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customer service, returns

I recieved some gifts on my wedding registry. They were purchased before the wedding. I tried to exchange them or get a gift card and was told that I couldnt as the people bought them when I put my registry up and it was over 30 before my wedding. What! I got them at my wedding. This has to stop it is stealing and lying to the customer. They should have a return policy if you have a an item that we stock and that is not on sale you can get an exchange, also if we carry it and it's on sale you get the sale price. That is got to be the law.

  • Mk
    MkStItCh May 30, 2015

    It sounds like the company has a 30 day exchange / return policy...
    If it has been over 30 days then what did they do wrong?
    In addition, you said you put the items on your registry so Why would you want to return them for credit?
    If anything, it sounds like you put things on the registry so that you could return them for credit so if anything that would make you the dishonest one not them.

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worst experience ever!

My wife purchased a painting and wanted to exchange it with a different painting to match the decor in my...

Resolved horrible qualilty/worst customer service

Purchased a montecito dining table from zgallerie. It took 2 months and 3 tables later to get my final table...

product is not what I ordered

In March, we were finally ready to purchase a brand new sofa, and headed to Z Gallerie. I really like the style of the sofas that they have, and being able to choose our own fabric and have the sofa "custom made" was a big plus for me. After 4 visits to the store, we finally chose the Soho Sofa in the Graphite fabric. The swatch was a dark grey, and we happily paid the $1200 for the sofa. About 5 weeks later, the sofa was delivered to our home. When I got home from work, I felt sick. The sofa was PURPLE. I had planned on posting before and after pictures of our living room, but with a purple sofa, I was beyond embarrassed. I wouldn't even take a purple sofa for free, let alone pay $1200 for it! Having studied interior design, I went to work searching for what other colors in the room could be reflecting and making the sofa look purple. We bought a new rug with grey in it, hoping to make the couch appear more grey. It didn't work. We painted the walls in the room a cooler color hoping to make the couch appear more grey. Also didn't work.
Every Time I walked into the room, this giant Barney-looking sofa stared back at me, and it's embarrassing to have spent such a large amount of money on something that I dislike SO much.
Last week, we took one of our sofa cushions into the local Z Gallerie store to compare it to the swatch. They were totally different colors! The swatch is a dark grey, like we chose, and our sofa cushion was purple! The Z Gallerie employee even agreed that they were two very different colors and gave us the Customer Service number. After calling, emailing, and sending photos of the swatch on top of our cushion, I was told that we got exactly what we ordered, and that over time, the couch color will "lighten up". So they're telling me that their product is such a low quality, that I should expect it to fade, and that the faded color is what I want/ordered? How long will it take for my $1200 sofa to fade to the color that was misrepresented in the store? Should I put it out on my back porch so that the sun can "lighten" it up to look like the swatch which we chose from? I understand variations in color and would have been totally fine with a lighter or darker grey than the Graphite swatch. However, paying $1200 for a purple couch is not what I agreed to. Now I have to figure out whether I can live with a couch that makes me sad, sell it and try to recoup some of the cost so that I can purchase a sofa somewhere else that cares about their customers and doesn't deceptively display incorrect color swatches to choose from, or pay more money to get it reupholstered to a fabric of my choosing. Had I known that the "variations in color" could mean a totally different hue, I would have never invested that much into a sofa. And if this is an example of their standard of customer service, I will not be giving my hard-earned money to them any longer I will be sure that everyone I know hears the story about the "Barney" couch, and how they refused to do anything about it.

product is not what I ordered
product is not what I ordered

Resolved defective product

After receiving a much admired mirror, it was purchased for me as a Christmas gift in 2009. The mirror i...

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Resolved defective product

After receiving a much admired mirror, it was purchased for me as a Christmas gift in 2009. The mirror i...

do not purchase furniture from them

Z gallerie has beautiful pieces, but has innapropriate delivery. Item took over 1 month to arrive at my home. Furniture arrived damaged, second delivery took another month to arrived, arrived damaged as well. Customer service kept me on hold for 48 minutes, and third delivery was arranged. Third delivery arrived missing parts. 3 months later, I am still waiting on my bed delivery. I have not received a follow up call from Z Gallerie. Attempted contacting customer service today, but was left on hold for 43 minutes once again. Im a very frustrated customer. I wish I would have purchased furniture from a local furniture store. I will NEVER purchase furniture from Z Gallerie again.

