I am yet to receive the order. Tried contracting the customer care line twice but after holding for a consultant for so long it has still been in vain because i still haven't received anything depsite a promise for delivery on the 23/12/2019. I honestly feel violated.

late delivery, no answer call centre

This place doen't seem to be legit as I am still waiting for my delivery almost a month now . Call centre not answering at all and email are returned with automatic email giving a reference no. I do not recommend this company as promises are not kept an the service is really bad...actually to say the is no service.10 emails, 6 telephone calls none answered but hold on for almost half hour...where can I get answers


Since I ordered on the 1st of Dec and they say it takes 3 to 5 working days bt they said because of black Friday it might take longer so I had no stress with it and now my order is nowhere to be found I tried calling customer service bt no ans I emailed no response on Facebook still the same, so I am not happy with the service I get from them they should at least try to communicate with me


So in the true Black Friday spirit I went on to Zando to purchase some shoes. I had trouble with the card payment facility as the server didn't approve my mastercard. I figured no big deal and chose the EFT payment method instead. Everything seemed fine and on my account, an order was shown. The next day I was told that my order had been cancelled and my items weren't available. I figured it was an honest mistake and given the busy time I just requested a refund.

On Sunday I decided to try again. I ordered three pairs of shoes, chose the EFT method due to the card issues and went ahead. Nedbank gives an automated email and I went ahead and sent it through with my order number just in case it didn't show up on the email. On Monday I get a payment email, I forward the proof of payment email to that email address and the email address of customer service and am assured that the matter would be resolved. Tuesday I get the same email and at this point I react as a dissatisfied customer and email my email thread of proof of payment and ressponses thereof to every email address from Zando that's emailed me. Needless to say I get no response.

Today, on Wednesday I decide to call in, to be fair Langa didn't deserve the angry response he got. But in any case, he realised that the problem was that on my proof of payment the order number reference wasn't there, but my issue is that I mentioned the order number in almost every single email. Why couldn't this just have been picked up before? Now that the issue had been found, turns out my items were no longer available despite the Zando policy that your items will be held for 5 days before being automatically released back into stock.

Needless to say twice bitten, forever shy. I'll never shop here again. But apologies to Langa for my reaction, just got good service too late.

late delivery and no communication of delivery

The order was confirmed 8 days ago on the 12 November.

I got no details indicating when it would be delivered, never received a tracking number or any delivery updates.

Upon logging into my account portal which is so badly maintained and run, it showed my parcel was being shipped from CPT to JHB, this was on the 14th.

I still haven't received any tracking details or any emails or SMSes with status updates regarding my parcel.

I waited for the 5 working days for my parcel to arrive and to no surprise, it did not arrive. I then mailed support. No reply, my parcel arrived the next day and the delivery man got lost. This is literally the worst service I have ever received from Zando!


return of purchase

RETURN [protected] | ORDER [protected]
I requested a return on 04/11/19 for collection on Wednesday [protected]) and today is the 13th of Nov 2019 and no one has picked up my parcel nor contacted me to arrange a pick up. On 7/11/2019 I emailed customer support and was told by Zodwa Nyanda it takes 2-4 working days for the couriers to come and collect the items. 11/11/2019 I lodged a complaint with Zando that I am yet to receive feedback on. 12/11/2019 I called the customer support telephone line and was told that on their system it showed that my return had been collected which is untrue because I still have the parcel in my possession. This whole process has been tedious and Zando is very lax with their return process but very quick to accept orders and payments. I am highly disappointed in the service and lack of assistance. It's my first return and has been a horrible experience. I am not making any more purchases on the site because their return process is a mess.

incorrect shipping / still waiting for my item

I ordered my item on the 7th October, once delivered it was in fact the incorrect item. I then reported it, after much backwards and forwards of communication. I was requested to submit pictures of the item I received. Which I did. I was then told sorry policy is that we have to arrange a collection of this item, once it arrives at our warehouse, they will inspect it and then they will then arrange to have my correct item delivered. The incorrect Item was eventually collected from me on 24th October, It's now the 31st October and I am STILL waiting for my item to be delivered. I have received NO communication upon requesitng an update on when I can expect my parcel. I find the service at Zando completely and utterly shocking. There is in fact NO customer services. I WANT MY ORDER!!!

website display

Good Day, I have been having trouble viewing items on your website because of the white background. it makes it extremely difficult to view white items of clothing or white shoes because the background is white as well. please could you look into changing the background to something darker when viewing white items?

I have attached a picture as example.

Thank you.

website display

refund item never collected

I requested a refund from Zando ([protected]) on 4 September 2019 and 8 days later no one has contacted me to arrange for a collection of my item.

