Z Galleriepurchase never arrived

L Sep 15, 2018

I order a mirror and table in June 2018. Was informed the items by associated I would have both by July 18.
After making the purchase I checked the website to track my items. As the date got closer the arrival date changed to 2nd week in August. As August came to a close the track order site stated the delivery company would contact me. Since I hadnt heard anything from the delivery company I decide to give Zgallerie a call.
I was told the delivery company wasnt available the first call. I decide to call back got a second story that since it was LABOR DAY holiday someone would call me on Tuesday. Tuesday came and went. I called a third time.
Still same story the delivery company would reach out to me. I explained that I made the purchase in June and it is now September. I was told by the CSR someone from the delivery company would be calling today. She was going to send and email to me.
I never got the call or email and call me as soon as she confirmed my delivery date. Guess what no email, no call no delivery set up. I called back the next day...same story the delivery company is having issues with their system. I give a flying ukw at this point.
I made a purchase and expect my merchandise by now. We are talking over a thousand $$$. First time customer not happy. I called about 10 tens and was promised a delivery set up, a few emails to be sent to me and some callbacks which never happened and I still don't have my items.
So I decided to ask for my money back. After that was requested I was still waiting for the manager to call within 48 hours. Well, its been 80 hours no call yet. I was told the store where I made the purchase would be calling me to confirm my cancellation...welp still no one has called.
It was told I would receive my refund by to my card within 7-10 business after they received their items back. Funny they had no problem taking my hard earned money right away and I am still empty handed with no items, money or even the respect of a phone call from this company. Also a few times I was treated like crap with some of CSR. They defiantly need phone training.
I was placed on hold a few times and then the phone would mystery hang up/disconnect. If called back from my phone the call would not go through It would hang up. But when I switched up to an unknown phone number I was able to get through. The last time I called the CSR told me I would receive 3 calls, NOT one has happened yet.
Why do I have to reach out to a company who is suppose to be servicing me? this is truly backward. I was even offered compensation which makes no sense to me. If you don't honor a simple call back or email and my items why would I trust you to compensate me for all that has taken place since June.
I just want all of my money refunded, please.
So very disappointed. Marlena Wilson Track Order 1236942
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $1210.
Preferred solution: Full refund.

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