Youtubepaying for only half a service/being forced into updates I do not want


I just want for someone to listen to me honestly. My husband and I use the YouTube app on our Xbox One for tv, alongside other apps. After nearly two years of paying for the ad-free service, and more recently the forced updates, I feel disappointed in the service. First off, we pay for the ad free service, but for every day of watching time on the YouTube app I come across at least two ads. This may not seem like much, but it's two ads a day too much when you're specifically paying to not have ads! To be fair, there are some days when we have up to 8 ads in a single day, and other days where there are honestly no ads at all. I may be repeating myself but... I pay for ad free. I'm clearly not getting ad free. Why? And why on earth is there still this much issue with the service?
Second, I'm not comfortable with the recent app update and change. I get it, Google and YouTube together are a thing now. But I don't feel like I should be being forced into having to merge my Google and my youtube account together. This just makes me feel less secure, if anything. And not even a warning, or anything. Just one minute I'm watching tv while babysitting, the next the tv cuts out for a mandatory app update? And when it's back I can't even get into it until the kids leave because it shows a screen that makes me extremely uncomfortable, saying basically if I use the app I give youtube permission to sign in to my live account for me, and third party things too?! Uh, no? I re-go through the privacy policy and figure I'll have to speak with the husband later, and say a temporary yes until we decide if we want to keep this service even anymore or what. ...Then I try to simply get into the dang app, and find it's logged me out, and is trying to force me to re-activate my account and on-top-of-it sign in with my Google account, enter a stupid code, and t-h-e-n I can have access back.

Why am I paying for this again? Even some of my favorite content creators have either left or had to get a secondary income. I would really love an explanation. To wrap this up, I'm sorry this is so long, and thank you for your time. I honestly appreciate if someone takes the time to actually understand my frustration, especially as we just paid for our upcoming month not too long ago.


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    pobarjenkins Dec 12, 2017

    You may want to consider contacting Youtube directly to find out about the advertisements you are still seeing. It may be a bug.

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