  • Jf
    JFC325 Mar 14, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The worst customer service experience ever. on hold for 30 minutes or more and get hung up on. waiting for refund for over 5 months. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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poor service

I purchased a platform bed from Z-Gallerie at a cost of $1, 000.00 and a dining room set in June of 2010 at a store in Alpharetta, GA. With the high cost of their products you would expect top quality service which in my experience is not what we received. Apart from having to wait 3 months for the products to arrive at their warehouse, after placing the order and paying in full, the delivery company they use did not check to ensure all parts were in the truck. They omitted to include the HARDWARE and the LEGS for the bed. I was told told that there was nothing they could do and I would have to wait until they got back and I was contacted.The following afternoon I received a call from the delivery co. and was told that the parts would be shipped out and I could have them come back out to assemble the bed(Note:We paid for delivery and assembly)A week later nothing came and I called their head office in CA. I explained to them the situation and was told the missing items would shipped via Fed-x. They were shipped out 12/3 but Z-Gallerie used the cheapest service Fed-x provides and our items arrived on 12/9 at 7:47pm and left at our front door. You would think with what one pays for their products they would at least send it 2nd or 3rd day air. What was really surprising that after all the nonsense, they once again forgot to ship out the legs...Again I called CA and was told that the parts dept. was not available and they would have to either order them from the manufacturer or pull them from another product if in stock as they do not keep spare parts on their products.Their rep couldn't even commit to a replacement and the only thing that they would be able to do was to refund the money.

My order was placed on 6/18/10 and to this day I'm still trying to get our bed properly delivered.I don't even want t hem to come back out to set it up. DO NOT BUY FROM Z-GALLERIE!!! You're better off going over to BOVA or BOCONCEPT!! At least you know they emphasize the importance of QUALITY customer service.

Poor customer service

I have spent my career in a public service field and know the importance of "the customer". Apparently, Z Galleria does not grasp this concept.I am continually disappointed by the lack of "service" that exists in many stores and service organizations.

And ironically, it is part of the reason we have established a consulting firm that addresses the "customer experience" needs. If stores like yours continue to treat patrons as I was treated today, Internet shopping will continue to see growth, and people like me who like to to business in person will migrate to using the web. Less of a chance to be humiliated and disappointed.


Z Gallerie has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a retail store. With that said, let me be clear. I am not as much referring to the workers in the store. They were at least nice and tried to help (although I do feel they misrepresented things). However, when contacting customer service to discuss my concern, I was essentially told "tough luck - there is nothing we can do." In every conversation I had, it was clear they couldn't care less if I ever bought another thing at this store (I won't!).

Bottom line - I bought a sofa from the web site (they didn't have one in store) - spent $2, 500 for "down cushions" and essentially got hard, foam cushions. I could have gotten that for $1, 000 somewhere else but I paid more because I thought I was getting a higher quality product. Not true. Add insult to injury - they treat their customers like crap.

Only buy if you know for sure you won't have any issues. If you do - they are likely to tell you what they told me - "sorry, nothing we can do."

Resolved waited 5 months and never recieved

I ordered the Bourghese Chest online on Oct 22, 2009. It is now March 22, 2010 and I still have no chest. The dresser was sent back 3 different times because it did not pass the quality inpsection once it reached the delivery company. The ZGallerie customer service representatives are horrible and not helpful at all. They should go above and beyond to please their customers and absolutely do not. This has been a huge inconvenience. I have been living out of boxes waiting for this dresser. I could have ordered something from another furniture company long ago had I know what I nightmare this would be. Needless to say, I canceled the order and will never purhcase a piece of furniture from ZGallerie again!

