Z Gallerieavoid


Z Gallerie has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a retail store. With that said, let me be clear. I am not as much referring to the workers in the store. They were at least nice and tried to help (although I do feel they misrepresented things). However, when contacting customer service to discuss my concern, I was essentially told "tough luck - there is nothing we can do." In every conversation I had, it was clear they couldn't care less if I ever bought another thing at this store (I won't!).

Bottom line - I bought a sofa from the web site (they didn't have one in store) - spent $2, 500 for "down cushions" and essentially got hard, foam cushions. I could have gotten that for $1, 000 somewhere else but I paid more because I thought I was getting a higher quality product. Not true. Add insult to injury - they treat their customers like crap.

Only buy if you know for sure you won't have any issues. If you do - they are likely to tell you what they told me - "sorry, nothing we can do."

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