I have made 2 inquiries to Zando's call centre already and every time they just say they will follow up with an email.

This is very pathetic service and no one seems to care to sort out the problem and in the meantime I am stuck with an item I cannot use.

  • Updated by phoenix1982 · Sep 12, 2019

    I requested a refund from Zando (300176393) on 4 September 2019 and 8 days later no one has contacted me to arrange for a collection of my item.

    I have made 2 inquiries to Zando's call centre already and every time they just say they will follow up with an email.

    This is very pathetic service and no one seems to care to sort out the problem and in the meantime I am stuck with an item I cannot use.

order #[protected]

good day

i placed an order dated 13/08/19, i received an sms confirming the delivery that would take place to my work premises on the 16/08/19, i was anticipating the delivery as i normally get my orders promptly, To my dismay nothing was received by lunch time, i made contact with our work mail room and they confirmed nothing was received

i then called the courier partner you use as i received an email stating there was no contact number which i do not understand as i have made numerous purchases from you, they promised a delivery for Tuesday and that did not happen either, i called them again today and im being further inconvenienced as they saying the delivery men are already out.

this interaction ive had with you has really dampened the way i use to regard Zando and i am now considering using the competitors as the service ive received has been nothing but appalling

appalling customer service

I ordered boots on the 10/07/2019 at 08.54am, and paid an extra amount for 2 day delivery. I then received an email confirmimng the shipping on tghe same day at 15:02. My delivery was supposed to take place on the 12/07/2019 and nothing arrived, no communication either. I called the contact centre on the 15/07/2019 at 9:30am to get told that they do not know where my order is, the courier company doesnt know either. Then i was told they would contact me after their investigations. i then contacted the call centre again myself later on during the day and they still could not provide any feedback. Then I requested for my order to be cancelled and for my money to be refunded. Today 16/07/2017 still no contact i decide to call the contact centre to find that nothing has not been done with my request, and my refund is not yet processed. I have now spoken to Nomfundo Madlala who is the manager, she has told me she will call me in 30min. As i wait...


Good day

I logged a refund last week for a shoe i bought online. Its been a week now still i have not recieved my funds. No one has contacted me from Zando to explain where my money is.

The order appears like it was refunded but funds have not reached my account.

How long does it take for funds to be refunded?? Why is it taking so long??

I need this matter resolved ASAP


item not delivered

I ordered a pair of shoes, a scarf and a hang bag from Zando and paid for the items towards the end of June. However, upon delivery 2 days later, I only received the shoes and the scarf. No handbag in sight. I immediately called them and they said their system says the bag was delivered but they will make an enquiry. Since then, 2 weeks down the line, they keep telling me they have sent an email to the supplier and that I should get feedback by the end of the day. It has been the same story everyday and this was quite a price handbag so the least they can do is give me my money back. They don't even call me, I have to keep phoning them and some of the agents are so rude, they just hang up on me. This has to be the worst online customer service I have ever received. Absolutely disappointing.

shoe products are of poor quality

I purchased a boot last year while it was on special, it is a winter boot. As winter arrived this year, i started wearing the boot. I got basically 4wears out of the shoe before the stitching came loose. It was collected, and i was told that it was wear and tear. Which ultimately means that the boot has a life span of 4wears?

Not to mention the shoe which I had also gotten from Zando this year, the heel was a problem. Because I had already sent the boot back, I thought that i would rather take it to my shoe maker, of which my shoemaker told me that it cannot be fixed because the heel itself is faulty.

Customer service is a waste of time, including Ameer, one of the people who responded to me... but only to confirm that their shoes have a limited lifetime. I will no longer purchase from Zando ever again. Their quality has been downgraded, and i will ensure to pass this message on to all. Dont be scammed by their quality

not responding to email/not sorting out issues when you contact them

Good Morning,
A order was place in April 2019, till today i have not yet received the order .After numerous calls and emails it was said i will get a refund (store voucher) its almost end May and still nothing, I have sent emails without any reply, i have contacted the service centre and no one seems to do what needs to be done This is realy bad as the order was paid for already.
So why not just give my money back

exchange sale item rule not clear

I bought a sweater, in any shop rules will be you can exchange within 2-3 days, if no size or item available on same brand, you can exchange it with another but if higher price...

product quality and poor customer service

I wouldn't wish anyone to experience terrible service that I have been receiving from Zando. In this 21st century it is unthinkable that such bad customer service still exists, unacceptable! I purchased a Cap worthy more than R500 on the 25th of November 2018 and it was delivered to me extremely late on the 14th of December 2018 after they promised to deliver within 3 days. However I let it go, only if I knew my nightmare wasn't about to end, the same product I'd wear it for less than a month and it has lost colour and I have contacted their call centre and it hasn't not taken me any where really as I was told it's all my fault I was suppose to follow washing instructions and I requested those instructions, I was told the factory policy doesn't allow them to disclose such information. Such a disappointment! Very bad! Terrible!

poor customer service

I have ordered from Zando several times. The first time went smoothly and I was happy with my purchases. Ever since, however, I have been disgusted with their level of customer service. My parcels keep getting delayed, I didn't receive discount coupons in the promised 24 hours. They are ridiculously slow at responding to emails. My latest order took more than two weeks to arrive, and then it arrived without one of the items. On the app, the item's status is 'delivered'. I emailed the next day and am still waiting for a response. Also, much of the information in their product descriptions is incorrect.