Resolved horrible customer service

I am writing to complain about the horrible experience I have had with Z Gallerie. They took over 3 months to deliver a product that was the wrong color when they told me I would have the buffet within a month. Customer Support was horrible they were not helpful in the slightest bit and told me after they sent a second piece of the same color that there is nothing that they can do. Finally I had the delivery company bring the piece down to the store to have the store manager confirm that the color was WRONG!! Finally they said that they would take the piece back which they did, but after over a month they had still not refunded me. Then mysteriously a purchase was made on my credit card that I had in my possession. I refuse to shop at this store ever again due to their poor customer service. I mailed in a letter to the credit dispute department and some how they never received it. I will never again do business with this company!!!

Resolved worst customer service

I have never written a bad review on anything, but Z Gallerie succeeded in coming through with the worst customer service experience of my 52 years on the planet. To be fair, I gave them every opportunity to correct their mistake, but they brashly declined. To put it simply, I ordered a custom coffee table that is displayed in a dark brown color in their showroom. After three months, the table showed up and it was black. I realize the color difference isn't dramatic, but would certainly stand out as the last piece in my new living room. I opened the box in the store and said, "this isn't what I ordered". Their answer was, "sorry, there are no returns on special orders", then proceeded to admit that there was a color difference, but it was "due to the lighting". I asked for the manager (Theresa) and was referred to the Customer Service Dept in Colorado. After logging 14 calls to Jennifer there over 6 weeks, she finally called back. They confirmed my story that the color was wrong, but stuck with their policy and whacked me for a 20% restocking fee, which is unbelievable, even after they also confirmed that I had spent thousands of dollars there recently to furnish my house after a divorce. There are five other furniture retailers within 1/4 mile of Z Gallerie, ALL of whom offer normal or standard returns or full refunds on furniture, special orders or not, and with no reason required. I was charged $283.10 for them shipping the wrong item to the store. I notice that this coffee table isn't carried by them anymore, either. If you have a worse customer service story than that, I'd like to hear it.

  • Hello:

    I read your comment and would like to offer my assistance. Feel free to reply to this message or email me directly at [email protected] If you would like to discuss it over the phone, please let me know the best phone number to reach you at so I can give you a call.


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  • Bc
    Bcorda May 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have experienced the same problem with ZGallery. They are the worst when comes to customer service or stand behind their products. Placed several phone calls and emails with photos before getting return call to tell me to bad they will not send anybody out or do anything for me because warranty expires. This is a $6000 dollar sofa that does not show wear or tear, put leather is manufacture problem with spray.finish applied at tannery is peeling off
    ZGallery should take to manufacture for replacement
    Take a lesson from a store that cares about there customers Nordstrom's would of handled this immediately
    Review photos and take care of my problem. I will not go away until I receive satisfaction. This is tanning leather issue and manufacture
    Stand up take care of this. Get back to me immediately. Bob Corda 925-487-6211
    This was purchased ar Scottsdale store in Kierkand


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Resolved don't shop there

I went to z galleries in dallas, tx on 10/31/09. They have a very nice looking store & I bought a few items totally about $120. I used a master card. When my bill arrived I realized this store charged my credit card an extra $216 & when I reported the error to customer service (After 20 minues on hold) they kept telling me they would check into it & call me back. Their customer service personnel are extremely rude. They did not call me back with a resolution. I finally disputed the charge with mastercard. Still waiting for results of that.

  • Br
    Brandon Mar 31, 2010

    We searched for a mirror for several months and found a mirror in the local store in Pembroke Gardens, Fl. We checked twice before we ordered the mirror to make sure they could get the item. The items was ordered in early January to be delivered the end of February. February came and went. I called on 3/14/10 and spoke to a Manager who told me they shouldn't have taken my order and that we could order the item online. I told him we paid in advance and that we should have been called. After some effort on my part he said he would check to see when he could get the item. Days go by and no call. I all twice and I am told customer Service had called me and didn't get an answer-I got calls all day. They said they would have tried to call me again in a week.

    Calls to Customer Service-very casual no apologies, no we should have called nothing. They couldn't care less. Now I am to wait until the end of April. I guess I'll have to call over and over.

    No customer service. I won't be surprised if they close.

