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Since I have no other choice, I am trying desperately to watch the phillies/dodgers game on youtube. The game comes on for about 30 seconds, then the screen freezes, says "loading," but never [email protected]#$! Apparently, youtube can't handle the viewer volume, so fans lose out! Have rebooted youtube channel many times, same frustrating result. If you can't deliver, don't promise!!!

I am trying to watch mlb game on my tv app, provided by comcast xfinity. Have already called comcast about issue. They, of course, say it is youtube's problem.

All I know is I can't watch the game. I don't care who's problem it is. I just want it fixed.

Again, don't promise if you can't deliver. I realize youtube must have cut a deal with mlb. You both need to stay out of this. I pay my cable company to watch the games. Youtube and mlb need to let them do their job!!!

Don't know why I am writing this. Will no doubt fall on deaf ears!!!

  • Updated by DW Swain, Jul 18, 2019

    Cannot view Phillies/Dodgers game on YouTube. Game comes on for about 30 seconds, then screen freezes, says "loading, " but never loads! [email protected]#$! Have rebooted page numerous times. Same result! [email protected]#$! Apparently YouTube cannot handle the viewer volume. Why did you promise you could deliver this broadcast if you can't?!

    I am trying to watch the game on the YouTube app on my tv, provided by Comcast Xfinity. Called Comcast re the issue. Of course, they claim in it a YouTube problem. Gave me YouTube number. Tried to call YouTube. HA HA Got an automated message, saying YouTube is "busy today" and said wait time 15-20 minutes. HA HA I waited, and got DISCONNECTED after waiting for about 12 minutes. [email protected]!#$!

    If you can't deliver as promised (to MLB?), then say out of it! I pay my cable company to watch the games. But YouTube and MLB have obviously cut some sort of (financially beneficial) deal. The fans always lose. Can't wait the game anywhere else. [email protected]#$!

    Pissed off baseball fan. HA HA YouTube could care less. MLB could care less.

Jul 18, 2019
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  •   Jul 18, 2019

    This hasn't fallen on deaf ears. I assure you that I can hear precisely what you are saying. Your internet service provider is correct in that they can not control the content of an external company. Xfinity internet is remarkably reliable and I would imagine your bandwidth tier is more than capable of streaming an HD baseball game. YouTube can handle massive traffic. Don't be absurd. It's the number two search engine in the world. If anything, the issue would be server side with MLB. They are notorious for that sort of thing. Do some research before spouting off. Also, the Phillies suck. Just in case you weren't aware. The Dodgers don't suck, but they pay an awful lot of money for that distinction. That is objectively remarked from a disinterested third party.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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