I don't think I will ever use them again, nor will I recommend them to others.

product/service I am complaining about...

458006 I placed an order 22nd Dec, payment went through and received confirmation via app. 5 minutes later, received email saying order cancelled as no payment received. I emailed...

zero customer service

I placed an order on Sun, Dec 16 and made sure all the items were listed as in stock. I'm going away for holiday on Monday 24th Dec and won't be back for 3 weeks. So I want to...

worst online experience ever

I placed my order on the 11th of December, in time to have it delivered before Christmas. I tried to track the order but it is impossible as it has not even been processed on...

non delivery/lack of response

Placed an order with Zando on 3 December, used a voucher and paid the rest with my card, the order number is [protected], since the status on their tracking has not updated to...

non delivery

I placed an order on 17 November. I was given the incorrect size and the item was picked up and returned to the warehouse. To date I have not received my order. I called the call centre on 13 December and was advised that there is a delay at the warehouse and that my I will get my delivery the next day. Nothing yet!!!
I am not the line now with your customer care consultant for almost an hour and get told that the item I ordered is sold out. If I did not call to check my order when was I going to get told this???. I have been calling since the 13th and only get toldn this today the 19th. Pathetic service
My order number [protected]. I want a refund for my item and for the incovience of constant calls made to your customer care number

  • Wi
    Wilma Mouton Dec 20, 2018

    The same happened to me!!! I am still waiting for order #202418157 I’ve order on 04 Dec. It is so frustrating, no one pick up the phone no reply on emails!! Most terrible service I’ve ever experienced 🥵

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  • Ma
    Masala Rambani Dec 28, 2018

    I placed an order on 25 Dec paid then 2 minutes later got an email that says my order has been canceled yet my bank statement shows that funds went to ZANDO... What's more frustrating is that they don't pick up their phone... I'm so Disgusted with their service

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delivery. lack of response

I placed my order and have been waiting for it for 2 weeks. I send 2 emails got no response not even acknowledgment or apology.I inbox on facebook still no response or...

order not received

I placed an order with Zando on 22nd November. I was sent a message the order was dispatched on 4th December, I still haven't received my order. I have tried calling spending...

lack of customer service

Placed an order on the 2nd December. Received email confirmation on order and received sms confirmation on 7 December that my order will be delivered. I then received an email on the 7th saying my order would arrive on the 12 December. I call their "customer care" line numerous times (15+ minutes) at a time waiting for a non existent answer. I have mailed asking when delivery would be made as I won't be available at the delivery address from tomorrow afternoon and the item ordered was for a birthday gift - you just get an automated response with no real answer.

Your customer service is really pathetic.

payment made, order not logged!

I placed an order on the 2nd of December, using voucher and paying the excess with my credit card. Payment went through and the vouchers, but they ever logged my order. I don't even have an order number. I have sent countless of emails including proof of payment and have been on hold on their helpline for ages, using up all my airtime. I am beyond frustrated!!!

none delivery of goods purchased

On the 26th of November I placed 3 orders on Zando and on the 7th of December i got notified that my orders have been shipped and on the 10th of December i only received only one...


This is the MOST frustrating company to deal with!! I have sent numerous emails and have tried to phone them 10 times today - each time holding on for more than 15 minutes - they...

late delivery

I ordered two items from Zando on 29 November, and I have still not received it by 11 December, almost two weeks later. This despite sending them three emails and calling their helpline, where I had to hold for thirteen minutes before someone answered the phone. I was told I would receive the items by the next week and I am still waiting. To date, NO ONE has replied to the three emails I sent. I will not be ordering anything from Zando again. They clearly have no idea about customer care. From now on it is Superbalist for me all the way - they are efficient, quick with deliveries, keep you up to date constantly and their refunds are super-fast.

  • Ch
    Cherye Leah Dec 13, 2018

    I ordered on the 2nd of December, they did not even log it as an order or send me an email with order number. Where is my money, my order?? I have sent countless of emails and wasted tons of airtime on being on hold on the phone with them. SUCKS.

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