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Resolved bad quality products

The dishes I bought were defective. After only eight months they glaze is crackling and staining. I tried to return them to the local store in Birmingham, AL. I was told I would have to call customer service, so I did. When I contacted them, I asked do you not stand behind your products you sell. I was told, that is what I am telling you. You have to deal with the store. So I returned to the store.

Both the store manager and customer service were very rude. I was given a store credit, but there is not anything there I want to spent about $300 on at this time. Of course I still need dishes. I was told by the manager his store would lose money. I was still unable to get my money back. I realize I had the dishes for eight months. but dishes should last more than eight months.

I m truly disappointed the policy of Z Gallerie. I will no longer be doing business with them.

Resolved terrible company

How we got robbed: Z Gallerie grossly misrepresented shipping and restocking fees on a piece of furniture deemed undeliverable by their delivery co.

Before we purchased this furniture called “Aberdeen Cabinet”, we did our due diligence to find and provide all the information about measurements and shipping. We planned to have it in our second floor bedroom and knew that the only way to take it there is via the large second floor window. The measurements were within the window width. We contacted Elite Delivery who is responsible for shipping about hoisting this furniture through the second floor window. We were told that they would send a manager to check the site before they do it. If it deemed deliverable, they will do it, but we will pay extra for the work. If it deemed undeliverable, we won’t get charged. The Berkeley store salesman gave us the same statement before we made the purchase.

A few days later, when the furniture was ready to be delivered, a manager from Elite came and measured the window dimensions and determined it was wide enough to bring in the furniture. But he decided not to lift such heavy and large furniture on ladders due to some safety concerns since the window is pretty high. So it was deemed undeliverable. We had to cancel the order, but were charged with $258.90 for restocking and delivery fees.

When we contacted the customer services in Gardena, CA, a supervisor, whose attitude was extremely rude and unprofessional, repeatedly lied on reasons for the charges. Z Gallerie grossly misrepresented the most important piece of information to its customer when inquired. As a result, we suffered monetary damages. We also sent a demand letter to Z Gallerie legal department two month ago and no replay was received.

  • Sc
    Scarlie83 Dec 06, 2008

    "But he decided not to lift such heavy and large furniture on ladders due to some safety concerns since the window is pretty high. So it was deemed undeliverable. We had to cancel the order, but were charged with $258.90 for restocking and delivery fees."

    Ok, I will admit I have worked for this company. It honestly angers me to read things like this. There are a couple of things that you quite possibly just do not realize, and its pretty common sense, no offense.
    First of all, Do you realize how HEAVY the aberdeen cabinet is??????????????? And you wanted to just get them to get onto ladders and put it through a window w/o a problem just like that? What is wrong with you? For someone to do that they would have to have some kind of supernatural powers to lift something that heavy (which YES making that a ladder safety issue since ladders are NOT MADE to be able to hold that much weight), climb onto a ladder and successfully put it through a window w/o damaging the piece or the window especially being on a SECOND FLOOR!!! haha WHAT???
    Okay sorry, so yeah why didn't you just go pick it up from the warehouse and you and neighbors get onto ladders and push it through a window? I don't know, maybe its just me but that just sounds a little absurd to me.

    As far as charging you a restocking fee? Of course b/c if you would have read comments on your receipt and on the back of it, the company policies as well as the sign right by the registers explaining policies you would see there is a 3 day canceling policy. After those 3 days, especially if you order the piece and just assume you can get it into you home and it is not practical to be delivered you of course will be charge a restocking fee. Not just ZGallerie has that policy. A lot of similar stores have the same policy.

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horribly unsatisfied

Z Gallerie Furniture

We first ordered a bedroom set, with the Raphael bed in the late May 2007. It didn't arrive until late July. The movers left without any apparent problems. About 10 minutes later as we moved the furniture around, we noticed a huge chunk missing off of the foot of the top right side of the headboard. The movers positioned it against the wall, so we could not see it easily.

Before our bedroom set was delivered, we had also ordered a dining room set in late June. They said it would come in around mid to late July.

It is now almost September 2007 and no new headboard or dining room set. We went to the store to ask them about it, and I overheard them talking about how the movers scratched another customer's door and the product they were delivering, and they just put the customer on hold.

The moving company called to schedule a date for both, and they never showed up, so we waited 6 hours for nothing. (They said they would come between 12-4:00) We called at 4:00 and they said they "couldn't reach the driver." But then rescheduled it for a week later.

Second time was scheduled for 2-6:00. Six thirty comes around, so we call again. "You're the last stop, they should be there in an hour." So we wait there all day, and still NOTHING.

We are going to cancel the order, but they say there is a restocking fee? We haven't even gotten the furniture!

You would think that the products are so expensive they would have enough revenue to hire a good delivery company, but obviously not. I would never order from this place again because this was a huge inconvenience and have been without a dining room table for 3 months now and a broken bed. Horribly unsatisfied.

no bedroom, no money!

This started the first week in January 2007.

We ordered from ZGallerie.com the Casablanca bedroom set which was the bed, men’s dresser, nightstand and women’s dresser. Total cost - $5074.00

The women’s dresser was a special order that we were informed would take 4 weeks to come in. Then everything would be shipped by freight and delivered inside within 3 to 4 weeks.

8 weeks went by without a single message from Z Gallerie. I emailed the service rep that I ordered the furniture from and he relayed me to their customer disservice department.

First Z Gallerie acted surprised that I did not have my furniture! They said they would look into it with the shipping company and call me back. I had to call them back the next day as they never called me.

I could not get through to the person assigned to my problem so I called the salesperson I started with. He then got me the name of the shipping company and their number.

I then had to call and find out on my own, that for unknown reasons my shipment was delayed by 1 week and they were now “finding” my furniture.

A day later I call again and they have found it and are shipping it to another shipping company in my state. Once there, I would receive a call for delivery. I was told this would happen in 1 week.

The week came and went with no call. The end of the next week I called their customer disservice center played phone tag for 2 days and then was told that the ladies dresser was damaged.

Of course this is the only piece that was a custom order and took 4 weeks just for them to get…

I have heard nothing but – I’m sorry, yes, you are right sir, I’m sorry sir and so on from this group. Their customer service is nonexistent and their shipping company is incompetent.

We are now 3 months out with no bedroom set and I have cancelled the order. When I asked when I would get my money I was told that accounting would have to take care of that on Monday.

I guess they don’t work on Friday’s.

I can only pray that it won’t take 3 months to get a refund but I have a bad feeling that I’ll be spending many long hours on the phone with their customer disservice department…

  • Ja
    janice scott Dec 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have a complaint, about a Mammoth sectional I purchased 10/06/2006 and was told it would take 8-10 weeks, I paid 1/2 down cash and waited for delivery and was told I had to come in and pick a new color as the original material was discontinued by the vendor. so this was 10/14/2006 months went by I called several times as I had gotten rid of my old couch when it was closer to my delivery date. I did not get my couch until March, 18 or so 2007. I let customer relations kinow that i was very displeased that it took so long. Lonnie at the Sherman Oaks location made such at my request i wanted to be compensated for the delay and this was done they offer me a store credit or a cash amount. I took the store credit as I broke my glass dinette set table top the day the delivery was made. so I was able to purchase a new table. However, the sectional came with goose down and I asked for the regular material. and to this day I have not rec'd any response except for it had to be ordered as this is a special delivery. so I called on 11/25/2007 and left a phone message to Brittany to call me back and that iwent and purchase some form inserts to put in the couch myself. to this day I have not heard anything back!! I expect to be compensated for this as well, as I was told if for any reason the sectional did not fit or anything to that matter I would lose my money. so I expect the same in return.. I am still waiting for my call back.

    So, if someone will call me and show me that you at lease have some concerns for someone who in the last 3 years have spent over $6000.00 in this store mainly on acessories, my biggest purchasw was the mammoth sectional at $2800.00

    Janice Scott

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Resolved poor customer service and product quality

I write this e-mail to inform the audience about the so-called "service" Z gallerie delivered us in its shop...